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Review of the family cross-over Toyota Highlander III (U50)

Toyota cars enjoy so much authority in Russia that almost any of its models should be sold perfectly by default. The last generation of Highlander is good of course, even without taking into account the membership of the famous Japanese brand. The machine has many advantages and few disadvantages. This big car will fit perfectly […]

Secrets for car security.

How to protect your car using unconventional security methods? The owner can protect his favorite machine in various ways. These are advanced electronic auto signals, immobilizers, mechanical blockers, and so-called secrets. The latter are increasingly attracting Russian car owners, and therefore we see the point of talking a little about them. The main thing that […]

Polishing of body of the car

One of the most practical means of protecting your machine body from aging is polishing. Polishing removes pores and microscopic cracks that accumulate dust, dirt and chemicals that destroy your car ‘s paint coating. And it ‘s just nice to look at a polished car! Polishing is of two types: abrasive (or reducing) and protective. […]

How to stay awake while driving

Going to the far road, especially for rookie drivers, it is quite often the question what needs to be done not to fall asleep at the wheel. What measures to take and what rules to follow in order not to lose control by plunging into sleep. In this blog I will tell you about the […]

Electromechanical booster of steering

What is an electromechanical steering amplifier. The improvement of the steering control of vehicles is carried out gradually, in measure of the development of new technologies, and it is often hidden from the eyes of ordinary motors. For example, 20 years ago, all high-end vehicles were equipped with a steering hydraulic booster as the most […]

Types of Suspension Systems

In this article we will tell you about the varieties of car suspensions. Alas, but, the quality of our roads is getting worse and worse. Therefore, in order for the movement by car to bring maximum comfort, and it is not so strongly felt unexpected cats and pits caught along the way, various suspension designs […]

Throttle: single part or whole system?

Any mechanical vehicle will not be able to move without the appropriate fuel. As engine crankshaft rpm increases, consumption of gasoline-air mixture, correct preparation of which is assigned to throttle valve, increases. Features of throttle valve operation in the power unit inlet system The intake system of the engine is built in such a way […]

Gas distribution mechanism Types

In this article we will consider the existing types of gas distribution mechanisms. This information will be very useful to motors, especially those who repair their cars on their own. Well, or trying to repair them. Each Gas distribution mechanism is actuated from the knee shaft. Force transfer can be performed by belt, chain or […]

How to Choose Renault Duster I with the right Engine

Renault Duster is quite common in Russia. Such folk “love” is explained by the affordable price, the lack of flexibility in operation, the simple construction, the large road clearance and the presence of a full drive in some sets. Duster ‘s undeniable merit is also his “unassuming” suspension, which feels good both on and off […]

Qoros 3 City SUV (Cross) Review

The real opening of the 2014 Guangzhoon Bus Show was the presentation of the unique child of the Chinese automobile industry brand Qoros 3 City SUV. It was 2 years and the car, having received the final appearance, reached the Russian market. Then his still Was not taken seriously, because it was more like a […]

How to choose the tread of winter Tyre

How to correctly select the tread pattern for operation of the car in winter. On snow loams and icy roads on summer rubber you will not leave far. In such conditions, rubber just villages and driving a car becomes just dangerous. That is why, with the arrival of the first cold, when the air temperature […]

Reducer of the rear bridge

As is known, modern motor vehicles are driven by an internal combustion engine (ICE). The energy by which the machine is moved is removed from the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine, but is not supplied directly to the driving axle, otherwise the wheels will rotate very quickly and the vehicle will become unmanageable. In […]

Subaru Forester 2015-2016 Review and downloads

Subaru for 2016 planned to please its admirers with a novelty – the flagship off-road cross-over Forester. Subaru always offers customers only popular cars with the best technical and design characteristics. It is enough to look at the model of Subaru Outback beloved by many motorists, which has maintained a confident position for 20 years […]

All about PowerShift boxes

The market of cars with two clutches and robotic change speed gearboxes grows every year. The word “Powershift” to already familiarly many motorists, especially – to owners of new models Ford and Volvo with run. So it for such box? It is how reliable? Let’s try to understand. It is a little history The idea […]

Cover of a broad tank: why it is necessary also what will be at its malfunction?

Long evolution of internal combustion engine could not change the main thing: it and remained the thermal car, and therefore a lot of things depend on serviceability of its cooling system. Touching upon subject of the main reasons for escapes of antifreeze, we remembered among probable options and cap of expansion chamber. Sometimes this small […]

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