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All about PowerShift boxes

The market of cars with two clutches and robotic change speed gearboxes grows every year. The word “Powershift” to already familiarly many motorists, especially – to owners of new models Ford and Volvo with run. So it for such box? It is how reliable? Let’s try to understand. It is a little history The idea […]

Cover of a broad tank: why it is necessary also what will be at its malfunction?

Long evolution of internal combustion engine could not change the main thing: it and remained the thermal car, and therefore a lot of things depend on serviceability of its cooling system. Touching upon subject of the main reasons for escapes of antifreeze, we remembered among probable options and cap of expansion chamber. Sometimes this small […]

We learn to save on service of the car

The car has strong entered everyday life practically of each person and has stopped being luxury goods, and has taken the place of the real companion who will help with various problems of conveyance, both the people, and freights. But it is important to note that service of the vehicle today – rather expensive action, […]

Petrol engines and their device (how it works)

The principle of operation of the petrol power unit is as follows: the small volume of fuel mix comes to the combustion chamber, there is its ignition and explosion as a result of which a certain energy is released. In the internal combustion engine of such explosions occurs several hundred in a minute. The gas […]

What is Skyactiv Technology?

During creation of the SkyActiv system engineers of the Japanese concern Mazda first of all wanted to reduce consumption of fuel and blowouts of harmful substances to the environment. These two desires are dictated by modern standards and fashion of engine building. But the Mazda company would not be Mazda if together with the above […]

Peugeot 307 Review

The 307th Peugeot has begun to be on sale in far 2001, but, despite it has quite modern attractive design. Face lifting has endured the car in 2005. The 307th was issued till 2007 in bodies the hatchback (with three and five doors), station wagon and cabriolet. In some regions of world chart also the […]

Kia Cerato II Review

Kia Cerato 2 on the South Korean homeland has begun to be on sale at the end of 2008. In the Russian Federation sales of this car started in 2009. The car is located on slightly cut down platform Kia Cee’d. Cerato 2 was equipped with two petrol units: 1.6 and 2.0 liters. For the […]

Mercedes-Benz GLK (X204) worthy crossover?

The premiere of the compact Mercedes-Benz GLK crossover was held in 2008 – in January on showroom in Detroit Vision GLK concept has been presented, and in April on showroom in Beijing the final version of the German crossover has been presented. Such cars as Audi Q5, BMW X3, Infiniti EX and Land Rover Freelander […]

Renault Latitude Review

Even the producer confuses segment to which this car belongs, but after all it is the D class though the car and is larger than the Toyota Camry and Skoda Superb ‘s. Renault Latitude was created, initially, for the Korean motorists, in the market of South Korea this car under the name of Samsung SM5 […]

Hyundai Grandeur IV Review

The Korean Hyundai Grandeur sedan is the five-seater executive car which first generation has begun to be issued in far 1986 with future prospect to win the European market. Subsequently Grander being improved from generation to generation has come very close to eminent European automobile brands in the field of design, safety and functionality. Hyundai […]

Why the lamp of airbags on meter panel lights up and how to fix it

Airbags became the integral element of reliable protection in many modern cars long ago. However their operation shows that not all owners of motor transport are thoroughly familiar with features of their functioning in practice. So, not each motorist can explain plainly: if the badge, airbag in working order burns, or not. What to do […]

Mitsubishi ASX Review

In this blog we will tell you that we know about Mitsubishi ASX, we will describe its strong and weaknesses, widespread sores and we will prompt what to pay attention when choosing of the supported car of this model to. Mitsubishi ASX belongs to the class of compact city crossovers. The shortened platform from the […]

The review about Mitsubishi Outlander XL / Mitsubishi Outlander XL Manuals

You will be able to find the review about Mitsubishi Outlander XL in this blog – we will tell about weak and strengths of technical part of this model. Mitsubishi Outlander XL has appeared in the market of the Russian Federation in 2007. This crossover is constructed on the GS platform which was used for […]

Renault Megane II Review / Renault Megane II Manuals

The second Megane in the hatchback (Hatchback) has appeared in 2002, and bodies the sedan (Saloon) and station wagon (Grand tour) have begun to be issued one year later. Also rare versions in body cabriolet and the 3-door hatchback were released. In 2006 there was small face lifting of model Megane 2. In line of […]

Mazda 6 (GG) (2002-2007) Review / Mazda VI (GG) Manuals

The first generation of the Mazda 6 car has seen the light in 2002. This year it has begun to be on sale in Europe. In the Russian Federation sales of Mazda 6 have begun in 2003. The car has the general platform with Ford Mondeo. In 2006 there was small restyling of “six”, and […]

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