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Nissan X-Trail II (T31) Review & Manuals

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In 2007 the first generation of X-Trail T30 was succeeded by the second generation. The majority of the Russian models of the Nissan X-Trail T31 crossover has been imported by official dealers. The first two years (till 2009) the cars realized at us were exclusively Japanese assembly. Then the model began to be assembled at the plant in the Leningrad Region. And what is surprising – not only petrol, but also diesel versions officially were on sale. Since 2010 restyling models which have been modernized and first of all in respect of appearance have gone to production. The front bumper, headlights of head light, tail lights have changed. The meter panel, the radio tape recorder has exchanged, lighting in glovebox has appeared. Also there were new options for expensive versions – electroresetting of seats, autoblackout of mirrors, the rear-view camera, etc.

Outside and inside

Though the exterior X-trail довольно brutal, but does not show to LKP of its body firmness. Varnish grows turbid and is rubbed clean in the first years of operation, same concerns also the external chromeplated details. Easily leave chips on paint even absolutely small pebbles. It is bad if the blow has fallen in the neozinced part of body – on roof. Such place quickly will become red.

Nissan X-Trail II dorestayling
In interior “crickets” have got accustomed. The main lives in coasters of the central tunnel. The upholstery of seats does not differ in firmness that fabric that from leatherette. Literally in a couple of years it loses trade dress. During the same period also the steering wheel is decently wiped already.

Interior Nissan X-Trail II  Pre Restyling

Nissan X-Trail II Restyling

The heater causes problems to the owner – in 2-3 years its motor begins to publish whistle to what fault worn-out brushes and tokosjemny rings, and here it is necessary to change it entirely. And it is not really cheap. Cases of failure of loop which is responsible for steering of the audio system on steering wheel are frequent. New will cost more than 10 thousand rubles. Choosing the car in expensive complete set, surely it is worth checking the electric drive of front seats. Its repair will make more than 20 thousand rubles in case of breakage, typical for it. The framework of chair of the driver will creak in any complete set after three years of operation.

The rechargeable battery does not live in the Russian climate more than four years. And here generators at this model are quite reliable – cases of their exit out of operation seldom met.


The range of X-trail 2 power plants does not differ in variety. These are exclusively four-cylinder line engines:

• petrol MR20DE (2.0 liters and 140 hp);

• petrol QR25DE (2.5 liters and 169 hp);

• turbodiesel M9R (2.0 liters, 150 and 173 hp).

More than 50% of the cars offered in the secondary market of Russia – two-liter petrol with the power MR20 unit. And it is the least reliable. Especially it was not lucky bought X-Trail 2008 years of manufacture – the cars which are exhausted this year had problems of piston group that is shown in decent “maslozhor”. The piston group was changed on guarantee, but about it surely there has to be entry in the service book. Also on approximately 150-thousand run at two-liter motors piston rings coke up, and oil begins to be spent more than 1 liter for one thousand km. Not always the raskoksovka helps with such cases. Most likely, rings, and also oil scraper caps it is necessary to change after all.

Nissan MR20DE engine

At visual inspection be not too lazy to look from below at the power unit. There is no pan layer pad there, its role carries out sealer which after 60 thousand km begins to pass oil. It is possible to try to tighten bolts, but in most cases sealer should be applied anew.

But not only engine oil actively spends the X-Trail. Antifreeze! It is also necessary to watch its level carefully. There is it through expansion chamber which loses the leakproofness over time. Antifreeze can sometimes leave also through thermostatically controlled chamber layer pad. There are cases when the cooling fluid leaves, and places of leak it is not visible. All the matter is that at MR20DE engines candle wells have thin walls, at strong twisting of candles their thread bursts, and OZh begins to get into combustion chamber. For this reason it is necessary to use only torque wrench for twisting of candles.

If the engine has suddenly ceased to be started after 120 thousand km of run, then GRM chain tension probability is high. On any motors can incorrectly show fuel level in tank the corresponding sensor. Over time it becomes covered with dirt and begins to stick. It is possible to replace it separately. There is no fuel filter under cowl, its role is carried out by grid on gasoline pump, to replace separately which it will not turn out, only assembled with the pump. Resetting of valves it is necessary to carry out each 100 thousand km by selection of pushers. Pillows of the engine fail to the first hundred thousands of km of run.

Diesel options are not enough in the Russian Federation – no more than 5% of total number. And they are the most reliable. Except obratka of fuel system which sealings begin to poison diesel fuel over time and tubes have property to burst.

Gear boxes

The second X-Trail could be equipped with the manual, automatic transmission and variator. Boxes are six-step. The manual transmission is very reliable. The only shortcoming was shown on car of 2009 – soon after 30 thousand km of run on them clutch failed. Its rejected disk was fault to it.

6-AKPP Jatco JF613E was established only on diesel cars. On reliability this box does not concede to mechanics. But only on condition of regular (time in 50-60 thousand km) oil replacements. Though hydroblock solenoid coils there and not the most reliable, but the term of their service is more, than at the box, thanks to the competent steering algorithm.

Not the cheapest in respect of repair and operation X-Trail 2 option with Jatco JF011E variator. The oil applied in it – Nissan CVT Fluid NS 2 needs to change each 60 thousand km or once in four years. The cost of this service – not less than 15 thousand rubles. But on this expensive you should not save THAT – repair of variator very expensive procedure. The belt of variator which is changed through 150 thousand km costs 20 thousand. Without replacement of oil klinit the reducing valve of the oil pump which clogs wear products. The worn-out belt will leave burrs on variator cones then the valve block and the step engine will fail. The cost of such repair exceeds 100 thousand rubles.

Nissan X-Trail II restyling
The cardan and CV JOINTS have proved as quite reliable. It is necessary to show condition of rubber boots of “grenades” only regularly. Well also you should not think that it is the car off-road. After all it is the SUV. If often to slip out of roads, then the electroclutch of connection of rear axle will demand replacement. And it is more than 40 thousand rubles.


The suspender X-Trail 2 is similar to Qashqai suspender. Also has similar problems. Weak point – supporting bearers. Sand and dirt gets to their building that results in wear on 25-30 thousand km. This problem is peculiar to cars of the first three years of release. Further bearings have finished, and they began to serve not less than 100 thousand km. A little more than 40 thousand km live pull-rods of the stabilizer and its barrel. Work on replacement means removal of the stretcher. At the same time not superfluous will be to change also its saylentblok.

For 2.5-liter versions catalogs do not show them separately, but it is possible to establish safely details from the 2-liter version. Hinges of front levers and their saylentbloka maintain 100 thousand km of run. About the same there live also stupichny bearings which change with nave assembled.

Nissan X-Trail II restyling
The rear suspension differs in small life cycle of barrels of the stabilizer. But it concerns only the dorestaylingovykh of car. After 2010 the situation was corrected. The knock of steering rack will begin not earlier than 150 thousand km. Turning movement of steering wheel can be followed by scratch which publishes steering kardanchik. To be exact – its rubber sealings.

Brakes have proved as reliable. The ABS block could fail only at those car owners who liked to storm off road terrain.

That as a result

Everything, above-mentioned shortcomings, belong to the category of “nurseries”. They do not spoil car position at all in the secondary market which is in category of best-sellers in the class. The 2.5-liter car from the manual transmission, and ideal – diesel with automatic machine, but it – really rarity will be optimal variant for purchase. The X-Trail of the second generation with variator, even without breakages will demand considerable money from the owner.

Downloads :

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