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Subaru Forester II (SG) Review & Manuals

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The second Forester from Subaru left in 2002, and in 2005 has undergone restaling (headlights, forms of bumpers, interior and line of motors have a little changed). The model till 2008 was produced. The car has turned out rather successful, several times won first place on reliability in various ratings and received the title “Car of Year”. The body of the second generation of Forestar carries SG abbreviation. The Dorestaylingovy body is “SG5”, restyling – “SG6”, and the loaded version of STI – “SG9”.

Units which were installed on Forester 2: petrol the 4th cylinder 2.0 and 2.5 (both atmospheric) and turbocharged 2.0 and 2.5 liters. Two-liter cars Subaru Forester were completed with series of EJ20 engines, two and a half liters – EJ25.

All motors have belt drive gear of GRM with regulations of its replacement in 100,000 km. When replacing rollers and GRM belt it is desirable to change also pomp as its resource is close to procedural repair of GRM.

Forester 2 is design feature of engines small knock on cold which arises after 100 thousand km of run. It appears from behind worn-out piston skirt. After 200 thousand km the knock will accompany operation of the engine constantly, so – it is time “to kapitalit” the motor. All this arises because of bad lubricant of the engine and frequent strong heating of the cylinder block. If to open the motor, then it is possible to see that cylinders have already taken the ellipse form, and if not all, then the fourth precisely. But on condition of good care of the engine – regular service (time in the 7500-8000th.) and the gulf of quality oil, this problem it is possible to avoid and rejoice reliability the car long time.

Subaru Forester 2002-2005
It is necessary to check the level of engine oil in this car constantly. After 100 thousand of run very often all second Foresters begin to consume oil actively. Most of all the units equipped with the turbine like to do it. If from replacement before replacement you add only couple of liters of oil in the Forester, then on HUNDRED you should not hurry – for this car it is norm.

The long trip with high speed on the turbocharged Forester can lead to overheating of the motor (what it was told above about) and burn-out of layer pad of GBTs. Seldom, but nevertheless cases of deformation of GBTs from overheating were noted. Such situation can arise after 150 thousand km of run. Very seldom, it can happen also to atmospheric DVS. As the overheating reason the wedged thermostatically controlled chamber also can serve in the Forester. At long loading at the turbocharged motor of the Forester can tear off the bucket. For avoiding at operation of overheating it is recommended to wash out annually radiator of cooling and in general to watch the cooling system – the OZh level and the correct operation of the thermostatically controlled chamber.

Interior of Subaru Forester 2002-2005
The smell of burning in interior of the Forester at the switched-on heater demonstrates that from under valve cap oil proceeds.

Replacement of candles in the engine of the second Forester because of its features of its design represents very labor-intensive procedure. For this reason we recommend to you to use iridic candles which resource makes about 100 thousand km, so, it is necessary to change them much less often.

At twenty-degree frosts problems at starting engine operation which have been caused by features of the software of EBU were noted. On frost the steering booster pump can howl. But once you change liquid, and the rumble vanishes.

If the Forester has passed more than 100 thousand km, that is sense to replace the fuel filter located in tank. With such run the old filter strongly clogs, and passes fuel much worse that cannot but affect pull-rod of the car. At big run radiator leakages in its top part have been noted.

The second Forester was completed with five-step MKPP and the four-speed automatic transmission. The mechanical box has proved to be much more reliably than automatic transmission. Clutch at MKPP is sure 150 thousand km also go more provided that the motor atmospheric. And here the turbine reduces this indicator to 90-100 thousand km.

The automatic machine also on the first 150 thousand does not cause problems, and then usually begins to be kicked and rebate. To all fault worn-out friction clutches or the failed solenoid coils. Friction clutches usually from insufficient amount of automatic transmission liquid which level falls because of the old proceeding rubber hoses between box and its radiator wear out. The most unreliable automatic machines are installed on Foresters of 2002, later the producer has finished automatic transmission that has increased its resource.

It is known that all Subaru cars have all wheel drive. On the Forester with MKPP torque is distributed 50 on 50 between shafts. Automatic machines on the Forester two views were established: TVI TZ. The first box is less reliable, distributes the moment in the ratio 45/55. At the second transmission distribution goes from 90/10 at usual driving and up to 60/40 at the slipping wheels. The interesting moment – the fused bulbs of stoplights can take away automatic transmission in emergency operation.

Subaru Forester 2005-2008
The reducer of the rear Subaru Forester bridge easily departs 150 thousand and more. Then the rumble and leak of its sealing glands is possible. For long and trouble-free service this unit as well as the engine very much loves systematic replacements of oil – time in 20-30 thousand km.

Racks of the stabilizer will demand the first replacement closer to 100 thousand, barrels depart nearly 80 thousand. Bearings of rear naves live on average 70 thousand.

Rear absorbers with function of self-alignment go 80-90 thousand. At their replacement it will be more expedient to install ordinary absorbers and to change springs for strengthened. And it is obligatory to change springs at such procedure, in order to avoid sag of the car.

Front brake shoes depart on average 50 thousand km, brake plates – a little more. Rear drum brakes will not disturb the owner before 120 thousand km of run. At frosts such trouble as freezing of check valve in vacuum hose after the night parking is possible that it will strongly complicate braking of the car. That it there was no valve it is necessary to process silicone lubricant or usual “vedeshka”. It is better to make it in advance.

At water ingress on glasses of fog lights of the Forester during their work emergence of cracks because of temperature difference is probable. Many solved this problem, installation of collective-farm xenon.

To body iron and paint and varnish coating of the Forester owners, as a rule, have no complaints. Only that over time paint on door handles can be rubbed.

On the Foresters which were issued till 2004 there is problem with failure of the hatch which happens because of break of rope, or because of the worn-out its guides. And the hatch can cease to work because of failure of the electric motor. Also it is worth to remember – to process about care of sealing elastic bands these elements silicone lubricant. However, it is in the same way recommended to look after also other weather strips – door, luggage door.

Glass of driver’s door can cease to rise because of the worn-out pinion gear.

The interior of roof can accumulate condensate which will be shown then on stream upholstery. For elimination of it it is necessary to remove upholstery and to glue roof from within with insulation substance. After that the problem will disappear.

The whistle from under cowl appearing when pressing the accelerator pedal is treated by replacement of roller of the air conditioner.

Here in principle and everything that it is possible to tell about this remarkable car, buying which it is worth remembering also fuel consumption – 13-15 liters for atmospheric and nearly 17 liters for the turbocharged motor in the commixed cycle.

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