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Audi A2 Review & Manuals

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When it became clear that Mercedes of Class A did not become successful, in Audi have decided to formulate own answer to question: what has to be the ideal car? Rather small easily to maneuver and park, and, in too time, rather spacious that without problems to place four people with baggage. Super economic, but without loss in loudspeaker. And, at last, despite the small sizes, it has to be equipped with modern security systems and comfort. Audi did not work well only one. To expose the adequate and attractive price tag. The small Audi A2 cost as larger Opels Zafira A and VW Passat B5. Because of bad sales, the model was ahead of schedule laid off with joint account of 176,000 copies.

Low weight, high quality.

The body of Audi A2 was made of aluminum that has provided low weight. Even with the heaviest engine 1.4 TD the car weighed only 990 kg. And it is filled set of the electronic systems increasing comfort level during the trips with a gross weight more than 100 kg. Here you will find 4 airbags, ESP, ABS and ASR – the system of prevention of wheel slip at start-off from the place.

As well as in all Audi models with aluminum body, the technology solution under the name Audi Space Frame (ASF) is used here. Simple words is high-strength aluminum spatial frame with hinged aluminum panels. And, the roof, floor and side parts are integrated into body and bear on itself part of power loading. The design has increased product cost, but also has increased safety level. In EuroNCAP crash tests small A2 has earned 4 stars. In 3.8-meter car it is really spacious. There is enough place even for the tall persons traveling behind. And full resetting of driver’s seat – the standard.

Audi A2 engines.

Recommendations almost all power units, except for 1.6 FSI (BAD) with max. power of 110 hp and 1.2 TDI (ANY) with power of 61 h.p. are worthy. The first, has direct injection of fuel which promotes adjournment of deposit on valves and gates of intake manifold. For decarbonization it is necessary to dismantle some parts that finally will be very expensive. Versions with 1.2 TDI should be considered only as collection. Design features do not allow to count on the budget spare parts. Costs of restoration of the turbine or replacement of the turbine and spray jets shock not so strongly. And here elimination of axial clearance of bent shaft is connected with the huge expenses comparable to the cost of the car. The problem arises after 150-200 thousand km.

Three-cylinder diesel 1.4 TDI is muffled much better, than in VW and Skoda (with the same engine). It was offered in two options of power – 75 hp (AMF; BHC) and 90 hp (ATL). Both units differed in sensationally low fuel consumption – at the level of 6 liters in the city and 4 liters on the highway. After 200,000 km it is necessary to expect failure of auxiliary equipment.

The best recommendations the 1.4 l basic gasoline 4-cylinder engine is worthy. (AUA; BBY) with power of 75 hp. The motor is well familiar on Volkswagen Polo. Its only problem – freezing of the ventilation system of crankcase fumes. The defect is easily reparable. However, with age the engine begins to ask more and more oil.

Audi A2 transmission.

All versions of the Audi A2 had forward control and were equipped with 5-staged mechanical gear box. Only versions with 1.2-liter turbodiesel were combined only with the 5-band robot who has received many complaints from owners. Among other, noise at change of loading.

Non-standard decisions.

Here they more than are enough. For example, there is no habitually opening cowl. To add oil or the washing liquid, it is necessary to cast away plastic lattice between headlights. And to add antifreeze, it is necessary to turn two handles of lattice on each side. And then all cowl will appear at you in hands. Floor of 390-liter luggage compartment three-layer. After removal of the first level there is spare wheel – with unique low-profile radial tire. And after raising of the second level access to the accumulator and tools opens.

It is necessary to remember that all body is made of aluminum in this connection about any cheap substitutes out of the question. And in case of damage of body elements they should be replaced. However, in the secondary market it is possible to find details at the attractive prices. For example, front fender – from 3,300 rubles. For the original it should give about 14,000 rubles. It should be noted also the symbolical fuel tank of 34 liters. It is hardly enough for 300 kilometers of way. After 2002 fuel reserve has grown to 42 liters.

Typical sores and problems.

Among characteristic shortcomings of the Audi A2 it is possible to note problems with the booster of steering. The pump is quite weak, not really reliable and noisy. The cost of the cheapest analog – around 17,000 rubles. Failures in operation of the head device of the audio system, the central castle, the block of comfort and the generator meet. The suspender is adjusted too rigidly, without allowing to move with comfort on the Russian roads. In other, dense suspender – feature of many VAG cars, as well as durability. Quickly racks of the stabilizer and trunnion balls of levers are given. The fact that the advanced decisions have not mentioned suspender pleases. Here classical are used are resistant Macpherson and torsion beam behind.
With age cracks on brake hoses are formed, and can wedge rear brakes (it is necessary to grease the gear). Inevitably also boots of power shafts wear out.

The attention is required also by the optional hatch. Over time the drive gear cable frays, and then the hatch remains in the current situation.
In the technical plan of A2 it is close to representatives of “segment B” of Volkswagen concern. Therefore in the market there are enough inexpensive spare parts, and in case of failure it is possible to repair the car in any informal service specializing in the German cars. However, the small motor compartment complicates number of operations, taking away a lot of time and increasing the cost of works.


Designers of Audi have approached perfection so close as far as it was possible. A2, as a rule, did not disappoint: the car has been made qualitatively, practically did not break and consumed not enough fuel. However, the Audi A2 has difficult design and rather high price, and therefore is attractive only to experts.

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