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AUDI A6 (C6) Review & Downloads

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Audi A6 of this generation – very liquid car. You will long not wait for the buyer if you sell really “live” copy. The majority of cars is imported into Russia from the European Union, part – from the USA or through official dealers. The car has been awarded rank “the most sold in Europe” three years in a row: in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Debut and the beginning of production – 2004. In 2008 there takes place restyling of model, there are LED tail lights, the front bumper and fog lights has changed. The interior has received changes in type of the new central display, meter panel, and new version MMI 3G has also appeared. In 2011 production the AUDI A6 C6 has come to the end and the baton has been transferred to the following generation of A6 with C7 index.

AUDI A6 C6 dorestayling
The price of good A6 C6 begins from 400 thousand, and fresh and well-groomed copies can cost also 1 million rubles. Never buy A6 on the last money or on credit – the car demands serious expenses on the maintenance, and complexity of its design practically nullifies independent repair.

Germans did not get rid of these cars just like that. If before you car from Germany, then or it after serious accident, or with run far for 300 thousand km.

Inside and outside

Passenger compartment, and it is concrete – the organization of its internal space, is at the highest level. The engine is located before front axle, and it has allowed to receive just huge interior, but at the same time – and big front свес that is shortcoming (the bumper is often damaged about high curb).

At all good quality of interior, it was not also without crickets: the covering of doors, windscreen pillars, front armrest, framework around deflectors and on Torpedo can creak. Sounds can go also from plafond of lighting, the lower bracket of glovebox and from the gear of resetting of seat belt. It is a bit too much for premium class.

Complaints from car owners that the noise isolation became worse in comparison with the fifth generation of A6 are frequent. Especially it is noticeable on petrol cars, and here at diesels the motor compartment is isolated from noise well.

To 100 thousand km of run interruptions in operation of the air conditioner can appear. They are connected with the soured heater valves. On guarantee changed the valve block, after warranty period for it the dealer asked 25 thousand rubles. But they could be cleaned on third-party service for two-three of thousands, and operability of system conditioning it was restored.

The electrician of the Audi A6 it is another story. Is in the car 72 EBU which assemble information almost from everywhere. For this reason after replacement of the majority of details it is required to make record in this or that block program method for carrying out adaptation. For example, even replacement of joint stock bank demands program registration.

After 100 thousand of run the regular player of disks can begin “to be buggy” that is shown in refusal to read CD. Often banal installation of cleansing disk helped. If the audio system began to accept badly radio, then it is necessary to press out anew contact pieces of wires on pad. On the same run sensors of the parking radar can fail.

AUDI A6 C6 restyling
Closer to 100 thousand km of run rear stoplights often cease to work. It is caused to poor contacts on flashlights, it is enough to turn in two springs and everything works as from the plant.

Light-emitting diodes are afraid of moisture, and fuse from its hit inside. At burn-out at least one – all “eyelash” ceases to work. To change it costs from 30 thousand rubles.

Often tail lights, and after the 120th thousand run – and head lights sweat. Matter in the dried rubber weather strip of cap of rear wall. It is possible to buy new sealing for 500 rubles and to independently change it.

The corrector of headlights fails usually to 150 thousand km. If seldom to use the washer of headlights, then its spray jets will sour, and will clean up not up to the end back.

At the car the biggest luggage compartment in the class, under floor is full-size “spare wheel” and the rechargeable battery (on the right).

AUDI A6 C6 restyling
The Audi A6 body perfectly resists to corrosion. If the car was not in road accident, then on it you will not find rust traces – sheet metal has double galvanization. Cowl and side panels – completely aluminum. Later road accidents often change them for cheaper analog, but from other metal.

Power units

Scale of engines is presented by 20 various options from which 8 – diesel.

The most undesirable diesel motor to purchase – 2.0 TDI (BLB/BNA/BRE) about the pump spray jets. Frequent failure – wear of drive gear of oil pump and crack in GBTs. The EGR valve and the pump spray jet also do not differ in durability.

In 2007 the car maker has eliminated these defects, and has begun to use the Kommon Reyl system for injection. But there were failures on TNVD. Choosing between engines in 140 and 170 hp (CAHA), you remember – constructive it is different motors, in the second case piezoelectric spray jets which are not subject to restoration are used.

V-shaped the diesel – subject for constant disputes at specialized forums. All of them are equipped with injection by “Common Rail” and chains in GRM. The chain drive gear begins to cause problems closer to 200 thousand km. Specifically – one of natyazhitel wears out. All nothing, but the chain from box is located, and full dismantling of the power plant is necessary for its replacement that is absolutely expensive.

AUDI A6 C6 restyling
If to ignore noise of chain and to continue to go by the car, then over time there will be its jump which is followed by damage of valves. Less than for 100 thousand rubles such engine to you will not be repaired. The producer has removed problem with natyazhitel in 2008, but the chain all the same stretches closer to 300 thousand km.

All TDI-versions can face failures, typical for modern diesels. Such example are gates on intake manifold (the price of new collector – from 30 thousand rubles) and throttle knot in which pinion gears wear out. The turbocompressor serves usually 230-250 thousand.

But after all diesel options it is more preferable to purchase in respect of durability. If to replace failed, way and the road, knot, then it is possible to go still almost as much. In practice there are cases when diesel A6 C6 overcame mark of 300 thousand km without serious repairs.

The cheapest in operation – petrol motors (if this is not about cars with huge run). But it only when they are serviceable.

At them at all it is possible to allocate one common problem – small resource of ignition coils. Besides the thermostatically controlled chamber and intake manifold which replacement is very expensive serves in TFSI motors few.

Chain petrol motors have similar problems, as the diesel. And in the same way the chain is located from change speed gearbox, so its replacement – blow to the owner’s purse. Over time there were handymen changing chain on some motors without their dismantling.

In all petrol atmospheric DVS, except 3.0 burrs on walls of cylinders can appear. It will be clear on the increased oil consumption. That it has not occurred it is necessary to watch condition of fuel injection nozzles (at failure they wash away a lot of oil from walls), in due time to carry out THAT the engine, to use oil with the corresponding admissions and to trace its level, without allowing driving with oil starvation.

Petrol motors with turbo-supercharging just “guzzle” oil. The producer has made secure and has made admissible expense up to 500 grams on one thousand km of run. Maslozhor begins usually after 30-40 thousand km. Replacement of the EGR valve often solved problem with oil consumption.

The turbine on petrol DVS serves from 150 to 300 thousand km, depending on manner of driving and quality THAT.

Short characteristics of A6 C6 engines


2.0 TFSI (BPJ) – from petrol is the only engine with four cylinders. On other VAG models at it higher power, and in A6 he acts as basic DVS. For such car he was very weak, with big oil consumption. Over time in GBTs deposits prepare.

2.4 (BDW) – the simplest in line, with the distributed fuel injection. From failures: quickly failing thermostatically controlled chamber, gates on admission, high probability of emergence of burrs in cylinders. Do not confuse these engines with 2.4-liter chugunnoblochny which were put on C5 and were famous for the reliability. On C6 already negilzovanny aluminum blocks which neremontnoprigodna are put.

2.8 FSI (CCDA/BDX/CCEA) – the modern chain motor with direct injection, high probability of burrs, difficult gives in to gilzovka, because of very thin walls of cylinders.

3.0 (BBJ/CAJA) – the V-shaped motor of the old BBJ series, has the distributed injection, was used on C5 bodies. GRM – belt, is in front part of the engine. Very reliable, it is recommended to purchase, but it is very difficult to find the car in good condition and with such engine since it was issued only on dorestayling. And here replacement to the old engine in the form of the CAJA model with the TFSI index to purchase is not recommended – it is whimsical and is not durable. There is maslozhor and extension of chains.

3.2 FSI (AUK) – the unit with direct injection, goes together with automatic transmission the Tiptronic. To 150 thousand km it is frequent to stretch “eternal” chain of GRM and the hydraulic natyazhitel fails. For replacement the engine is removed that is expensive. If to change oil slightly more often than it is offered according to regulations, the motor will live without repair longer. The engine is considered problem because of siluminovy covering of cylinders – burrs for it, it for it norm. Do not confuse this engine with analog which was established on the Volkswagen Passat B6 cars with the AXZ index. At B6 the engine has the same resource of chains, but for the rest absolutely trouble-free engine!

4.2 (BNK/BAT) and 4.2 FSI (BVJ) – V-shaped eight-cylinder engines, dynamic and well sounding. Could have the distributed and direct injection of fuel (FSI). In the first case the GRM-drive gear combined – chain and belt, in the second – only chain. FSI is not such durable as usual 4.2, inlet valves quickly become covered by deposit, the small resource has also GRM drive gear. On installations with the distributed injection the top chain quickly stretches. Shortcomings are similar to 3.2.

Motors 2.4, 3.2 and 4.2 easily can punch gap in the family budget. Their block is made of aluminum, and Alpax is covered with special structure. Under the influence of high temperature this covering collapse, in cylinders there are burrs, “maslozhor” begins. Over time the engine begins to vibrate and rustle noticeably idling, candles become covered with oil, the compression falls, so – and power. It is treated by replacement of the block that is very expensive.


2.0 TDI (BLB/BRE) – the 140-strong version. Turbine and pump of spray jet. It is not recommended to purchase the cars with such DVS which are exhausted till 2007.

2.0 TDI (CAHA) – the 170-strong version. Big differences from the above-stated motor, first of all – piezoelectric spray jets which do not give in to repair.

2.7 TDI (BPP/BSG/CANB/CANA) – the predecessor of three-liter TDI with the system of vyprysk of Kommonreyl and chain drive gear of GRM. In the dorestaylingovykh cars showed good resource and reliability.

3.0 TDI (BMK/BNG/CDYB/ASB/CDYA/CDYC) – was at once very problematic, but after restyling the car maker has eliminated many defects. In working order – gives only positive emotions. Its repair – expensive.


The Audi A6 C6 was equipped with three types of change speed gearbox: mechanical, six-speed automatic transmission Tiptronic and variator Multitronik. Models with all wheel drive were always equipped with the Tiptronic which is considered as the most reliable. Its refusals are connected only with aggressive style of driving at which soon after 100 thousand km the hydroblock fails.

The tiptronic has the feature – over time when switching from the first drive to the second the box begins to be pushed a little. Especially it is noticeable in plugs. It does not affect operability of box at all and is not sign of its fast failure. Though oil in the Tiptronic is also filled in on all life cycle of change speed gearbox, it is desirable to change it at least each 60-80 thousand km.

Multitronik is more comfortable when driving, than “automatic machine”, but at the same time it and the most unreliable. Clutch in it – wet type. In start of motion its disks slip, heat up, and further by means of oil are cooled. For increase in life cycle of this box it is regularly necessary to change in it oil. The car maker indicates the need of replacement each 60 thousand km of run, in case with plugs – everyone 30. This box – not for plugs and slippings. The first repairs begin after 100 thousand km, but depending on style of operation, before opening of box it is possible to otjezdit also more than 200-250 thousand km.

System of all wheel drive Quattro

On all versions, except cars with two-liter motors, the system of all wheel drive Quattro which is very reliable could be installed. Seldom who needed its repair, except for “racers” and “reckless drivers”. After replacement of bearings of razdatka its working capacity was restored also at them.

Let’s sum up the result

Choosing the Audi A6 in C6 body, amuse yourself with illusions – the resource of cars of the very first years of release is already significantly exhausted, you will need to repair it constantly. More expensive options after restyling with diesel engines, volumes 2.7 and 3.0 liters are recommended for purchase. Also do not spend all money for purchase of a car – you all the same should enclose some sum in repair. As an alternative it is possible to consider the schoolmate – the Bavarian BMW E60 sedan.


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