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Suzuki Jimny III Review & Manuals

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The last generation of Suzuki Jimny 3 is issued since 1998. This off-road three-banger car is offered with the optional system of all wheel drive. In 2004 there was the first restyling of model, in 2012 the second. Restaling have introduced minor changes in exterior and interior of the car, and engines and suspender have also been a little upgraded. Make the car at the Colombian, Japanese and Spanish plants.

Suzuki Jimny 1998
Dzhimni with three engines is issued: petrol 0.7 turbo (K6A; F6A) – 64 hp and atmospheric 1.3 liters (G13BB; M13A) – 80 and 85 hp, and also diesel 1.5 l. (K9K700; K9K266) from Renault (with settings from 65 to 86l/forces) which is almost unreal to be met in the territory of the Russian Federation. Besides the diesel possesses problems with the system of injection and the turbine. On run after 150 thousand km at it quite often turns liners.

The petrol 1.3-liter unit is considered very reliable. At movement in plugs such motor consumes about 10 liters of fuel. The diesel in similar conditions takes a little more than seven liters.

Turbocharged 0.7-liter engines were used only for the Japanese market. All cars with such motor – right-hand drive.

You should not expect any dynamics from Dzhimni 3. Dispersal to “hundred part” even takes more than 10 seconds the most powerful option. But, if to argue sensibly, then this car also does not need sports character.

Suzuki Jimny 2006
As it has been told above, the system of all wheel drive optional, and it means that some cars can be equipped only with forward control. The car was completed 5-MKPP or 4-AKPP. The body of the car is located on full-fledged frame. Car suspenders independent spring that in front that behind. Steering of this car does not differ in clearness, and on it on the broken city streets it is impossible to call movement comfortable.

Suzuki Jimny 2006
Dzhimni’s transmission of the third generation gives the chance of connection of the front bridge at the movement (pressing of the special button speed up to 100 km/h). The car has no interaxle differential because of what possibilities of all wheel drive can be used only on slippery or soil covering.

It is quite difficult to tell something about safety of this car – tests on EVRONKAP were not carried out, but judging by frame at the heart of design, it becomes clear that the car will hardly adequately endure serious road accident.

Interior of Suzuki Jimny 2006
Petrol Dzhimni motors are considered as very reliable, complaints to their work were practically not. Only that the pomp can demand replacement after 50 thousand km of run.

When choosing Dzhimni’s 3 in the secondary market it is worth examining the chassis surely. If the former owner liked to operate the car on off road terrain, then perhaps it is necessary to replace clutch of the front bridge, bearings of naves, cardan hinges, levers, engine bearers, etc. In such “uyezzhannykh” copies will flow oil from “automatic machine”.

By the way, “automatic machine” seriously increases fuel consumption of this car. Mechanical box – more preferable option and in respect of reliability. It is possible not to wait for problems with MKPP to the first 200 thousand km, and here clutch should be changed already for 100-120 thousand km of run.

Suzuki Jimny 2012
The generator Dzhimni III is also considered very problem knot. Complaints to the vacuum servo of brakes were sometimes noted. In some versions of Dzhimni the wheel can vibrate that is eliminated with the special steering snubber.

If you buy by Dzhimni for long operation, then surely take care of anticorrosive processing of body and the chassis. Resistance of body to corrosion at Dzhimni absolutely weak.

Upon purchase it is worth inspecting also brake tubes which rot through near plastic fixtures. Quickly the muffler rots through. The audio system of this car can suffer from small “glitches”. Here in principle and all shortcomings.

Suzuki Jimny 2012
So, it is difficult to make any recommendations to purchase of this car. Perhaps, it will suit the lonely pensioner living in some remoteness from the city. And can it the fan of races on the cross-country terrain will buy, this car thanks to the lightweight and reliable all wheel drive, easily overcomes off road terrain. Quite good option this car will become also for fans of hunting or fishing. After all it is the SUV, though absolutely small.

Also we will add a little tar. The car small and easy that brings to naught chances to survive in road accident. The body narrow and high, so, is contraindicated to this light car strong cross wind. Interior close and uncomfortable, finishing materials cheap. Travel on couple of hundreds of kilometers on Suzuki Jimny 3 – very difficult test, especially for passengers of the second row. Spare parts at car market for this car are not enough. Generally, Dzhimni, it is such small off-road “Spartan” option for near trips to the country. It is not recommended to purchase as the main car.

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