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How to install the electric drive on luggage compartment By yourself

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Tuning of the car can be miscellaneous. Some elements do the CU beautiful and original, allocate it on the road, force to be wrapped both passersby, and other drivers. Other elements are responsible for convenience and comfort of use of the car. Striking example of convenient tuning is installation of the electric drive on luggage compartment.

The luxury or need Function of automatic opening of luggage compartment is present at many new cars. Such function pleases drivers, to good quickly get used. To open baggage compartment in the car, it is enough to press the button in interior. The lock comes into action as a result of operation of the electric drive. Such function can seem trifle and insignificant addition, cold weather will not come yet. In frosts the lock on luggage compartment often freezes why to open compartment becomes difficult task. It is necessary to spend time for gear defrosting. In case with the electric drive of such problems will not arise. Also similar gear does breaking of car more difficult that is also important advantage. Similar function equips mostly import cars, and that not all. Domestic manufacturers began to equip the models with such functionality only recently. Each car owner can equip the car with the electric drive for luggage compartment. It will be simple to make it, but it is necessary to tinker nevertheless.

The principle of operation of the gear of opening and closing of luggage compartment the Similar gear consists of small

number of details: motor; pair of the relay with four contact pieces; rod of the pushing type; safety lock; the button for steering of the gear.

The installed luggage compartment door servo mechanism the Drive gear which is responsible for work of rod is presented in two versions. More widespread option is the gear with the motor. It differs in high practicality and endurance that explains its demand. The drive gear with magnetic plates has not received such broad demand as it is difficult and problem. Its work is based on interaction of the relay with magnetic plates. As a result of power supply on the relay the rod is delayed that leads to opening of cap on luggage compartment. Old models VAZ are not intended for such gear. On such cars similar gears are impractical. In the course of installation it is necessary to carry out difficult modernization which often is irrational. Preparation for installation the First that needs to be made, is to choose the correct gear. Process of the choice demands serious approach. Unambiguously you should not pay attention to the Chinese copies which have captivated the Russian markets. The durability of such gears is short, and in use the wrong operation and failures in work will be the frequent phenomenon. It is worth choosing electric models from domestic or foreign manufacturers. With such gear operation of car it will be valid comfortable, and the electric drive will run smoothly. Moreover, the car with similar functionality will be appreciated above at sale.

The installed luggage compartment electric drive Krom of the gear, some tools will be necessary. The list can differ depending on car model. Standard set looks as follows: flat-nose pliers; set of screw-drivers; drill and boring bit to it; screw gun; multimeter; wire if there will not be enough length of wires from gear complete set; corrugated tubes, clip-on earrings and tape for isolation. When this tool kit is prepared, it is possible to move further. And we already pass meanwhile to studying of practical guidance after which studying it will become clear how to make independently luggage compartment with the electric drive. Installation of the electric drive of luggage compartment not the easiest work is installation of the electric drive of rise/lowering of door of luggage compartment, but will be able to cope with it to everyone. The main complexity will consist in connection electricians. If to understand nothing it, then involvement of the expert in this respect will be necessary. In the presence of some knowledge of area automobile electricians it is possible to try to perform all works independently.

Set for installation of the electric drive of luggage compartment the luggage compartment Electric drive is established by the hands according to the following scheme: First of all it is necessary to disconnect the accumulator from food. We remove plastic detail which is fixed by bolts and catches from luggage compartment. This molding is rather fragile therefore plastic can burst from the inaccurate movement. We fix the electric drive on cap of luggage compartment and we provide for it mechanical communication with the lock. For this purpose on the key gear we do two cuts and we unbend the formed free part. We look for long metal stick in set. It needs to be fixed so that interfered nothing with operation of the lock. Perhaps, excess part of this stick should be removed. Now we get to work with elektriky. Usually plus tension in 12 V is responsible for food, but so happens not always therefore it is worth specifying this moment in advance. It is necessary to study the instruction to the car. We part conducting on passenger compartment. Here it is necessary to show scrupulousness, mistakes can lead to short-circuit. Wires are located only in the locations of regular conducting. On difficult sites corrugated tubes are used. Conducting is laid to the lighter power supply network, this element is used extremely seldom therefore its choice is more expedient. We carry out dismantling of entrance of the lighter, we install the safety lock between it and the button which will put the electric drive gear in action. The place for the button is chosen any which will be convenient personally for you. We tighten wires to driver’s door. It can be done through bottom or top — coma as it will be convenient. If length of wires is not enough, then we add to them in advance prepared conducting. Junctions are accustomed to drinking and rewound by adhesive tape. Minus the wire connects to the electric drive, is brought by the second minus to the steering relay, the third wire has to be connected to the signaling. We connect the accumulator and we check system for working capacity. Can be so that for closing of door of luggage compartment tractive effort insufficient. In that case it is necessary to add additional spring to lock design.

The luggage compartment electric drive with the closer is extremely useful and convenient function. Time having tried this gear in operation, it will be already impossible to present operation of car without it. Installation of this system can seem difficult, but, believe, each motorist will be able to perform this work.

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