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Hyundai i40 I (VF) Review & Manuals

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The Hyundai Ay40 (i40) belongs to D-class cars. His debut in the European Union has taken place in 2011, and approximately in year it began to be sold also in Russia. Soon its production was started also at the plant in Kaliningrad.

The first updating of model has happened at the end of 2014, but at our assembly capacities he began to be brought together almost in year and exhausted till 2017. The main differences in appearance can be considered new front bumper and radiator lattice which became more massive and aggressive. Front and rear light sources, and also design of rims were updated. Already in basic equipment there was rear-view camera which brings the image to also new tachskrinovy screen of 4.3 inches in size. Koreans have also made little changes to suspender and to steering.

Hyundai i40 was offered in bodies “station wagon” and “sedan”. The known fact that in development of dynamic design ay40 the European division of Hyundai was attracted.

Dimensions models (station wagon) sedan following:

  • Length is 4745 (4775) mm.;
  • Width is 1815 mm.;
  • Height is 1470 mm.

At such parameters in interior five people will rather freely be located. Its front part is one of the biggest in this class, but also behind the place for passengers it is quite enough. Luggage department that sedan that station wagon it is very volume and convenient – 505 and 533 liters.

The car looks from within it is quite modern, Koreans have not bad adjusted inner trim details though materials of which many elements are made and are soaked with low cost.

In the carried-out crash tests the car has got five points (the maximum assessment). And it is not surprising – even in “base” i40 it is equipped: driver’s and passenger AirBags; pillow for knees and side AirBag-blinds on two rows; ESP and ABS systems. Besides, it is necessary to tell that though i40 has the same platform, as Sonata VII (YF), but at i40 share of high-strength materials and designs about 60%. The designer have put additional strengthening to lobbies with rear quarter pillars.

On Hyundai ay40 the following power plants were installed:


• 1.6-liter 135-strong (G4FD) of the GDI Gamma series;

• 2.0-liter 150-strong (G4NA) of the MPI Nu series;

• 2.0-liter 178-strong (G4NC) of the GDI Nu series (dorestayling).


• 1.7-liter (D4FD) from series of U2 engines, with power of 141 hp (restyling).

all engines with chain drive gear, quite durable. Any serious “jambs” at these motors have not been revealed. There is truth some data from owners on burrs on walls of cylinders of MPI engines after the hundred-thousandth run which emergence is followed by knocks and the increased oil consumption. And data not groundless since similar complaints are not single and come to light at operation not only i40, but also other models of cars of KIA-HYUNDAI concern, such as Creta, ix35, Sportage. As have shown probes of independent experts, burrs in cylinders are consequence of constructive miscalculation of DVS. There is no mass otkapitalivaniye of engines yet, but cases were, and some owners changed blocks on guarantee when it was possible to reveal the first signs of burrs and scratches on small run – to 50-80 thousand km.


Hyundai ay40 was equipped with the six-speed manual transmission (V6CF1/2) or 6-speed “automatic machine” (A6MF1/2). On the weakest 1.6-liter version only MKPP was established, and here on restyling turbodiesel Koreans have begun to establish already seven-step “robot” of dry type.

Sometimes owners of cars from the manual transmission complained of badly switching drives. It occurred by cold car at the first inclusion of drive. The official service centers solved problem replacement of GTsS, RTsS or flywheel. But the problem all the same sometimes returned. Clutch serves more than 150 thousand km, its cost – from 9 thousand rubles.

The six-step automatic transmission has quite reliably proved. Rare complaints to pushes at gear shift were sometimes noted, but business never reached opening of box. The problem could leave for a while after automatic transmission oil change. Some “automatic machines” already normally departed more than 250 thousand km without problems.

The robotic box could begin to be pushed already on run of 60 thousand km. In that case the problem was solved by replacement of double clutch. Its cost – from 40 thousand rubles.

Running gear

Front suspension of Hyundai ay40 – classical Macpherson, rear – multilever. The front suspension of the car quite soft, at this i40 does not love too dynamic driving. Is in it and the small fault of the electric power steering – it allows to make maneuvers, twisting wheel nearly one finger, but here the road is poorly felt with such wheel.

Problems on running begin after 50 thousand km of run. At first leave from costing windscreen pillars (the price – from 4 thousand) and bearings of naves on front axle. At the dorestaylingovykh of models the bearing was pressed off and cost from 1700 rubles, and here after updating, the bearing goes already assembled with nave, and the price of it begins with 9 thousand rub. Behind situation too expensive: the bearing too only with naves assembled, but their resource is more, than at lobbies.

Closer to the first hundred km of run usually comes it is time to change hinges of front suspension which change only together with the aluminum lever. The price – from 5 thousand rubles. In the same time the wheel CV JOINT can fail. The price – from 6 thousand rubles.

Knocks in steering system are problem of many modern cars including Hyundai i40. At dealer stations offered replacement of lath or steering tube with the electrobooster. But after 30-40 thousand km of run knocks usually returned.

Exterior and interior

LKP of the considered model does not differ in firmness. On body quickly there are chips which in 4-5 years can begin to rust. Paint on roof around windshield, on cap of baggage compartment and on cowl can distend.

The radiator enclosure of restyling i40 oblazit over time. It is the known lack of this model. The new lattice costs around 24 thousand rubles, but also it begins to oblazit over time. Also the leather upholstery of chairs and steering wheel is short-lived.

Other failures

Problems with the rear-view camera are frequent. Over time it becomes not such tight, dirt and water inside gets, the lens becomes soiled, and the payment begins to be oxidized, as leads to breakage of the camera. The cost of new “original” – from 19 thousand rubles. But it is possible to buy the Chinese analog, at the price by 10 times of smaller.

DHO on to restyling models sometimes refuse. As they are built in headlight, it is necessary to change it. It was lucky those who had car on guarantee, otherwise for new the block headlight was necessary to spread 40 thousand and more rubles. Some services offered repair of the block at the price from 4 thousand rubles.

Also air conditioning system could cause problems. The termination intake of cold air on long trip was widespread failure. Business was that the evaporator was frosted over. For elimination of malfunction it was required to install the additional resistor in control run.

Sometimes the air conditioner compressor failed (from 20 thousand rubles). Not always its replacement was required – it was in certain cases possible to be limited to the valve (6 thousand rubles).

Occasionally the gasoline tank hatch because of failure of the pusher can stick. The price – 4 thousand rubles. The hatch of the fuel tank at the sedan – round, at station wagon – rectangular.


Hyundai ay40 is the interesting offer in the secondary market. It has attractive appearance and quite good equipment. Yes, problems are, but in most cases they not serious, except for possible emergence of burrs on engines with power of 150 hp. The car with the economic and unpretentious diesel engine is extremely recommended.

Downloads :

Download Hyundai i40 Saloon 2012 Servicing Manual

Download Hyundai i40 Owner’s Manual

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