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Volvo S80 II Review & Manuals

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During debut of the second S80 Volvo model belonged to concern Ford. It also explains why S80 of the second generation has been created on the same American platform, as Ford X-Max., Gelaksi and Mondeo of the fourth generation. For the same reason many spare parts of these models are interchanged. But S80 did not become worse from it and is one of the best in the class.

Volvo S80 II 2007
The car began to be sold in 2006. In 2009 there was small restyling – car has received the updated radiator lattice and logo of the bigger size, the popular diesel D5 (D5244) unit “has grown up” up to 205 forces, have added 1.6-liter DVS (D4164T) using diesel fuel to line of motors.

In 2011 as a result of face lifting the head optics, “blinkers” and meter panel have been changed.

What differences from Ford

The in this model at Volvo much. It is body, technology of corrosion prevention, the petrol and diesel power units. The system of all wheel drive – also development of the Swedish engineers. Driving axle at the car – lobby, if necessary rear wheels are connected.

From Ford at the car front levers and four-cylinder diesels: popular two-liter D4204T and small 1.6-liter D4162T which was established in recent years by productions. But actually these two motors – development of the French concern PSA though they were also installed in some models Ford.

The most successful versions

Almost all petrol versions of the second S80 have excellent reputation. It is most reliable from them five-cylinder 2.5 T (B5254). The same engine was installed on the full-size Volvo XC90 I crossover.

Also five-cylinder turbodiesels of 2.4 liters (D5244) are recommended for purchase. This motor is checked by time, its characteristics are very successfully combined with the nature of the sedan. Very much this DVS likes long routes, car owners are unanimous with the fact that consumption of fuel at it is less than stated: 6.5-9 liters on hundred km.

The basic two-liter diesel motor (D4204) will be suitable for motorists who want to save on the maintenance of the car perfectly. The unit is very hardy, economic, unpretentious in service and is simple under repair. Consumption of diesel fuel of 6-8.5 liters on hundred km. Of course, at it it is worse than the loudspeaker, than there is quite enough 5 liter turbodiesel, but for daily slow driving it.

The 1.6-liter diesel option, is also unpretentious and economic, but it is the version already for absolutely slow pensioners.

Problem options

Even such reliable car has unsuccessful options and weak points. So, for example, 4.4 liter petrol motor from Yamaha (B8444S) on run are closer to 200 thousand km sins with wear of bearings of the balancer. Repair will leave decent gap in the owner’s purse.

Volvo S80 II 2010
The six-cylinder 3.2-liter petrol unit (B6324) is also not faultless. Its GRM-drive gear – chain and very reliable, but here is located from box. The engine block long and bulky, for this reason the compressor of the air conditioner is from the opposite side. As the belt of the hinged equipment is in other place, the separate toothed belt with the natyazhitel and guide rollers is applied to drive gear in operation of the compressor. Over time the compressor begins to publish noise which means that metal sawdust has gone to air conditioning system. They creep away on all pipe ducts, and besides replacement of the compressor (from 20 thousand rubles) it will be necessary to wash out also system.

Owners of the diesels D5 have to trace condition of drivebelt of the hinged equipment and change its each 40-60 thousand km of run. If this belt tears off, then its pieces get under the GRM-belt that at once the motor kills. Quite often the intercooler and drive gear of vortex gates fail.

At diesel 1.6-liter DVS the problem – escape of fuel through worn-out sealings of spray jets.

Petrol 2.5-liter B5254 can throw to the owner problem with the “started to malfunction” oil level sensor. All of a sudden on the panel the inscription “low level of oil” without the reason jumps out. The problem was solved by replacement or dolivka of oil.

Sometimes there is whistle going from under cowl. So the failed membrane of grease separator of ventilation of crankcase fumes proves. It can be replaced separately.

The gone pull-rod of the engine means передув turbines because of failure of the control valve. Sealing glands of shaft begin to proceed approximately to 200 thousand of run.

The general for all S80 II is the problem of loss of leakproofness of the GUR system. Even the revocable company on elimination of this failure has been organized. Periodically the CEM block (the system of intellectual distribution of food) “is buggy”. This module fails if to operate the car with the damaged ignition coils. If on the building of the isolation center cracks have appeared, then the coil needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The price of the CEM module begins from 60 thousand rubles.

Volvo S80 II 2012
The first models of the second generation S80 could upset with failure of fuel pumps and the complicated start. After EBU reinsertion start was restored to the normal state.

On big run (after 150 thousand km) it is necessary to watch DVS temperature. There is danger to overheat it as on this run the radiator fan quite often fails, and it becomes covered with dirt (it is regularly necessary to wash out it outside and inside). Can cause problems and electronic parking brake.

If you have decided to buy the car in which GBO is established, then specify at the seller (and better check according to documents for the equipment), on what run it was established. Power units well consume gas, but if the car on it has passed already 150 thousand km, that is high probability of failure of the cylinder block. There is it at those owners who do not carry out periodic adjustment of spacing of valves.


The second generation of Volvo S80 was aggregated by six-step MKPP or six-step automatic transmissions. Automatic transmission of TF-80SC it that other, as the Japanese Aisin AWF21 which in 2014 was replaced with 8-AKPP TG-81SC.

Volvo always differed in problems with automatic transmissions. At the first generation of S80 “submachine gun” seldom nursed 150 thousand km. Now the situation has a little improved. The automatic transmission of Volvo needs regular THAT is replacement of oil it is necessary to carry out each 60 thousand. And here it is not so simple to change the filter – it is deeply in the case and changes, only if completely to sort box. Usually change it only at repair of automatic transmission which will inevitably overtake those who did not observe the time limit THAT closer to 150 thousand of run.

By this time the supporting barrels of shaft will wear out. It is shown by blows at gear shift. Cases failure mechatronics and the hydraulic torque converter are also frequent. Regularly changing oil it is possible to prolong box resource up to 300 thousand km. With run all-wheel drive versions have need for replacement of the bearing of rear differential.

At some versions of Volvo S60 there is system of all wheel drive which is realized through Haldex clutch.

Running gear

At certain similarity with difference Ford Mondeo in suspender between these cars is. They consist in other, more reliable design of rear suspension of Volvo. Front absorbers fail closer to the 130th thousand run. Rear serve as much.

After 100 thousand km there is need of replacement of supporting bearers, trunnion balls and saylentblok of front levers. Bearings of naves go about 200 thousand km that is quite good result.


S80 of the second generation rather reliable car, one of the best in the class. The car very comfortable and safe, costs of its contents do not go beyond reasonable limits.


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