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Comparative analysis of the Skoda Karoq and VW Tiguan 2 crossovers & Manuals

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Two schoolmates of Skoda Karoq and VW Tiguan 2 constructed besides on one platform. What except appearance do these cars differ in? Whether it is worth overpaying for new Tiguang or it is better to wait for official arrival of new Skoda? Let’s try to understand.

Skoda Karoq

New model from the Skoda company in SUV segment – compact Karoq. There was version that the novelty will replace the Yeti model, but its production still continues including in Russia.

Technical characteristics

The new crossover has the same platform as the second Tiguan, namely on MQB. The car suspender – active, has four various modes, including “off road terrain”. “Sport mode” joins automatically provided that the car long and actively moves, undergoing turning movements, strongly without reducing speed.

The new model will be on sale with five versions of power plants: three diesel and two petrol. Diesel DVS will have volume 1.6 and 2.0 115, 150 and 190 hp liters and with a torque from 250 to 400 Nanometers.

Petrol versions will be equipped with two versions of engines: three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-liter (115 hp) and new four-cylinder 1.5-liter (150 hp) with function of shutdown of cylinders. With the liter Karok motor gains “one hundred” in 10.6 seconds, and with more powerful – for 8.4. The top diesel version disperses to this figure in 7.8 seconds.

The most interesting petrol motor – 1.5 TSI which not only can function on Miller’s cycle but also has also the turbine with changeable geometry of krylchatka. The car quite dynamically goes with this unit, starts smoothly, the engine has the wide shelf of the moment. If to switch 7-DSG to the sport mode, then it is possible to feel the sharp invigorating pokes in back at increase in drive. But it is necessary to pay for playfulness of the engine abstruse we howl the motor which tries to keep in the sport mode always high crankshaft turns.

Gasoline engines have the big temperature of exhaust gases, and for this reason with these difficult turbines only 911 Porsches Turbo were equipped just few years ago. On these cars this problem has been solved with the help use of especially strong space materials to high-temperature influence. But the cost of such decision very much is also very high. In case with Skoda it was necessary to resolve this issue differently. Engineers have gone some other way: drop of gas temperature has been decided to carry out on the way to the turbine. For this purpose in intake manifold have made special ports of cooling. This old decision – it was already rolled on the Golf and Arteon cars of Volkswagen concern.

One more feature of engines 1.5TSI is interesting – for fuel economy the average couple of cylinders is disconnected. It is good when it occurs on V12 motors which for this moment turn into the balanced V6, but in four-cylinder TSI, in principle, there has to be terrible vibration as working there are only two extreme buckets. But, strangely enough – all is normal. The matter is that it occurs only at the minimum loading when the car moves with speed of 40-50 km/h, and turns of the crankshaft do not fall lower than 1500.

Most likely, buyers in the Russian Federation will see Karoq only with one diesel (2.0, 150 hp) and two petrol power units. It will be DVS with which are now equipped Octavia of the Russian assembly – atmospheric 1.6 and turbocharged 1.4. But there is no official information on this subject yet.

As for change speed gearbox, Karoq can be equipped with DSG: DQ200, DQ381, DQ250 and six-step “mechanics”. For the European buyers all-wheel drive versions are offered only in combination with motors 1.5 and diesel 2.0. The all wheel drive is implemented by means of electronic multidisk clutch (as at Tiguang), and interwheel blocking are imitated by brakes.

Rear suspension of all-wheel drive Karoq – multilever, and at monodriving – beam. Steering – with the electrobooster, feelings from wheel – give “synthetics” a little, but the car adequately and precisely, as at all compact modern Volkswagens reacts to it. Ground clearance – not really big, only 176 mm. But all Karoq package has circular plastic protective weather-cloth of black color. The size of wheels – from 16 to 19 inches.

Car sizes following (length/width/height/wheelbase): 4382/1841/1605/2638mm. The volume of luggage compartment is equal 520 liters at spread out and 1630 liters at the put seats of the second row. And it is possible at all – to take out them from the car, and then in it it is possible to contain 1810 liters of freight.

Outside and inside

In appearance of Karoq at first sight there is nothing unusual, only the optics seems some special. The same sharp sides and lines, and sidewalls habitual to look at all – one in one as at Seat Ateca. All the matter is that development of this part of the car was conducted in common by designers of Skoda and Seat. But not everything is so simple in design of this car as can seem at first sight – sharp sides border on difficult convex surfaces in production which remind muscles, but for this purpose it is necessary to consider the car very well.

In basic set car optics – halogen, LED light together with function of illumination of turning movements by fog lights can be received only for surcharge. Use “chetyrekhglazykh” of headlights visually kind of tightens the car center of gravity up, thanks to it the car seems above. Besides the optics is removed from dangerous zone, the closer headlights are to the road, the chance to catch stone is more.

The car can be equipped with the new system of transformation of rear seats Varioflex which allows to create with them literally anything. At the same time the shelf of baggage compartment will not interfere with the loading unloading process, it will rise after luggage door.

In the car it is full of various small niches for storage of things – so, for example, under front passenger seat the boxing for “small things” and umbrella is located, sideways chairs of the driver are pocket for the mobile phone, etc.

Crusts it is equipped, the electronic dashboard, intellectual cruise control, with the gear of contactless opening of luggage door, blind spot monitor, function of tracking strip of marking, prevention of head-on collision and other useful options.

In base the device of multimedia has the small screen to impropriety, it copes by means of usual “krutilok”. And here new expensive multimedia Columbus system has function of steering of gestures: the camera located in interior monitors the movement of hand. With its help it is possible to scroll and select menu items. The screen is touch. Both systems are compatible to devices on the basis of Android and iOS.

Complete sets and prices

When will the car appear at the Russian dealers and how many it will cost? There is no answer to this question, unfortunately, yet. But, for example, in Germany its cost is lower than Tiguang for 2285 euros. By this analogy at us its price can begin from 1,194,000 rubles. But whether will prefer to the buyer of Karoq to new Tiguan?

Volkswagen Tiguan 2

In Europe the second Tiguang is on sale already for a long time – he was presented to public at the end of 2015. The price of this car is significantly more expensive, than on model of competitors in this class. What in it it that the dealer asks for new Tiguang of the Kaluga assembly from 1.5 to 2.5 million rubles? And why some journalists call this crossover the best in the market?

Tiguang offered by dealers of the second generation – the Kaluga assembly. The car is in demand at buyers who not only are ready to pay for this car money, considerable in comparison with competitors, but also agree to wait for the car in the chosen complete set of 3-5 months (available dealers have, as a rule, expensive top versions). Let’s try to understand that such special in this car.


Kind of who did not approve the return, but the exterior plays if not decisive, then one of the leading roles when choosing the car. Last Tiguang had no bright and outstanding appearance. Much more successfully externally his successor has turned out.

Tiguang’s dimensions of the second generation have increased: on 6 cm in length, on 3 in width and in height, the wheelbase has grown by 7 cm. And externally it seems that Tiguang even more has increased. New dimensions: 4486 mm. length, 1839 width, 1632 height.

Front part of the car has significantly changed – there is practically no smooth line left there, sharp transitions prevail. The chromeplated radiator enclosure is in harmony with LED optics, and the central dashed lines give to exterior additional originality. Fog lights are located not absolutely successfully – rather close to the road. Most likely, will quickly throw them with dirt, as well as the front camera which was lowered directly under number board.

Front part of the car has considerably changed – there is practically no smooth line left there, sharp transitions prevail. The chromeplated radiator enclosure is in harmony with LED optics, and the central dashed lines give to external additional originality. Fog lights are located not absolutely successfully – rather close to the road. Most likely, will quickly throw them with dirt and also the front-facing camera depressed directly under board of number.

The central extension housing and the dashboard do not contain bright inserts, they are executed in strict gray-black tones. Owners of the last generations of VW will find a lot of acquaintance in interior Tiguang. The wheel from below is flattened and fitted by skin, of course, the rim could be made more thickly, and the adjustable range of departure of wheel – is more. Glossy parts of steering wheel are quickly soiled with dust and assemble on themselves fingerprints.

To move according to the menu of the on-board computer dual keys are provided. And here at Skoda it is for this purpose used more convenient corrugated castors. At choice four options of multimedia systems with the diagonal of the touch screen from 5 to 8 inches are offered. Below the control package entrances of AUX and USB are climate control that does not look the successful decision – “USB stick” or USB cable for charging of the smartphone will often meet in the change speed gearbox lever.

Supports under glasses are closed by blind, and here the leather armrest of the insufficient size also is thought not too over: inside it has no soft upholstery, and all small things hidden there will jingle on road roughnesses. The same firm walls and in small glovebox. But in it cold air from the air conditioner moves that it well cools drinks.

Seats are quite convenient – side support, set of electronic resettings at driver’s seat, memory of settings to three people is thought well over. On back row to two there will be enough place – legs will not rest, and here because of the central tunnel to three people during the long trip will be already rather small.

For back row the climatic installation, heating of seats and the socket connection on 12 Volts is provided. Backs of rear seats can be tilted, and seats can be shifted in the longitudinal direction that also allows to change the volume of baggage compartment. The car maker states that the volume of luggage compartment new Tiguang is equal 615 liters. But at the same time modestly holds back that it at the seats of back row which are most shifted forward – will already sit on them it is unreal. By the way, the door of baggage compartment also through the movement by leg under rear bumper opens. In luggage compartment there are couple more of socket connections: on 12 and on 230 Volts, small lamp and spare wheel the “spare wheel” hidden under bottom. Rear seats conveniently consist of luggage compartment.

Complete sets and prices

The price of basic set Tiguang 2 begins with 1,460,000 rubles that is about 300 thousand more expensive, than the first generation in “base”. It will be front-wheel car in the version of Trendline with the 1.4-liter motor 125 forces and MKPP. Options will be the following: ABS, ESP, six airbags, the three-zonal climatic installation, the ordinary audio system (which is not supporting MP3). Window regulators will be electric, exterior mirrors, wheel and front seats will be with heating up. Rims will be cast, with a radius of 17 inches. Not bad, generally. The version with all wheel drive and box “robot” will devastate pocket of the new owner already for 1,770,000 rubles. The diesel option (2.0 liters, 150 hp) costs 1,860,000 rubles, and the 180-strong petrol option will ask 150,000 rubles more. There is still option on 220 hp – the speed of its dispersal up to hundred only 6.5 seconds. For it ask from 2,140,000 rubles.

If to add still options, like panoramic roof, leather upholstery of interior, the navigation system, etc., then the cost of the car will easily pass for 2.5 million.


Of course, in this comparison new Tiguang (on appearance, on equipment, etc.) wins, but that the Russian consumer early as there are no prices of new Skoda yet will prefer to judge and there is no reliable information about the complete sets and engines offered domestic motorists.

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