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Features of trailing of the car with automatic transmission

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Cars which have automatic transmission are extraordinary popular today. As very simple and comfortable in use, they are chosen not only by the unsophisticated motorists only mastering difficult features of driving but also skilled, with considerable experience. It is proved that cars with automatic transmission much less than usual, get into emergencies as automatic equipment accurately carries out several important operations for the driver, without distracting its attention. The large role is played, naturally, also by the increased comfort of such cars. However practice of their operation demonstrates that not all owners of such cars are down on to elementary rules of manner with them. So, many are not informed on what the forced trailing of the car with automatic transmission is remarkable though in practice similar need arises not so seldom.

In what difference of MGB and automatic transmission when trailing Before in detail considering what differences of trailing of cars with automatic transmission and car with mechanical box of gear shift are available, it is necessary to remind of key general requirements of traffic regulations concerning trailing. These rules demand that the towing car was technically serviceable, it has to move with the included passing beam, and towed – at the alarm signaling and with normally working steering device and brakes. The rigid hitch by means of which trailing is carried out has to be reliable. Both drivers are also obliged to know well requirements to the cars – the maintenance instruction of automatic transmission where it is, as a rule, specifically specified what operations in relation to it are undesirable or inadmissible.

It is also necessary to consider that there are some specific models with “automatic machine” which the software producer to the different reasons forbids to tow, in detail explaining in the shop manual why it is impossible to tow. Then the only exit is use of the tow truck. How to tow usual car from the manual transmission, well-known. However not all recommended actions suit for the car with automatic transmission. Here several important “small knots for memory” concerning trailing of the car with automatic transmission: trailing speed limitation indicator of 50 km. / h; restriction of distance on which the car should be towed off, distance in 40 km. If the motor works, movement and on the distance exceeding 40 km. because then due to operation of the oil pump and support of the necessary pressure of oil necessary functional loading is provided to the braking system and the steering booster is possible. Failures of gear box can only be exception. At any option of trailing the selector lever should be set to neutral position of “N”.

Trailing of the car with variator differs in some nuances, namely: it is necessary that the engine has been started; the lever of change speed gearbox should be installed in provision “N”; speed of movement of the car needs to be limited to indicator of 50 km. / h, and trailing distance – distance of 50 km. Whether it is possible to tow the car with automatic transmission Motorists often deliberate how to drag whether it is possible to tow the car with automatic transmission. Any expert will say that such trailing takes place to be. However on condition of observance of number of important rules and requirements. From classical automatic transmission it is not recommended to do: at city format of the movement when frequent stops and starts from the traffic light are possible, it is impossible to transfer the automatic transmission selector from the provision “D” (that is the drive) in neutral position (“N”); it is impossible that the movement began immediately after start of the motor, especially at cold weather; it is forbidden to switch by means of the automatic transmission selector the reverse gear to the drive and vice versa, until, when the car stops completely; when switching speeds at small speed it is not recommended to jump on raised, ignoring intermediate. As for trailing of the car with the non-operating engine, it is necessary to remember the next important point. If the motor works, oil disperses on box details, that is, there are no basic dangers to the engine. If the motor does not operate, oil does not come to gear box, and it is fraught with failure of elements of change speed gearbox. It unambiguously happens if it is necessary to tow such car on considerable distance. But when it scanty, about several hundred meters, some impatient drivers nevertheless decide on trailing option, believing that for a short time no undesirable changes will happen.

The car with automatic transmission as the tractor Also drivers are interested whether it is possible to tow other car on the automatic machine. Many for some reason claim that the car cannot perform with automatic transmission as the tractor. However this wrong opinion. The option of such trailing is quite possible if the driver towing vehicle remembers that the automatic machine very much does not love overheating, overloads. Namely such raised loading lays down on it at hitch with the broken car. Therefore when it is necessary to tow off car, experts persistently advise to adhere to the following recommendations: towing speed and its distance have to be minimum that the hydraulic torque converter did not overheat; at dispersal of the car it is impossible to allow breakthroughs, it has to be smooth, without speedups. It is desirable to exclude the kikdaun mode and to make impossible use of overgears, having excluded if it is, the overdrive mode.

Sequence of operations when trailing car with automatic transmission the Main rule of the driver at any emergency – not to lose self-control and to try to analyse current situation objectively, without panic. It is good if the skilled professional is near and the true driver’s solidarity will be shown – then the probability to make mistake will be scanty. To orient as it is correct to tow the car, it is necessary to consider all practical advice from outside and the corresponding orientations of instructions of both cars – as towed, and the speaker as the tractor. To estimate where the car should be dragged, distance and speed with what there will take place conveyance of the damaged car. In practice quite often both drivers make the accurate plan of the joint, coordinated efforts to work in unison.

To define risk degrees: if they are big, it is worth thinking of tow truck call. Such exit sometimes can be more expensive, however, the most optimum.

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