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Fight against fear of driving – advice to the beginner

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Today life is very prompt, and often we need to be practically at the same time in several places at once. It is very inconvenient to use public transport in such conditions. We look at our acquaintances and we understand that they manage to make much more and all only because they move on the car. Having understood it or having taken the fact that driving of the car — it is simply prestigious into account, we go to driving school and after difficult training we acquire the rights. Here also day of independent trip and, oh, horror has come, understanding comes that nothing will be able to force you to overcome the fear, to take the wheel and to come out to the road. The fear will practically paralyze.

Are afraid only of the woman Bytuyet opinion that the fear of independent driving the car is inherent only in women. It absolutely not so. Just women are more emotional and often very violently express the feelings – they can not agree to take the wheel, to scream and even to cry from anybody without disappearing. While men consider shameful to show the nervousness and even fear. They are forced to hide to the last the emotions and to try to look self-assured. The reasons for which the person can have such negative and very disturbing feelings often are absolutely different.

What the beginner All fears of the person at the time of the first to independent trip driving usually is afraid of is possible to share into three main groups: Fear to get into accident. Here it is important to understand that this fear will become, of course, not such sharp over time, but it will be always present. Even the most experienced drivers will never tell that they completely exclude possibility of hit in accident. They understand that on the road there is mass of various unforeseen situations and just try to be the most ready by such moments. So with this feeling let not of fear, but slight alarm, it is necessary to reconcile. Fear to get into difficult situation. Many motorists tell how they during the first independent trips got into situations when they for absolutely different reasons fell into stupor. It can be and suddenly not turned out parking, and suddenly in dense steam of cars the decayed car, and panic before the intersection, and many other things. Fear to get into ridiculous situation. Many of us faced, to put it mildly, incorrect behavior of other drivers. Many of them at your slightest miss begin to signal, shout in open windows, to gesticulate actively. Such feeling that they do not remember themselves for the first time driving at all. Especially hard in this plan it is necessary women. It is not difficult to overcome all these fears of driving at beginners at all. It is necessary to be adjusted and make the first attempt. In order that the stage of adaptation has passed successfully, it is necessary to follow several basic rules.

The reasons of fear of driving of People goes to driving school and successfully takes all course, takes examinations and suddenly refuses to take independently the wheel – let’s analyse that became the cause of fear of driving. As it was already told earlier, many beginning drivers most of all are afraid to have accident. Each of us at least once, but saw consequences of crashes of cars. Many have acquaintances who were participants of such accidents. Subconsciously the beginner transfers such situation to himself and those who have the developed imagination begin to panic. Bad understanding of work of the car can become other reason of development of fear. Many female motorists understand that in case even of insignificant breakage of the car they will be completely helpless and can look in the opinion of other motorists, to put it mildly, comically. Negative experience of communication with other experienced drivers who publicly discussed “monkey with grenade”, the blonde driving, idiots with the bought rights, etc. can become other reason of emergence of fears. Sometimes the driving instructor also contributes to this category of fears. He could be indignant constantly with each your miss on the road, and at analysis of trip often express the negative opinion on your abilities. Also some relatives or friends who are sitting next add negative feelings. They constantly pull, prompt and criticize your manner of driving that does not add confidence at all.

How to win against the fear Having understood what you are afraid of and in what the reasons of your fear, it is necessary to try to eliminate this factor. Effective councils how to overcome fear of driving of the car to the beginner, and especially to the woman, the people who have passed this stage of unwillingness to take the wheel give: Experience of driving. This is the main enemy practically of all kinds of fear. It is important to understand that the fear of driving in itself will not disappear anywhere. Sooner or later it is necessary to make over himself effort and to begin to work hard. The more will pass time from the moment of obtaining the driver’s license prior to active independent driving, the it will be more difficult to restore the received skills. At first it is necessary to drive the car as often as possible, irrespective of distance of trip and from your desire. Many note that after 5,000 km confidence almost always comes. Sign “Inexperienced Driver”. Such sign will allow other drivers to be the accuratest and not to be irritated on your possible nuances in driving. It almost always protects the beginner from impartial actions (beeps, shouts, etc.). In those cases if there is driver who nevertheless will negatively react to your car, just try not to react to it – not all have nerves in full order, and some thus just dump the tension.

Study of route. At the beginning it is possible to ask someone from relatives to take you along estimated route. Quietly sitting as the passenger, it is possible to consider attentively all road signs and to note for itself difficult sites. If to pass route there is nobody, it is possible just to study charts and to try to orient in turning movements, outcomes, in places of necessary reorganization. Morning hours. At first, if the trip is necessary in the morning for work, in school or kindergarten try to leave as soon as possible. For the beginning driver it is very important to try to avoid the dense movement. On the thin road it is much simpler to avoid unforeseen situations, and experience of driving will be acquired. To make trips in the country. If there is no urgent need to make the first independent trips in city conditions, then it is possible to begin to practice on not the really busy country road. Strong knowledge of traffic regulations. In case you suddenly feel that you not really quickly are guided in rules, repeat until it is not just at the level of the automatic machine. Not the place to panic. In case of difficult situation, do not panic, and just stop the car. The main thing — surely turn on the emergency signal, analyse situation and quietly move further. Invite the fellow traveler. Ask somebody to be passed together with you. Best of all if it is your acquaintance who does not have the rights. He only the presence will calm you and will not give “clever” advice. It is important to understand that sensation of fear is inherent in all and this stage it is necessary just to endure and get experience. Remember that all who so dashingly signal today to you on the road once were the same scared beginners several years, and maybe months back. Do not think that you worst and do not exaggerate danger. Try and soon all fears will leave.

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