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How to be if speed at the check point takes off

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For those who are far from automobile subject concept the departure is associated with long-awaited rest or wires of relatives in the airport. The experienced driver feels discomfort when at it drive takes off. This obstacle for driving at certain speed.

Let’s consider the main reasons for departure of drives on all types of boxes which are offered by car makers.

Mechanical box Blocks of drives are on secondary to shaft. The nave and clutch of the block of the corresponding drive which sends the command for certain action on chain is given in the MKPP normal mode at inclusion of one of speeds. The movement happens towards free pinion gear which transfers impulse to vehicle drive gear.

MGB Among the reasons which cause departure concrete or all drives, allocate: Wear of balk ring of the synchro unit. At the same time backs out only one drive – for example the first or back run. Physical wear of fork of switching off. Then speeds can not switch, leaving possible only neutral. Unfitness of the pinion gear which is responsible for concrete drive.

Gear box pinion gears Slackening of fastenings of change speed gearbox with adjacent knots or internal knots. Disorder of resetting of sliding bar. Most often it is about exit from system of the fixing balls or shift gate of drives. Advantage of MGB – ease of service. It is easy to eliminate any of these failures without assistance.

The automatic transmission is more appropriate to call it not departure, and slipping Here. Sharp change about 3 or 4 drives on neytralka leads to notable slowdown of the vehicle. Or on the contrary, to speedup. Everything depends on its appointment – depressing or raising. It creates inconvenience for the driver and danger of blow in front or behind.

The automatic transmission in sectional view the Signal to errors of automatic transmission becomes also thought of the car. If he thinks upon transition from the parking mode to the movement and vice versa – it is better to be engaged in service of knot at once. To analogs from mechanical parts – exhaustion of resource of forks and clutch, is added one more – electronics. Can lead short circuit, internal graters of details, mechanical damage of the chip and some other factors to mistake. Because of existence of the electronic block repair of box is possible only at car repair shop. Add tow truck call to expenses on preliminary treatment and replacement of spare parts – trailing of cars with automatic transmission is undesirable. The variator has no variator of Physical drives in the nature. It is programmed so that most comfortably to transfer torque with reduction of fuel consumption. And though he is not able to back out drive, but nevertheless is subject to breakages.

The appearance of variatorny gear box the Driver has to listen constantly to the events in box variator. The friend about the friend leads continuous friction of knots of variator to recutting and formation of metal dust and shaving inside. For their catching filters are provided, but they do not give full guarantee of purity. Over time the accumulated dust causes pressure jumps of the oil pump and exit from drivebelt system. The most harmless situation – when the variator radiator has clogged. Its arrangement assembles inside all dirt with stream of the entering air. It also interferes with normal functioning of variator. For the purpose of prevention wash all radiators of the car at least 1 time a half-year. Robotic box Service of such box of switching of speeds is trusted skilled masters of autobusiness. The departure of drives on the robot is connected as with the electroreasons – for example, leakage of automatic transmission fluid and short circuit of the corresponding chain, and with wear of details.

Also driving at one of speeds can be impossible because of burning out of contact group of communication of EBU and concrete drive. But it becomes frequent the reason of deterioration in work the banal garbage delivered from the clutch gear. You are not lazy to delete it at each opportunity, and then the robotic box will tell thanks. End We have given only the most widespread breakages and departure of speeds on different types of gear boxes. But there are also small nuances which lead to drive departure. And in the nearest future AUTOCOUNCILS will in detail spread out the gear to molecules. Monitor updates!

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