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The automatic transmission slips: main symptoms and reasons

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Automatic transmission – difficult, but quite reliable unit which average life cycle exceeds 200 thousand kilometers of run.

But in case of breakage of automatic transmission be ready to fork up for the decent sum. The task is much simpler to prevent emergence of such troubles – than their correction. Today we will talk about automatic transmission slipping – problem which can threaten with very serious troubles for the car owner.

Important not only to know the main manifestations of this failure, but also to understand the reasons of their emergence – it will help to make high-quality preliminary treatment of transmission that will allow to prevent its breakdown. Automatic transmission slipping symptoms If were equipped with the automatic transmission exclusive top complete sets of passenger cars of the middle and elite class about 15-20 years ago, then today the automatic transmission is not sign of prestigiousness of the car any more. Equip with them both SUVs, and tiny city cars. Especially we love this type of transmission at female part of driver’s community. The major factor of such popularity is obvious – ease of driving. However for various reasons over time ease of gear shift vanishes. One of manifestations of such problem is the slipping – the phenomenon which is not simply reducing overall performance of transmission, but which can lead to more serious and unpredictable consequences.

It is known that the main task of gear box, including automatic – torque transfer from the power unit to wheels, and it is desirable without notable loss of power. The automatic transmission is good the fact that it carries out objectives practically without participation of the driver. Certainly, it is reached due to complication of design. And than the device, that high probability of failure of one their numerous components is more difficult. This thesis and concerning the automatic transmission is fair. One of the most characteristic problems which speak about the beginning of emergence of troubles – slipping at gear shift. For this reason it is so important to be able to distinguish symptoms of slipping of gears of box at early stages. Let’s list them: Sharp growth of quantity of turns of the power unit. Usually it occurs at automatic transmission slipping – transition about 3 drives on 4 requires set of turns to level about 3-3.5 thousand, and only after that there is actually switching (that is we have imitation of the Overdrive mode). Longer movement of the car setup. If you have noticed that after the leg is taken away from accelerator pedal, the car some time continues to move kind of by inertia, without making engine braking – it is one of signs of slipping of automatic transmission too.

More long transition to low gear. Probability is high that longer switching, for example, with the second on the first drive, is caused by automatic transmission slipping. In certain cases before inclusion increase in turns of the power unit happens autotransmission of low gear. So delay at gear shift – one more symptom of the fact that the automatic transmission slips. Other classical sign of similar failure should be considered delay in speedup of the car when pressing accelerator pedal. Sometimes such delay is followed by falling of power of the motor. To understand that the automatic transmission slips, it is possible also on color of transmission oil. Normal this liquid has the expressed reddish shade, however when slipping gears there is their collapse. As a result the smallest particles of metal which have got to oil, being oxidized, give it brown shade. Emergence of uncharacteristic sounds in the form of gnash at the movement at high speed also has to guard you. At initial stages gnashing is heard mainly in acceleration time and braking on high drives, but over time noise appears with enviable regularity, and its duration increases. In such cases it is not recommended to hesitate with preliminary treatment of transmission extremely. If you have begun to have problems upon transition to the reverse gear, most likely, it slips automatic transmission. It is especially characteristic manifestations of this symptom in cold weather, at negative temperatures. As a rule, inclusion of back run is followed by time delay and happens not so smoothly, as usual. You should not remind that at emergence any their the listed signs it is worth becoming thoughtful and if they are shown in plural and at the same time – it is better not to operate the car before clarification of the reasons of slipping and their elimination.

Preliminary treatment of automatic transmission Initial preliminary treatment just also consists in identification of the symptoms testifying to transmission slipping. As a rule, to define that the automatic transmission slips, it is possible and independently on the basis of emergence of various noise and unusual behavior of the car at gear shift. On the basis of the found symptoms it is also necessary to address the expert as independent specification of the diagnosis will demand dismantling of box. If from the manual transmission it is quite admissible even in garage conditions, then with automatic machine – No. The simplest and rather exact mode of identification of malfunctions – computer preliminary treatment which allows to localize on the basis of the received codes of mistakes failure in a few minutes. In most cases repair after all will demand dismantling of automatic transmission, and at this stage the preliminary diagnosis received on the basis of computer preliminary treatment is usually confirmed or disproved. Certainly, skilled technicians have to perform this work. Without existence of the corresponding experience and skills of attempt of independent restoration in 99% of cases are doomed to failure. So slipping of friction clutches – problem not insignificant.

The reasons of slipping of automatic transmission As well as the majority of other failures, slipping of gears of automatic transmission begins gradually. Nevertheless, at early stages it is possible to reveal this problem too. For example, on too reluctant speedup at the drowned accelerator pedal. As soon as you have suspected something wrong – immediately address to the nearest car service for holding diagnostic actions. It will allow not only to establish the slipping reason in time, but also to prevent essential expenses in case of full exit of automatic transmission out of operation. The most part of the reasons because of which the automatic transmission slips is consequence of misuse of automatic transmission. Let’s list the most characteristic of them: falling of the TM level (it is necessary to watch it not with such regularity as behind the level of engine oil, but many car owners in general ignore this duty); significant deterioration of automatic transmission fluid what change of color of oil on dark, identification in it mechanical inclusions will testify to (dust, shaving, suspensions), solidification of TM, emergence of smell of burning of oil); the friction clutches which are clutch elements have begun to collapse – in similar cases the slipping occurs on not heated-up motor; electromechanical valves of transmission (solenoid coils) are faulty – it is the automatic transmission slipping reason on hot; the failures of hydraulic system caused by pollution of oil ports of the hydroblock or the oil pump; significant deterioration in the airfilter is shown by emergence of slipping in car start of motion; mistakes during the work of BU of automatic transmission which are usually shown upon transition of the selector from one mode in another. Let’s consider some of their these reasons in more detail.

The hydroblock the Hydraulic system – important component of automatic transmission, and it often acts as the main reason why the automatic transmission slips. As a rule, the most part of problems arises because of the clogged hydroblock ports. It leads to violation of normal process of lubricant of components of transmission, as leads to slipping of friction clutch. The solution exists too – qualitative clearing of oil ports and also in combination replacement of the airfilter. Preferable mode of performance of similar works – in the car service equipped with the corresponding specialized equipment. However recently gain popularity and alternative modes processing of hydraulic system. For example, with use of special cleansing structures or by means of ultrasound. In a word, at the disposal of experts there are rather effective technologies allowing to get rid completely of any pollution of ports of the hydroblock today. But anyway this action is carried out with dismantling of hydraulic system, and it is very labor-consuming operation on which at least two days will leave.

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