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Reasons and consequences of rumble of the steering hydraulic booster

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The experienced driver knows that emergence of any new noise in the car does not foretell anything good. At the most optimistic scenario they take place also suddenly, as well as have begun, but usually such sounds or accrue, or from periodic become constants. Some of them have characteristic sounding by which it is possible to determine their source, but situations when on search of the reasons of emergence of unwanted sounds weeks and months leave meet.

Rightfully it is possible to carry rumble which arises around space to such noise. If you hear it for the first time, then not the fact that at once establish connection between this rumble and steering. The matter is that different situations can be the reason of the noise published by the steering booster (and we will speak about this failure today): on the cold or heated-up motor, at turning movements or when the wheel rests against extreme position.

But even motorists with experience react to this sound differently: some start looking for their source for the purpose of failure elimination at once, others believe that there was nothing terrible, continuing to operate the car and hoping that the rumble will disappear sooner or later. We will try to clear situation as it is really not so unambiguous as, for example, at emergence of whistle around pomp or the oven fan.

The gear which main destination – to simplify for the driver process of management of the car by means of turning movement of wheel is the causes of rumble of steering booster . Especially it concerns maneuvering at small speeds – without hydraulic booster for this purpose it should use the considerable efforts that not always physically weak drivers can do. In certain situations it can create prerequisites for emergence of emergencies so steering booster can call very useful invention. However, and at the movement at big speeds the hydraulic booster is not useless as he does effort of the driver at turning movements of wheel more notable and sensitive.

The design of the majority of steering booster does not provide change of coefficient of strengthening depending on the speed of the movement of the car, but recently progress has reached and here. The latest gears are able to change extent of strengthening of effort of the driver depending on road situation, providing the most exact reaction at entry into turning movements and optimum strengthening at the movement at small speeds. Schematically typical hydraulic booster consists of the following components: oil pump; hydraulic cylinder; distributor; tank; connecting pipes. Function of the pump – to provide circulation of oil in system with the required pressure. As a rule, the drive gear of hydraulic pump is carried out from the crankshaft of the power unit by means of the belt drive.

Distributor task – to dose oil and to send it to certain cavities of cylinder and tank. Physically the distributor can be mounted as directly on wheel shaft, and around arrangement of knots of steering linkage. Hydraulic cylinder, reacting to influence of working liquid, sets the bucket influencing, in turn, rod in motion. It have or on wheel shaft, or in space between car body and steering linkage. The principle of work of any steering booster , regardless of the location of its components and constructional features, is identical. When the wheel is in the central (zero) position, the central valve core of the hydraulic booster remains in invariable situation, and oil circulates on highway absolutely freely. At turning movement of steering wheel also the valve core moves a little, blocking part of highway (drain). As a result oil under pressure gets into certain cavity of cylinder (depends on the direction of turning movement), turning the case of the distributor, and also traveling about, helping the driver. As soon as rotation of wheel stops, the valve core opens, system pressure is leveled, and liquid from cylinder gets back to highway.

As we see, it is rather difficult gear, and it is no wonder that in it periodically there are failures most of which part is characteristic of any hydraulic systems. Having studied the main of them, you receive the answer to question why the steering booster buzzes and what it threatens the car with: has weakened, or the oil pump belt – except rumble is strongly worn-out, this failure is usually shown by emergence of characteristic pushes of wheel; escape of oil in system is diagnosed by increase in force which should be put at turning movements of wheel; leads pollution of the filter of oil tank to the same consequences; the pump does not provide creation of the required pressure (for example, because of worn-out bearings); of highway of the steering hydraulic booster; as a result of mechanical influences the wheel drive gear geometry is broken; dumping of oil in system through pressure-relief valve (whistle or buzzing at the same time arise at achievement by steering wheel of extreme positions). It should be noted that often noise of unknown etiology, but connected with failure of steering booster can prove differently and only under certain conditions. We will in details consider all chances.

The steering booster rustles on cold it is possible to allocate Here several reasons which we will list on the frequency of their occurrence in practice: one of the most widespread – highway. Usually air gets into system through subsystem of low pressure. It is eliminated rather simply, installation and tightening of additional/new loose straps on the branch pipe going from oil pump to tank. The air inflow can occur also through ring which is established on the soaking-up oil pump hose so it is just in case better to replace also it. The good recommendation – to grease the union and interior of branch pipes with sealer before installation of additional loose straps; the second reason why steering booster begins to buzz on cold, meeting rather seldom, it is possible to call education at the bottom of oil tank of air bubble, impressive by the sizes, which is formed as a result of unsuccessful (low-quality) bleeding of highway of the hydraulic booster. It is eliminated by means of pressure gun; steering booster rumble on cold can arise because of the worn-out external bearing of oil pump. Replacement is carried out quickly and easily, but certain difficulties can arise with search of the suitable bearing.

Let’s note also modes of elimination of noise during the operation of the hydraulic booster. Many drivers use the special additive compounds added to oil. They usually make complex impact: reduce rumble, facilitate turning movement of steering wheel, promote increase in clearness of functioning of steering booster , reduce wear of details at reduction of level of working liquid, reduce vibration processes in hydraulic pump. However, the relation to additive compounds at most of drivers suspicious, and partially it is formed as a result of personal negative experience of their use. So we will not recommend additive compound in oil of the hydraulic booster – each of you has to make the relevant decision at own risk. We will only note that mode of functioning of additive compounds is based on elimination of symptoms of failure (in our case – in elimination of rumble) that allows to delay carrying out repair and restoration works for some time, but does not fix problem.

Among other modes of malfunction repair leading to emergence of rumble of GUR on frost it is possible to call the following: replacement of oil branch pipes which is desirable for combining with installation of new lath; replacement of oil pump; the replacement of all loose straps on branch pipes allowing to exclude emergence of highway; replacement of the sealing gasket standing on entrance of the union of supply of working liquid of broad tank; replacement of the branch pipe going from hydraulic pump to oil tank with use of the sealer having characteristics; implementation of the procedure directed to elimination of of highway by means of of steering wheel at the stopped engine. On the surface of oil there will be bubbles which have to burst. We stop the procedure when new bubbles do not appear; replacement of the ring gasket located in intake line of high pressure of the hydraulic booster (it is desirable to change both branch pipe, and fixing loose straps). Need for it arises because over time the ring gasket loses initial elasticity, becoming excessively rigid that becomes the reason of air inflow and formation of of highway. To find such detail it can be problem. When replacing also use oil proof sealer.

Let’s note that in auto shops usually offer repair kit of steering booster in which all necessary sealing elements are included for concrete car model. Existence of such will simplify holding recovery actions, but at the same time it is desirable to be guided by original spare parts, especially if you are owner of the expensive foreign car.

When replacing dirty oil it is necessary to buy liquid which will work in specific climatic conditions. For the majority of regions of the country it has to be frost-resistant and not get thick at hard frosts, making impossible normal functioning of the GUR gear. Separately it is necessary to tell about such aspect as purity of working liquid. If it is polluted, it will inevitably result in the accelerated wear of hydraulic pump that usually and leads to emergence of unwanted sounds at turning movements of wheel. So at implementation of the procedure of replacement of oil surely check whether is not present at the bottom of oil tank of deposits of dirt. If the result is positive, басок it will be necessary to remove and wash out. It is necessary to check also condition of the oil filter installed on the tank union. If it is polluted, it is possible to try it to clean, but it is better to replace it with new – it is also included in repair kit. The lath and all rubber and plastic details of GUR are subject to dismantling and cleaning. The hydraulic booster buzzes on the heated-up car In this case of the causes of rumble also a little. Will consider the most often found failures and modes of their independent elimination: if at warming up of the power unit on XX vibrations in the field of steering wheel are felt – it is consequences of the faulty pump GUR. It should be dismantled and sorted to find out not working capacity reason. Repair is in certain cases possible, and then it is useful to us mentioned above ремкомплект. If the pump is not maintainable – we change it for new; if the rumble which is followed by knocks in motor compartment and/or vibration of wheel arises on low turns, and when pressing pedal of accelerator vanishes – the oil pump though before its removal it is possible to try to fill in oil of more dense consistence in system is guilty besides; one more common cause of loss of efficiency of the hydraulic booster it is possible to call use of low-quality working liquid which, heating up, becomes too liquid and loses the properties necessary for support of the required pressure in highway. As a result of steering booster emergence of characteristic rumble does not cope with the direct duties, and at the same time perhaps. For its elimination it is necessary to fill in original oil in steering booster highway, having executed before it its washing; the rumble at the heated-up car can appear because of loss of leak proofness of steering rack. Heating up, oil becomes more fluid, filtering through the sealing glands having damages or defects. In this case the recipe remains invariable – replacement of working liquid by original which is deprived of similar shortcomings

The rumble is shown in extreme positions of steering wheel Many drivers heard the council recommending not to leave wheels in extreme left or right position. Partly it is connected also with the fact that in this case the pump of the hydraulic booster works at full capacity that often and becomes the reason of emergence of additional noise. Let’s note that such situation is not carried to supernumerary. Moreover, some car maker warn drivers about such unpleasant manifestation which has no consequences. But it does not mean that the rumble appearing at turning movement of steering wheel against the stop (not important in what party), it cannot be caused by certain failure. Anyway it is necessary to be reinsured, having made preliminary treatment of the gear. However, the reasons of failures will be the same: depressurization of highway, reduction of tension of drivebelt, failures of hydraulic pump, oil pollution. The only failure characteristic of this case, is following: in reducer (in its top part) the valve unit which purpose – to redistribute streams of working liquid is located. When the wheel is turned against the stop, the bypass valve is closed, and then oil begins to circulate on “small circuit”, by analogy with the car cooling system. So, liquid is practically not cooled that for reducer and it is good not to eat. In particular, overheating of liquid threatens with developing of scratches and burrs on surface of walls of cylinder and also on the shiberakh of hydraulic pump. In the winter oil usually more dense, but in the summer overheating – problem really relevant therefore it is not necessary to hold more than five seconds wheels turned out to limit.

The rumble of the steering booster has arisen after oil replacement Procedural replacement of working liquid in
steering booster (it is made on different models in different terms) not always proceeds smoothly. Situations when unclear noise arise after this procedure meet.

Most often it is result of use of the oil having smaller viscosity, than filled in earlier. The reason is rather prosy: existence of development between plates of rotor and ring of stator and also emergence of geometrical defects of surface of stator as a result of which there is vibration of plates as is source of the arising noise. So recommendation here one: if you do not wish to use the original or recommended by car maker oil, buy only liquids with similar characteristics that убережёт the hydraulic booster from possible problems. Emergence of the rumble which is distributed from motor compartment around steering tube is often connected with replacement of branch pipe of high pressure. Usually it is result of installation of hose of poor quality. If it was repaired in conditions HUNDRED, it is not excluded. That instead of the special branch pipe capable to maintain high pressure, have established you usual hydraulic hose. The danger of such repair is connected with long-term consequences, but the rumble can be shown and at once, because of highway , and a bit later when in the place of joint with unions there are microscopic spacings

The rumble arises at any rotation of wheel At once we will tell: it is the most typical situation, unlike earlier described. It meets most often therefore it makes sense to describe in more detail the reasons why steering booster buzzes at any turning movement of wheel: Falling of level of working liquid because of loss of leakproofness of system (by the way, in the hydraulic booster oil which on the operational characteristics practically does not differ from what is used in modern automatic transmissions is filled in). It is very simple to diagnose such failure, by means of visual check of level of liquid in oil tank. Check is carried out after the parking of the car, as well as in case with engine oil. But in this case the of liquid does not practice – it should be replaced completely, having presetted the reason of escape and having eliminated it. On the second place on occurrence it is possible to put use of low-quality (counterfeit) oil. If in the beginning it not bad copes with the duties, then over time becomes soiled, loses the properties because of overheating, existence of original additive compounds, unnecessary about absence, as becomes the cause of noise at turning movement of wheel. As a result it is necessary to change liquid long before the recommended terms (usually it is 75-100 thousand kilometers of run, but at least once in the second anniversary). But if it is easy to check the level of working liquid, then its state – is difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to turn off plug of oil tank and to gather the pipette several drops of oil, having squeezed out them on the sheet of white paper. As we already noted, in steering booster the ATF oil painted in crimson, claret or brightly red color is used. If on paper it is formed dark brown or at all the black spot – oil unambiguously is subject to replacement. The bad quality of liquid can be shown are characteristic smell of burned oil (as option – the smell of burned rubber familiar to each motorist).

The boot of steering rack is faulty. If steering booster at turning movement of wheel on the place buzzes – it is one of manifestations of this problem. The mode of preliminary treatment of this breakage consists in visual inspection of steering rack regarding check of its integrity. At the same time it is possible to estimate condition of other knots of the hydraulic booster. Let’s note that replacement of lath – operation which should be carried out in extreme cases and independent repair is excluded. Moreover, not on everyone HUNDRED carry out such replacement so, perhaps, it is necessary to look for suitable car service still. The highway actually would need to be put on the first place as it arises on any car sooner or later and usually is followed by unpleasant gnash of oil pump. It is important to define precisely the place of loss of leak proofness – it can be thinnesses in junctions of branch pipes, but air can get also when replacing ATF. So having added working liquid not always solves problem. And if the gnash and rumble appears again, it is necessary to find the place of air inflow and to eliminate thinness, to execute washing of system, to make replacement and bleeding of oil to be sure of lack of. Cases when noise arise at torsion of steering wheel because of the oil pump drive gear belt which has weakened or stretched owing to wear meet. This problem is fixed by stretch old or installation of new belt. If the steering booster buzzes on cold because of the faulty pump is the most unpleasant kind of failure of GUR in view of expensive repair. Most often the oil pump fails because of wear of bearings, at collapse of , or as a result of leak of sealing glands. Except emergence of rumble, such breakage often is followed by syndrome of “hard wheel” at which the considerable efforts at turning movement of wheel exceeding those which are necessary for commission of the same actions without hydraulic booster are required. One more problem is the complexity of diagnosing of such failure. In any case – without dismantling and dismantling of oil pump.

Whether repair is necessary if the steering booster buzzes to Most of you this question can seem inappropriate. In fact it is possible to look at this problem doubly. Really, if noise is – it obviously demonstrates existence of certain problem (unless except for one case which we have described). So repair, it seems, is also necessary, otherwise the hydraulic booster will cease to work. On the other hand, it is impossible to call breakage of steering booster critical too. Yes, it will become heavier to twist steering wheel, especially at small speeds, but it will not affect safety of driving! The rumble or even leak will not prevent you to carry out trips, work of wheel because of the faulty hydraulic booster is not blocked. The gear of this device is not connected with work of wheel at all, it just does driving by more comfortable. In other words, only its breakage can be consequences of rumble of the steering booster, but steering will not suffer. And still existence of problem in the form of rumble means for most of motorists that it needs to be solved. Knowledge of algorithm of full preliminary treatment of GUR in this case will not prevent: we install the car on the horizontal and dry platform; we start the motor; we watch whether it is visible oil afterdribbles under motor compartment; we turn off plug of oil tank and we check liquid level; we estimate color and condition of oil (color should not be dark); when turning wheel we watch whether air bubbles are formed in tank (if yes, that is sign of loss of leakproofness of system). In case of leak or emergence of we look for the reason and we eliminate it, and only after that we add oil and we pump over highway. As a result of such actions rumble or howl has to disappear.

In case of leak or emergence of we look for the reason and we eliminate it, and only after that we add oil and we pump over highway. As a result of such actions rumble or howl has to disappear. Now we will describe how it is correct to carry out steering booster highway bleeding (you will need the assistant): we start the motor, we pass to motor compartment, and the companion we ask to rotate several times wheel against the stop in both parties; we observe whether appear in oil tank air; if liquid leaves, we add it and again we monitor existence of air bubbles; if after 5-6 cycles of half-collar of wheel the rumble has stopped, and air does not go any more, the procedure can be considered successfully executed; otherwise it is necessary to continue rotation of wheel. If the problem was not eliminated – the reason should be looked for in the friend (oil pump, reducer, branch pipes). Most often the pump which cost on foreign cars it is impossible to call ultraboundary becomes responsible. For example, on Ford Focus it costs about 70-80 dollars so repair of the pump steering booster sometimes can be more expensive, than acquisition of new knot.

Prevention measures concerning the steering hydraulic booster That
steering booster did not buzz and did not cause you other troubles, we recommend to hold at operation of the car of several simple recommendations: when checking level of engine oil and antifreeze perform the same procedure and concerning
steering booster , checking it on tank of the hydraulic booster (in different cars it can be located differently). Also check of condition of working liquid which should be carried out at least once in month will be useful (it is necessary to investigate also color, and has begun to smell oils); if you carry out the complex maneuver demanding turning movement of wheels against the stop, watch that in such situation they were not left more than five seconds without special need (and it is even difficult to think up such situations). Remember that such provisions of wheel are harmful to
steering booster which will work in this case without cooling; at statement of car on the parking do not leave wheels pivoted, they have to watch directly what will prevent emergence of additional loads of components of the hydraulic booster at start of the power unit. This council is especially relevant at negative temperatures when working liquid becomes more viscous; if in motor compartment around steering tube there are new noise (rumble, knocks) and at the same time you should make more efforts at manipulations with wheel, it is not necessary to delay performance of diagnostic and repair work. The earlier you start malfunction repair, the it to you will cost cheaper; regularly check condition of steering rack, paying the person attention to sealing glands/boots, if necessary change these consumables. It will help you to prolong resource of operation of the steer in general and the hydraulic booster in particular.

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