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Drum and clasp brakes – differences, advantages and shortcomings

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With development of automotive industry two braking systems – drum and disk have gained development. The first has appeared earlier and now generally meets on old cars and auto trucks and also on passenger some models. The second – rather new, has widely extended recently, and became very popular.

Clasp and drum brakes Each system has the design, the merits and demerits. Motorists can meet both one, and another, and even both in one car at once. Therefore we will consider them in more detail. The device and the principle of work of drum brakes the Principle of work is very simple – in the closed drum two pads which can be moved apart are located and by friction about rim of drum to provide braking. In usual state they are reduced to the center by springs and get divorced when braking or from the bench hammer.

This design has appeared for a long time, it was used on old Soviet Moskvich and “Volgas” as drum brakes in principle very simply are arranged. Since then their design has essentially changed a little unless it was a little improved. If earlier for drive gear of pads the rope was used, then now it can be hydraulics or the electric drive. As such drum brakes long time without replacement of pads work, they are still applied, and in complex with the ABS system yield quite quite good results. Experts of Renault Nissan have brought this design to perfection and widely use in the models.

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