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Rules of connection of a Multi-function steering wheel

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The automotive industry is in continuous development. Designers constantly think out different improvements which aim to secure and make the most comfortable driving as much as possible.

One of such improvements is installation of a Multi-function steering wheel. In this review we will answer a question what is a Multi-function steering wheel and whether it is possible to put it instead of a usual steering wheel.

The multiwheel the Name a multiwheel is reduction from the standard term – a multipurpose wheel. What disappears under this designation. As it was already told earlier, all automobile designers seek to make driving very convenient. As in modern vehicles there is a set of various gadgets and “frills” which during the trip quite often demand switchings and adjustments, the driver should be distracted regularly by them, it in turn can lead to emergencies. This factor was decisive for auto-engineers in creation of a multipurpose wheel. They tried to transfer a part of control elements to a steering wheel and to save the driver from need to throw a wheel and to switch various buttons and levers. The multiwheel (a multipurpose wheel) is a usual steering wheel on which also various auxiliary control elements are placed by car electric equipment. In modern cars it can be very advanced technological device

What can is on a wheel On our roads it is possible to meet vehicles of various class, naturally, as an electronic stuffing of such cars it will be essential various. Depending on a class also multipurpose wheels will differ. So, for example, in an inexpensive car on “steering-wheel” at best will take out control of the audio system and that only function of inclusion or switching off. Adjustment of a sound and other settings, most likely, should be made as usual.

If the car is a class slightly above, then and on a steering wheel most likely also management of adjustment the climate of a system, control of the on-board computer and a cruise control will be taken out. In even more advanced options it is possible to meet a possibility of management from a wheel by the mobile phone. This function received the name “hands free” or “free hands”. Today many smartphones have an opportunity to get access to automobile audio systems and through control of the smartphone from a wheel it is possible to operate also a multimedia system. Except the listed functions, buttons of a multiwheel can operate: Operation of the mechanical and automatic transmission. Control of functions of transmission in vehicles with the four-wheel drive. Adjustment of operating modes of pendants at which the clearance and their rigidity changes. Usually multipurpose wheels in cars with very expensive complete set, the majority of prestigious brands have all this potential. It is important to remember multi wheel is very modern improvement, but it is important to understand that the main function of any wheel is a driving. In this regard very strict requirements are imposed to a steering wheel. Having all improvements, the wheel has to remain surely convenient and not lose the main function to please to modern trends. Thus, any additional functions should not distract the driver from driving.

We connect to a wheel the radio tape recorder Practically all cars having a multi wheel have the installed regular radio tape recorder. But there can be such situation that there is desire to replace musical installation with more perfect. In that case it is necessary to be ready to that fact that the buttons located on a wheel will not operate a new system. It will be required to carry out some work for elimination of this problem. Despite the seeming simplicity of the forthcoming works, connection of the emergency radio tape recorder can take several hours. Success and speed of works will depend on skills of work with electronics, otherwise it is the best of all to address the master. If you after all decide to test the strength and to connect the radio tape recorder to a multi wheel independently, then following our instructions, you will achieve a goal. That it is necessary to prepare the radio tape recorder Suitable you. The Pioneer or Sony players enjoy the most wide popularity at drivers. The ISO adapter – this adapter most often is complete with the equipment. We buy one more same adapter. The adapter for connection of the antenna, it is necessary to buy too. The adapter allowing to connect buttons on a multi wheel and the radio tape recorder. Selection of the adapter the Adapter is necessary for correct connection of the emergency radio tape recorder to a multi wheel. Producers offer quite diverse selection of these devices. It can be the models suitable only the concrete car or universal which can be connected practically on any car.

Among universal models the adapter with a possibility of programming – under the name of ACV enjoys the greatest popularity. These devices look as the module of the small sizes with wires of different flowers. These wires are removed outside that facilitates process of connection with wires on a radio tape recorder block. These adapters approach all radio tape recorders, irrespective of the brand, having the panel of remote connection and process of programming will directly occur from the panel. The ACV SWI-1 adapter allows to keep all functions of the buttons located on a wheel and even expands their opportunities, namely allows to program two functions on the same button. It is reached by short-term or long pressing. Installation At first we connect the radio tape recorder with observance of all instructions. We connect the antenna and we check correctness of operation of the device. We connect wires of a block of a wheel and a wire of the adapter, adhering to the following scheme. The white wire on the adapter has to be surely disconnected from weight. Line 1 (a blue wire) – STRG SWA. Line 2 (a green wire) – STRG SWB. The WEIGHT (a black wire) is STRG GND, on minus (the case of the vehicle).

After connection of all wires direct process of programming begins. On the adapter food 12B moves – one of light-emitting diodes has to blink. We connect a wire of white color to WEIGHT, and the device enters training process. On a multi wheel we find the button of volume control of a sound, we press and we hold it until the light-emitting diode does not light up. On the remote control we press the button of strengthening of a sound and we direct the panel at the adapter – the light-emitting diode burning on the case has to go out at this time. If it is necessary on the same button on a wheel to place also the second team, then it needs to be pressed and held so far both light-emitting diodes will not light up. On the DU panel we hold the button until light-emitting diodes go out. Programming of all other buttons is carried out by the same principle. We disconnect a white wire on the adapter and we make its isolation. Control is fully completed, and you made independent connection of a multiwheel to the emergency radio tape recorder. Some handymen decide to connect the radio tape recorder to a wheel, without having on it buttons. Before them there is a natural question – how to make a multiwheel with own hands. It is quite possible for those who densely “are on friendly terms” with electronics. All rest can give advice – just get already ready multipurpose wheel, it you will save yourself from an excess waste of time and means.

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