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The MPI engine- what is it and how it works

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In due time the MPI engine was important break in automobile area. Now it consigns to the past, and even not all motorists remember it and can give at least approximate definition to this unit. Emergence of this engine has allowed to refuse carburetor units. If to consider line of Volkswagen engines, then MPI is the oldest development which use has dragged on for so long period. The last several years such units were determined only on Skoda. Despite emergence and wide use of new engines, MPI it is still considered the most reliable, fade-free and practical in line of injector units.

Features of operation of the MPI engine. As the abbreviation is deciphered As we already have managed to learn, before us there is injector engine. The system of injection of fuel of multipoint type is the cornerstone of its work. This feature has also given the name to the unit, the abbreviation of MPI designates Multi Point Injection. The Volkswagen concern is considered developer of such gear. For each cylinder the separate spray jet or injector is provided.

What is the MPI engine we have understood a little, but we still should learn about the principle of work, to consider merits and demerits of this unit. The principle of operation of the MPI power plant Works the unit by the following principle:
each cylinder is equipped with separate injector; receipt of fuel weight is carried out through several points at once; for fuel delivery by means of gasoline pump there is separate discharge port; fuel weight gets to intake manifold, pressure at the same time is at the level of 3 atmospheres; in the collector fuel mixes up with air therefore the special working mixture is created; this mixture through inlet valve gets under pressure to cylinder. At these power plants there is ignition advance. It means that in cars with the MPI engine the accelerator pedal is sensitive. This moment should be considered to drivers who own cars with such type of the power plant.

Merits and demerits of MPI engines Such units are far from ideal. Also bad points are characteristic of them positive. It is time to get acquainted with them. Advantages the List of positive characteristics consists of the following items: simplicity of design provides easy repair and available service; admissibility of use 92 gasolines, it concerns also alternative and original models; maximum strength; big run at timely replacement of filters and oils. Advantages are impressive, but they grow dim a little after studying of bad points.

Shortcomings Negative characteristics are connected with construction features. The list of shortcomings consists of the following items: the limitation of fuel system is connected with we mix fuel and air not in cylinders, and in ports; weak torque and under capacity come up from the previous point; lack of special dynamics, drive and throttle response; 8 valves are a little.

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