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How To Chose the best option of noise isolation for the car

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Buying by itself the new car, each of us wishes to receive not only means for movement, but also very much wants that process of driving delivered maximum of pleasure and comfort. The noiselessness of interior during the movement of car will be important component here. In expensive options already producer has taken care of the greatest possible noiselessness. And here cheaper options have apparent defect. The producer has offered noiselessness in favor of depreciation of “iron horse”.

Right choice of noise isolation for the car. Quite most part of motorists does not wish to be reconciled with this shortcoming and thinks of independent improvement of this parameter. Today in the automobile market it is possible to find set of offers on improvement of noise isolation that can force to become puzzled a little. In this article we will tell about the most widespread options of drop of noise level in interior and we will try to orient in question – what noise isolation better for car. Irrespective of whether the owner of the car will address experts or will decide to be engaged in improvement independently, this information will be useful to it. That we want from process of noise isolation So, having decided to improve the car, significantly having reduced noise level, the owner needs to plan all at first in details. These works cost rather big money, and nobody will want to understand after a while that work is performed poor or from low-quality materials. The first that needs to be defined for itself — what volume of noise isolation in this case is desirable. Experts allocate two types of noise in interior of car: External noise. Noise from vibration of details of body or gears. Producers of materials for drop of noisiness of interior offer huge number of the products having this or that focus. Proceeding from what isolation we want from noise, and it is necessary to approach the choice of noise isolation on the car

What offers the market Proceeding from type of works on improvement, the owner of car needs to choose: noise isolation noise absorber’s. Vibro snubbers Liquid noise isolation. Anti-scratches. Combination of materials of different orientation will be the most right choice. It will allow to achieve the best result.

Noise absorbers. Mode of functioning of materials of this type are the greatest possible absorption of any sounds. At qualitative coverings absorption of external sounds can reach 95%. On structure it is high-porous and soft plates. It is possible to consider the most popular: NOXUDOLL 3100/3101. This material can be considered the best in the category of noise-absorbing. Quite often it is applied not only to cars, but also to planes, and to the ships.

The accent – perhaps, the best option of sound absorption which not just absorbs noise but also partially reflects it. Additional plus can be considered its raised heat insulation. The accent represents plastic polyurethane with the metallized film and sticky layer for installation. It usually process caps of cowl, luggage compartment and partition of motor compartment.

“Noisebuster” — by right is considered the most convenient antinoise set. This set is suitable for work with the majority of popular models of cars. The detailed instruction allowing to perform all works completely independently is attached to set. Having performed all recommended works, it is possible to achieve sound absorption approximately by one and a half times.

Biolayer – except sound insulation which is provided by its specific structure it has good antiskripny indicators. It is made of polyurethane on sticky basis with the layer pad soaked with special solution. It is durable, waterproof and practically does not decay. Biolayer is capable to keep the properties at the crane low temperatures. On sale usually 5 or 10 mm.

Isobosoms — on the characteristics it is very similar to “Accent”. Experts expose it the good four.

Sound insulators Such materials are allocated in special group thanks to the special cellular structure and existence of external completely impenetrable covering. Very low noise inlet is complemented with high tight qualities and ability to well keep heat. More preferably in our case to choose the materials having the foiled film. They usually make the second layer located from above vibrosnubbers. It is most popular in this segment — “Splen 3004”. It is material on glue basis. It is very easily mounted on any surfaces, including on vertical and curvilinear. It can be doors, arches of wheels, tunnel, etc.

Vibrosnubbers during the movement of detail of the car are exposed to fluctuations and create additional noise. Vibrosnubbers are intended for drop of these fluctuations, so and for noise reduction. They are made of viscous and elastic materials. It can be the made foam rubber or bitumen. Tiles of this material usually keep within on well cleaned metal surface. In the market quite wide choice of this material is offered today. Silver vibrolayer. It is the elastic, flexible and self-adhesive material covered with aluminum foil. Sheets have special marking 5kh5sm. that allows to cut optimum precisely this leaf by the necessary sizes. Silver has excellent anticorrosive qualities, well pushes away water and badly gives in to external influence. Material is perfectly mounted on any surfaces and is suitable for processing of doors, floors, roof, body sidewalls, etc.

Вибробласт “Gold”. On all characteristics it is very similar on Silver, but is slightly thicker.

БиМаст Bombs. Plates are created as the mastichno-bituminous composition covered outside with foil. They can easily be scissored simply. Material has the best elasticity and perfectly lays down on surface of any complexity. БиМаст Bombs can have two appearance of thickness that broadens the sphere of its application. Its most important plus is the most low level of mechanical losses. The producer does not recommend application of this covering on metal surfaces.

Anti-scratches belong To this group of weather strips the plates and tapes intended for elimination of any scratches appearing from contact of details both plastic, and metal. Motorists usually give preference to the following anti-scratches: Madelyn. It is fabric, self-adhesive product. Its decorative look allows to process not only joints, but also open sites. Is issued by Madelyn in two flowers – gray and black.

БитоПласт. The basis of it swore – polyurethane. The product has sticky basis that considerably facilitates installation. БитоПласт is waterproof and durable. Producers offer several options of thickness of this weather strip.

Liquid noise isolation so-called liquid flaps, liquid noise isolation and even anticorrosive mixture belong To this type of noise isolation. This type of processing is applicable only outside of the car that always requires special attention. Producers offer the extensive product range of this type today. It can be divided into two big groups – aerosol and oil. Oil or painting substances are applied on surface with brush or the pallet. Their distinctive feature consists in good technical characteristics on temperature condition, chemicals resistance and mechanical influences, for example, gravel. These mastic coatings are applied for the purpose of increase in noise isolation of car only as additional option.

Having decided works on noise isolation that the car demands additional noise isolation, the owner of the car faces the choice – to address the master or to try to make all independently. In that case if finance allows to ask for the help the expert, then the choice is unambiguous, but if there is need to save, then it is necessary to be engaged in everything. If to treat business it is serious, then process of sound insulation will not cause any serious problems. Let’s consider the main stages of work in this direction. The Noise isolation of cowl does not set work with cowl before itself the purpose to completely remove noise of the motor – it is simply unreal. It can just be lowered a little and at the same time to heat-insulate the engine for operation in the winter. Best of all is suitable for these purposes – accent and Silver. During the work with cowl it is worth paying special attention to the weight of materials. You should not be fond, otherwise shortly it is necessary to change absorbers. Here it is important to consider existence of factory “skimmer”. In that case if it is absent, we will need “Accent” 15 mm. thick if there is factory heat insulation, then it is not necessary to delete it and “Accent” is necessary more thinly.

Works with door of the Door have quite big area, and the main noise arrives through them. Especially much attention of sound insulation is paid in case there loudspeakers are built-in – sounding of music after the carried-out works will be significantly better. For simple processing there will be enough vibrolayer material. It is glued in door, trying to cover as it is possible the big area. Further it is necessary to condense all possible places that they creaked. Perfectly will be suitable for these purposes “битопласт” and the thicker it, the it is better for us.

Works with roof Such work aims at disposal of drumbeat on roof during rain. Here it is important to consider weight of material that there was no offset of the center of gravity that is very undesirable. It is still important not to miss the fact that it is necessary also to establish ceiling covering on the former place from attention. Works with floor Covering floor, it is possible to reduce noise from blows of small kamyshk about the bottom of cars. For these purposes usually use Bimast of Bombs, and from above cover it, for example, with Splen in two layers. It is better to take option more thinly, it will allow to make covering more better. The special attention during these works will be demanded by isolation of arches of wheels. Here not less than two layers of Bimast of Bombs will be required.

Works with luggage compartment as arches and niches of wheels Isolation of this part will include pasting of covering any anti skripny materials like “битопласт”. Besides, will not prevent to paste over all surface of luggage compartment with damping material. The noise isolation of wheel niches can significantly lower sounds from wheels at the movement, especially it is noticeable when using studded rubber. For this purpose we need to remove stationary flaps, we clean everything from dirt and we apply inside the vibrolayer material “Gold”. Will not prevent to apply anti-gravel in this case at once. Apparently from our review, exists very many various materials directed to drop of noisiness of the car, but what noise isolation to choose — you will solve. The only and very important council — having decided to carry out such works, you should not save. In this situation is cheaper – it is hundred percent the wrong choice.

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