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BMW E36 Review / Download BMW 3 Series Service Manual (E36)

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Download free BMW 3 Series Service Manual (E36) link is at the end of this news.

The premiere of the BMW 3-series car in E36 body in September, 1990 has created a scandal. The new three certainly was revolutionary. And, if first in view of revolutionary design many were skeptical about new model, then later small period people how to be told, have tried out pie. The history has shown that this model during the whole years of the production enjoyed wide popularity. In 9 full years of production about 2.3 million cars in various variations of body have been exhausted. Options of the issued bodies of all was five. The most mass body of E36 – the sedan which was issued from 1991 to 1998 has not been replaced with new three in E46 body yet. The release of other options of body of BMW E36 started gradually and in the following sequence: coupe (since 1992), cabriolet (since 1993), compact (hatchback) and station wagon (both since 1995). In 1996 E36 has undergone not big restyling which has been more connected with technical modernization. Externally restyling can be distinguished from dorestayling only on color of indexes of turning movements – at restyling they white color, and at dorestayling yellow. Of course in body of E36 there were also loaded versions of the M3 cars. M3 model in body of coupe debuted in 1992. M3 in bodies the sedan and cabriolet began to be issued since 1994.

Buyers mostly bought sedans and coupe. The European consumer liked also 3-dor body the Hatchback which in fact was the car different from other bodies of range E36 since it had platform from the old man of BMW 3-series E30.

If to compare BMW E36, for example to the direct competitor of Audi 80 B4, then it will turn out that the Bavarian three is subject to corrosion much stronger. But the Bavarian resists corrosion better, than S-class Mercedes Benz in W202 body. bellied vials of rust on side panels, thresholds, elements of lobby and the rear end – standard business for E36. Even floor under the driver’s place where in cold season under covering water accumulates decays. The
rust does not feel sorry also for the place of fastening of the rechargeable battery. After a while operation of car door weather strips are deformed.

BMW E36 suspender

Suspender E36-go, of course, is not intended domestic roads. On our roads it is given quickly enough. All this is still caused by the culture of repair which is inherent in our mentality, namely love to make repair cheaper with use of the cheap not original.

Now it is a little about suspender problems. First, it is backlash in barrels of longitudinal rear levers. If not to pay to the fact of existence of backlash long time the attention, then it will increase and at the movement of the car will seem that the wheel is badly fixed. Secondly, at selection by the supported BMW 3 E36 it is necessary to pay special attention to operability of pillows of the rear bridge and flexible connection of shaft since replacement of these elements rather troublesome business. For Compact body sore point is the bearing part of rear differential which as a rule is in a deplorable state.

BMW E36 engines

If to speak about engines, then six-cylinder petrol power plants from 2.5 l are considered as volumes as the best. above which were established on cars 323i, 325i and 328i. These are 2.5 l. (M52B25) – 170 hp, 2.5 l. (M50B25) – 192 hp and 2.8 l. (M52B28) from 193 hp. The excellent response to the accelerator pedal, high resource and pleasant sounding is those advantages six-cylinder for which they are loved. From all six-cylinder it is not recommended to contact the 2.0 liters engine (M50B20) from 150 hp which has rather bad pull-rod for line 6 cylinder and at the same time has big fuel appetite.

The main problem of all “line the 6 cylinder” is – high tendency to overheating which can happen because of damage of radiator, cracking from time of expansion chamber and breakage of pomp. Owners of the car who argue as follows are, as a rule, guilty of the last option: “if gas distribution mechanism chain almost eternal, then and pomp is also immortal”. But it in root is wrong. It is necessary to change pomp time in 80 thousand km.

Four-cylinder power plants for all history of their release were upgraded set of times. Early versions which have belt drive gear of gas distribution mechanism (M40B16, M40B18) are not recommended for purchase since life cycle of belt is rather small. Instead of them it is recommended to look for cars with the M43B18 engine – 115 hp which already has chain drive gear of gas distribution mechanism . The M42B18 engine has short-lived sealing glands of camshaft which need to be changed periodically in the design. The best four-cylinder engine it is possible to call M44B19 of 1.9 liters which began to be established on BMW E36 after 1996.

From diesels there is nothing to advise to purchase. Since it is considered the most reliable also the weakest motor which is not endowed with dynamics – it is the 1.7 l motor. (M41D17) from 90 hp under cowl. Two engines of M51D25 series which have remained for the choice from 115 and 143 hp have problems with head of cylinder block and the fuel pump.

In the conclusion it would be desirable to note that today it is very difficult to find really live copy of BMW 3 of E36. As a rule, all those that are offered in the market are or the worn-out firewood, or beaten stuff with curve body. The car which is given rise with sports soul and getting to the ordinary consumer unfortunately sooner or later turns into piece of iron which can only be utilized. There are fans of the brand who are ready to put also the heart and soul and money in maintenance of good condition of ancient three… But such it is not enough and usually they darlings to heart do not sell the car. Or sell, but for big money.

Download free BMW 3 Series Service Manual (E36)

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