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VolksWagen Golf IV Review / Service and repair manuals

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Just ten years ago Golf 4 was one of leaders in demand in the secondary market on an equal basis with the fifth Trade wind. Today time, of course, has already prevailed, but it is still possible to find worthy Golf 4 option. And it will be great choice of the inexpensive and reliable car with the low cost of operation and repair.

Golf 4 began to be exhausted in 1997 and though the car is externally very similar to the previous model, actually it is absolutely other car constructed on other platform. On the same platform the Audi A3, VW Beetle, Octavia A5, Audi TT, Leon and Toledo Seat are assembled. Spare parts for suspender of these cars are interchanged.

Initially Golf 4 in body the hatch-back with three and five doors was issued. In 1999 production of station wagon which has received identification mark of “Variant” has begun. Golf 4 in the sedan has received the name of Bor (for the market of the USA – Jett). Once you know that Golf the 4th cabriolet is that other, face lifting of cabriolet Golf 3.

In “base” Golf had at least two airbags, the ABS system, electric windows and electric mirrors. Besides basic set there were still Komfortlayn, Trendlayn and Haylayn. On the car later for extra charge it was possible to order the ESP system. By cars of the last years of manufacture it was possible to see also window airbags (besides side). Thanks to it the car was one of leaders in passenger safety in the class.

The line of engines was quite wide and began with the 1.4-liter petrol motor which gave 75 forces. Of course, “to drive” on it it will not turn out. Moreover, when driving in stream this cursor needs to be untwisted constantly to high turns not to lag behind the bulk of cars. And it reduces its resource.

Further it is possible to designate the unit 1.6 liters with eight valves and one hundred horses of power under cowl, and the same, but sixteen-valve 105-strong. These are the most widespread and most reliable motors on Golf 4. Such motors easily roll away 300 thousand km without major repair on condition of regular replacement of oil and prevention of overheating. However, at these motors often bursts тройничек cooling systems, but it costs absolutely not much and changes simply.

Still 1.6-liter 110-strong FSI motors with direct injection were issued. But in domestic conditions he often “was ill” because of poor quality of fuel. Still he tends to formation of deposit in head of cylinder block .

The 1.8-liter 125-strong petrol unit had also the 150 and 180 forces turbocharged versions. The atmospheric motor with manual gearbox is considered very dynamic, and with forced aspiration this easy machine accelerates to one hundred for 8 with small seconds at all. Purchase of turbo version is connected with certain risk as there went by it not pensioners to the dacha, and “ушатан” such car will be on most “do not play about” (concerns first of all the expensive turbine). And here in good condition for such device will ask a lot of money. You remember – after “annealing” by such car you should not damp the engine at once, it is necessary to allow the motor to work some time on single turns for cooling of the turbine. And oil in these units should be changed more often than the producer recommends.

And here the two-liter 115-strong unit is very unpretentious and reliable. But on condition of regular (each 90 thousand km) replacements of set of GRM together with pomp.

V5, VR5, V6 and VR6 motors (2.3, 2.8 and 3.2 liters) give to the fourth Golf excellent dynamics and can brag of durability. But in addition they are expensive in service and repair. Usually such car begins to be sold usually only when time of major repair of the motor has approached.

It is necessary to tell also about the diesel a little. All of them are 1.9-liter. The weakest atmospheric SDI could give 68 “horses”, and motors with the turbine – from 90 to 150. Diesel engines of the fourth Golf are very durable and economic, but in case of use of high-quality diesel fuel which is not so simple for finding in Russia. Generally, diesel Golf should be bought, only if you are sure of good condition of the motor, and plan big run on the route.

It is possible to call motor 1.9SDI (AGP, AQM) an example of reliability, durability and low cost of service. A shortcoming at it two: 17 seconds to one hundred and noisiness.

Old school 1.9TDI with 90 (AGR, ALH) and 110 (AHF, ASV) forces have problems with TNVD which repair rather expensive.

Since 1999 went to a series 115-strong 1.9TDI (AJM, AUY) with the pump nozzles. Further in a diesel row units with powers of 100 (BEW), 130 (ASZ) and 150 (ARL) horsepowers appeared.

In comparison with old 1.9TDI these motors have higher performance and profitability. The truth service and repair of such engines became significantly more expensive.

The weak 1.9TDI has no expensive two-disk flywheel and the turbine with changeable geometry.

Indisputable plus of these diesel motors is the lack of the black filter, and their common fault it is possible to call the flow meter often leaving out of operation (on motors till 2001).

Golf 4 was on sale with 5 and 6-manual gearbox and 4 and 5-automatic gearbox with function of manual control. It is possible to call all boxes quite reliable. On “mechanics” the lever switching drives sometimes could become loose. On 1.6-liter versions sometimes there were difficulties with inclusion of the first drive of manual gearbox . Replacement of oil of mechanical box is provided each 90 thousand km, clutch, depending on manner of driving can serve 130-200 thousand km.

In automatic transmission oil is calculated on 60 thousand km of run. Oil changes partially as very high its washing properties at full replacement are capable to dissolve all old deposits that will inevitably disable box. If the previous owner long did not change oil, car mileage big, and the box works without complaints, then and you should not do it.

On version 1.8 and more liters the buyer could order the system of all wheel drive 4motion. In 2.8-liter option and the version of R32 has all wheel drive already in “base”. The car with system 4motion does unforgettable steering of, but the cost of repair of this transmission and complexity of repair can painfully cost the owner pretty penny. It is worth knowing that in the secondary market either very “ushatanny” or very expensive Golf 4Motion are on sale, as a rule, (which state it is possible to call good).

The body of the fourth Golf very adequately resists corrosion. In places of chips rust very long does not appear. Thanks to minimum clearances and ideally adjusted body details aerodynamic noise are absent at any speed. If you see corrosion traces on body Golf 4, then unambiguously offer you the beaten car.

From body shortcomings it is possible to note freezing of door weather strips at approach of frosts. That to avoid it process all elastic bands in doorways in advance silicone lubricant which is on sale in the form of spray.

The interior Golf 4 represents strict classical German option. Thanks to set of resettings of driver’s seat driving this car the driver of any build will conveniently accommodate.

And here to use climate control not absolutely conveniently: its buttons are located far from the driver, and for settings it is necessary to distract from the road. In cars with the ordinary air conditioner there is no this inconvenience.

Over time plasticity of doors and front panel it is wiped, and about interior “crickets” move into. In later versions of Golf 4 the quality of interior was improved.

This car does not cause particular problems after the electrician. The motor of rear window wiper can sometimes fail and zakoret trapeze of front. Occasionally it is necessary to change the “frog” of stoplight located under pedal.

In versions with automatic transmission sometimes owners face blockage of the selector of box. For its lock release it is necessary to remove I will corrode from the switch and to insert it back. If such “glitch” arises periodically, then the switch should be changed, the benefit it is inexpensive.

On early models the defect of window regulators was noted. Sometimes owners complained of failure of the display of “climate” and the central castle.

The running gear Golf 4 can be characterized as comfortable, simple, reliable and inexpensive in service. In front – popular Macpherson, and behind – or beam at front-wheel drive vehicles, or “multilever” at 4х4.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.0 can look at the Review on the Volkswagen Golf 5 car HERE.

The durability of details of suspender Golf 4 strongly depends on style of driving and speed of passing of roughnesses. As well as at the majority of cars, the first pull-rods and barrels of the stabilizer (50-60 thousand km) “are given”. Absorbers at active trips should be replaced approximately on 150 thousand km. Other details of suspender serve on average 100 thousand km that is very worthy.

Factory front pads should be replaced closer to 30 thousand km, disks will serve nearly 100 thousand. Rear pads wear out less, it is necessary to change their first time approximately on 70 thousand km.

It is possible to repair suspender of the fourth Golf for rather little money – in the market many versions of spare parts for this car on any purse.

Having summed up, it is possible to tell with confidence that Golf 4 has adopted all advantages of the previous models, having added to them comfort and safety. The car is one of the best in the class and is unambiguously recommended to purchase, (in good, naturally, state).


Download VolksWagen Golf IV repair manual (RU)

Download Volkswagen Golf 4 Service Manual

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