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Mercedes-Benz ML (W164) Review / Mercedes-Benz ML (W164) Manuals

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ML in the 164th body began to release in 2005. The car acquired new technical solutions that added a little new “pain in the neck” to car owners. But about it is a bit later.

Cars were completed with the petrol six (V6) 3.5 liters (ML350), the eight of 5.0 liters (ML500), and the diesel three-liter six of OM642 in two modifications (ML280 and ML320). Later diesel four-liter V8 was added, and the 5 liter petrol M113 motor was replaced with M273 having a bigger capacity. In 2009 in a line of three-liter diesels there were also replacements: ML320 replaced with ML300 and added still ML350 (though everywhere there was a diesel six-cylinder OM642 motor with various settings).

The greatest popularity was received by petrol ML350 option, but the first, the M272 engines installed on it, possessed factory shortcomings which the company corrected in 2007. For example, is closer to 100 thousand of a run the motor began to work as diesel on a sound, and on the panel “the engine error” jumped out. It the worn-out asterisks of a balancing shaft had an effect. That to replace them, it was necessary to dismantle completely the power unit from the car that did the cost of repair just space. Not to remove the engine the second time was recommended to be changed at once: gas distribution mechanism chain, a stretcher , dampers and magnets of camshafts as after 100 thousand km of a run the chain already stretches, and begin problems with everything listed above. On 8 the cylinder motor similar malfunctions are shown too, but for their elimination there is no need to remove the engine that significantly reduces the price of repair.

Closer to 150 thousand km of run many owners of ML350 had need of replacement of intake manifold, because of failure of vacuum valves of gates. In 2007 the producer has carried out completion of this knot.

From caps of head of cylinder block made of plastic is closer to 50 thousand began “to leak” engine oil, and it could proceed in junction of oil strainer housing and the oil heat exchanger (there it was necessary to replace layer pad).

At the pre restyling of diesels the factory defect of exhaust manifold which influenced operation of the turbine was noted, breaking its blades and shaft. Collectors it was necessary to change (and them two there, and they not cheap). The turbine at the correct service can depart nearly 300 thousand km and even more.

And here pneumatic cylinders at ML are not really hardy – in the majority case they do not live also up to 120 thousand km of run.

The knock of lath which appears at all ML over time is treated by replacement of either the steering crosspiece, or the suspended bearing. The lath seldom fails up to 150 thousand km. Cost of new lath just fantastic.

Here the body of this car is worthy all praises – LKP at it up to standard, there is no tendency to corrosion. Unless the chromeplated details can lose the look through several winter seasons over time.

Cases of the warped rear door of luggage compartment were sometimes noted. The collapsed screws fixing hinge strain were guilty of it. Besides, the warped door published roar at arrival on roughness of the road. The lock of this door can cause problems after 100 thousand km of run too.

In the winter problems and with other door locks can begin. That to avoid it, it is necessary in the preventive purposes to periodically grease their mobile parts. Still the destroyed internal spring is common cause of breakage of door locks. The problem is so mass that remkomplekta of locks for ML were already available for sale.

Loss of leakproofness of weather strips of tail lights – too one of widespread diseases of ML. Because of it moisture begins to get to luggage compartment and that the most unpleasant – gets it on electric payment of the rear SAM block that leads to its oxidation. I think that it is possible not to write that because of it after the electrician various “glitches” begin.

The quality of the materials used for inner trim of ML is on the ball. Crickets do not like to lodge here. Though nevertheless they have chosen one place – it is luggage compartment rod (and sometimes back of rear seat). Under rugs various electronic blocks therefore you should not allow hit of snow on footwear in interior are located.

Some cars can have problems in climate control work. It is treated by priming of new insertion in the control package climate. The block fails rather seldom.

In general, despite all flaws, this generation of ML has turned out more reliable, than previous. Pleases that the producer corrected the arising defects in work of the car. Only what it should be added – it is very unprofitable to repair such car in official technical centers, but on joy to motorists there is a lot of qualitative HUNDRED which for reasonable money will execute all necessary repair of your ML.

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