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Mazda 6 (GG) (2002-2007) Review / Mazda VI (GG) Manuals

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The first generation of the Mazda 6 car has seen the light in 2002. This year it has begun to be on sale in Europe. In the Russian Federation sales of Mazda 6 have begun in 2003. The car has the general platform with Ford Mondeo. In 2006 there was small restyling of “six”, and in year there was its second generation.

The car was equipped with three injector engines with four cylinders the volume of 1.8(L813), 2.0 (LFF7) and 2.3 (L3C1) liter (power of 120, 147 and 166 forces respectively). For the market of the USA the V-shaped three-liter 220-strong option was issued. “Diesel” were on sale officially only in the European countries. It were the 121 two-liter versions (RF5C), 136 (RF5C) and 143 (RF7J) of force

Petrol Mazda 6 were equipped with chain drive gear of gas distribution mechanism which will easily serve more than 250 km of run without replacement. Motors do not give unexpected “surprises” to the owners, many cases of 300-thousand run without major repair are known (and more).

Practically all gasoline engines of Mazda – “six” begin to consume oil after 120 thousand km of run. And the size of “oil burn” can vary from half of liter and up to 6 liters on 10,000 km. The cunning producer has specified in the maintenance instruction Mazda 6 admissible oil consumption within half of liter on each one thousand km of run. In many cases replacement of sealing glands of valves helped to cut oil consumption a little. For full correction of situation with consumption of oil it is worth replacing also piston rings. To make, so to speak, “mini service”.

In line Mazda 6 is considered the most whimsical the three-liter engine. On walls of its cylinders quite often there were burrs, and operation of the motor could be followed by knock. Many experts refused to repair this unit. Second-hand acquisition of the motor with guarantee was the best exit instead of its overhaul.

Notable vibration of the engine overtook many models of the sixth Mazda closer to 150 thousand km idling or in the range of 2.0-2.5 thousand turns. The problem differently was solved: replacement of candles or ignition coils, cleaning of throttle or DMRV. If nothing from listed helped, then, most likely, the right hydrobearing part of DVS was guilty – after 150 thousand km it quite often failed. But all the same, there were cases when and it did not help, and then people bored through throttle valve (!) for solution.

On the first models Mazda 6 (till 2006) could appear problem of the increased turns (up to 1.5 thousand) idle running. And there was it from the fact that the place of fastening of cable cruise control heated up and clamped cable.

At run close to 150 thousand the layer pad of valve cap begins to be given that is shown in the form of oil in candle wells.

Also with run there can be certain whistle which publishes leaky ring on intake manifold. Replacement of ring solves problem for a while. Similar by the size, but from BMW will be best of all to put ring.

After 120 thousand km of run it is worth preparing for replacement of the fuel filter which at Mazda 6 is in tank. If pull-rod of the engine was gone, and especially it is noticeable at low level of fuel – that everything, time has come. Closer to 200 thousand km, most likely, it is necessary to change also the fuel pump which is located in the same place.

Diesel units will also not cause serious troubles to owners. However, GRM at them belt, and is desirable to change it time in hundred thousand km as there were several cases of break of belt on 120-thousand run. The turbine at the diesel is rather reliable, and 200 thousand km and more easily depart.

As well as certain “oilburn” after 150 thousand km of run is peculiar to petrol, diesel motors of Mazda. But in diesel units the reason is in burn of copper sealings under spray jets. At the same time emergence of exhaust of gray color and the “clinking” sound in work of spray jets is noted. If in due time not to change these copper washers, then the blockage ashes of oil and oil ports of the engine is inevitable that it is fraught with oil starvation and the output of the motor out of operation.

Installed on the Mazda 6 cars both 5-Manual gearbox, and 4-automatic gearbox. Since 2006 “six” has received 6-
Manual gearbox and 5-
automatic gearbox , but not for the 1.8-liter version.

Owners of cars with “mechanics” quite often meet problem of the failed clutch pedal or with its heavy course. At the first failure it was worth replacing clutch hose (usually closer to 150 thousand km of run). And on old hose the place of its damage was obviously noticeable. And here weight when pressing pedal has been caused by worn-out clutch plate and the become soiled its fork. Eventually, out of time fixed problem of pedal could lead to cracks on its fastening or at all to its otlamyvaniye. As for the clutch, its resource makes about 150 thousand km, and at accurate driving – even 250.

Oil in automatic transmission according to the statement of the producer does not need replacement, but in practice nevertheless each 70-80 thousand are better to make its replacement. Quite so advise to do all masters dealing with repair of automatic transmission. Approximately on 100 thousand km of run owners complained of pushes between 1-2 and 3-4 drives. But these problems arise because of design feature of box which has an effect over time. It is treated by simple repair. Some car owners made such repairs even independently in garage.

External CV JOINTS live nearly 150 thousand km. Bearings of naves go 120-150 thousand km. The rear bearing is delivered only assembled with nave. We advise bearings to buy SNR, it packs “original” for acceptable money. Trunnion balls change only together with levers (and in front of levers six) though some services cheap and qualitatively restore levers.

The steering rack quite often begins to flow or knock closer to 150 thousand km of run. In such cases at all you should not fork up on new lath at once, it is quite maintainable.

Guides of calipers quite often sour after the 120-thousand run. Boots on calipers will also already be worn out to such run therefore purchase of the belt with accesories and partition of caliper will be expedient.

Rear arches which actively decay are considered as the biggest trouble of Mazda 6 2003-2005 of years (and part of cars of 2006). Still, but in smaller measure, front fenders and the rear doors are subject to corrosion.

After 6 years by these cars clampers of doors which hold doors in two provisions often fail: the most open and open half. On the Internet video is full as independently to restore them. It is simple process.

Because of the weather strips of cap of baggage compartment which were worn out from time water begins to get to luggage compartment. Welding seams of baggage compartment can pass water too. It is treated by sealer.

Quite often when replacing dimensional light-emitting diode in headlight that failed inside, than puzzled the owner of the car for couple of hours, and even longer – up to full removal of headlight.

Cases when the driver’s door ceased to open are frequent. All business was in the broken spring of the key gear.

The central castle of Mazda 6 at once can cease to close or open any of doors. How to solve problem plainly nobody knows, reconnection of counter of the lock temporarily helps.

The quantity of crickets in interior of Mazda 6 is absolutely small. Occasionally they can “lodge” in door covering or in the central tunnel. Can sometimes “jump” also in front panel. Heating up of front seats at failure can damage also their covering. The noise isolation of interior leaves much to be desired.

At drop of overall performance of climate control it is worth looking for the reason in escapes of pipe ducts of air conditioning system. The most frequent place of escape – the joint of tube and the flange located under the case of the air filter. Usually escapes begin to appear on the 5th – the 6th year of operation of the car. At pollution of radiator of the air conditioner the interior is also badly cooled.

The heater of interior can publish whistle closer by 7 years of operation. It is treated by replacement of the motor of the oven.

Does not cause special troubles of the electrician of Mazda 6. The generator, perhaps, should be repaired or changed on run close to 200 thousand.

Summing up the result, It should be noted that this rather elderly car does not lose external attractiveness also presently. Buying such car, pay attention to condition of its body, and in time serving all other knots, you will be able to go by it without any problem for a long time.

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