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Renault Megane II Review / Renault Megane II Manuals

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The second Megane in the hatchback (Hatchback) has appeared in 2002, and bodies the sedan (Saloon) and station wagon (Grand tour) have begun to be issued one year later. Also rare versions in body cabriolet and the 3-door hatchback were released. In 2006 there was small face lifting of model Megane 2.

In line of motors it is possible to see three petrol and two diesel motors: 1.4 (K4J) – 98 hp, 1.6 (K4M) – 115 hp, 2.0 (F4R) – 136 hp and 1.5dCi (K9K) – 80 hp and 1.9dCi (F9Q) – 120 l/forces. Diesels in the Russian Federation are not enough because officially here they were not delivered. All motors with toothed belt of gas distribution mechanism which service interval makes 60 thousand km.

These cars, and especially with motor 1.6, often caused problems to the owners. What well-known “quality” electricians of Renault are necessary!

One of mass problems of the second Megane – the phase-shifter which quickly fails. On 1.4-liter motors this detail is absent, and together with it and this “disease”.

The faulty phase-shifter complicates start of the motor that quite often is followed by crash. The idling petrol unit vibrates and sounds as the diesel. Often consumption of fuel and engine oil increases, the motor begins to fail, and its pull-rod at the same time falls. Most often it occurs on run a little more than 100 thousand km, but cases of emergence of failure on run of 40-50 thousand have been noted. Low-quality engine oil or the increased intervals of its replacement accelerate phase-shifter “death”.

The damping pulley of the crankshaft fails on run in 60-70 thousand km. If in time not to notice its wear, then it is possible “to get” on jamming of bent shaft with break of the GRM-belt.

In cold weather 1.6-liter Megane can show at start sharp races of turns with the subsequent their falling. Throttling returns everything in norm. Responsible for this phenomenon the producer calls EBU insertion, availability of condensate in tank or the polluted throttle valve.

It is worth cleaning very accurately throttle – its branch pipe very fragile. After cleaning of throttle valve its calibration is necessary.

The term of life of ignition coils is about 70 thousand km. Failure of the coil is followed by falling of dynamics of the car and twitchings in acceleration time. If during replacement of spark plugs on any of them you have found black soot on the edge of thread, then, most likely, the coil on this cylinder needs replacement. Most often coils fail after hit of moisture in candle wells.

To 100 thousand km of run the starter can closer fail. The first the involving relay begins to ask under replacement. Most often problems are caused by starters of the French firm Valeo.

Attention! The platform from wines machine numbers often decays. Not to have further problems at commission of legal proceedings process it in advance anti rust compound.

Pay attention to wire of the second lambda probe which can sag and be damaged over time about roughness of roadbed therefore it is better to fix it somehow previously.

After 100 thousand km of run pull-rod can quickly vanish and be at a loss starting engine operation because of the clogged gasoline pump network. The pump serves about 130-150 thousand km. Many establish наос from Zhiguli which is much cheaper, but also the resource it seldom exceeds 40 thousand km.

Engine pillows also quite often upset owners of the second Megane. The reason is in constructive weakness of these bearing parts. Especially weak was rear lower pillow, and most quicker it wears out at “racers”. You should not delay with replacement of pillows as the motor which has “cleared up” on worn-out bearing parts can fall (and such cases were).

The thermostatically controlled chamber together with layer pad should be replaced closer to 100 thousand km.

The pomp departs 70-100 thousand km. DPKV serves a little more than one hundred thousands of km.

The most mass in Russia is petrol motor 1.6. And here the most reliable – 1.4. The engine Megane 2 do not suffer from “oilburn” even on big run, except the two-liter unit which after 100 thousand km begins to consume about 200 grams of oil on one thousand km, and then and more.

On diesels there is not enough information, but from what is it is possible to note the burning-through hollow disks under spray jets after the 100-thousand run and the burst inter cooler. The fuel filter of the diesel it is worth changing each 30 thousand km and is more often. The turbo compressor is quite hardy – nearly 300 thousand km.

The second Megane was on sale both with mechanical, and with automatic transmission. And you will not call any of them very reliable.

On “mechanics” the bearing on secondary to shaft often whistles when pressing clutch pedal. This whistle after 50 thousand km of run begins. Also the mechanics after 60 thousand km of run quite often begins to twitch. Especially considerably it in plugs. The uneven wear of clutch plate and weak lower pillow of the engine is guilty of it. Replacement of clutch fixes problem approximately on 40-50 thousand km. For increase in its resource it is worth establishing disk from Stsinik or the Lagoon. Though oil in MKPP does not need replacement according to the producer, but in practice each 60-70 thousand km are better to change nevertheless it.

The main problems of “automatic machine” consist in the clogging hydraulic valve valves on run of 30-40 thousand km. In these boxes it is desirable to change oil more often than the producer recommends. Also sports style of driving is contraindicated to automatic transmission. Though, there are cases when “automatic machine” without any problem departed more than 200 thousand km.

Closer to 100 thousand km the catalyst which usually and before “got” the driver the tinkling sound on cold usually fails. The exhaust system of Megane is quite often subject to corrosion which proves emergence of small bores on the muffler.

In suspender most often it is necessary to change supporting bearers. Their first replacements fall on run a little more than 50 thousand km. Slightly longer bearings of front naves serve, and here rear bearings serve a little more than 100 thousand km. Pull-rods of the stabilizer will fulfill 70-80 thousand km, trunnion balls – about 100. Nearly 150 thousand km will serve saylentblok of the stretcher, rear levers, barrels of the stabilizer and absorbers of suspender.

Steering rod ends “live” about 60 thousand km, and pull-rods of nearly 100 thousand. The lath can begin to knock almost on 100 thousand km.

To the braking system of special complaints is not present, only, that after 100 thousand km it is worth inspecting periodically brake hoses which can be already wiped by this time.

The electrician Megane some misunderstanding is simple. Arrival on deep pool can easily disable the block of safety locks.

On generators of Valeo to run in 70-80 thousand the voltage control box and brushes often fails that is expressed in increase in turns of XX till 1500.

Because of poor contact on terminals of joint stock bank failures in work electricians, chaotic turning on switching off of electric devices, fire of various bulbs, emergence of various messages on the display begin.

The break of loop of airbags often arises on run of 70-80 thousand km. If at turning movement of steering wheel you have begun to hear peculiar rustle, then this problem will concern also your car soon.

The front power windows as which are most used fail usually closer to 80 thousand of run.

After blockage of the bleed holders located before windshield the motor of wiper blades as begins to fill in it with water often fails. Fills in also paths on switching payment.

Corrugation, located between body and the fifth door, is one more weak point. Though external damages on it will not be visible, but wires inside often break off then the rear number board ceases to be lit, and steering of the luggage compartment lock begins “to be buggy”.

And here the body of this car is worthy praises. Small chips do not rust, corrosion resistance at rather high level. Some owners had questions on painting, on red points on thresholds and on the heel of doors, but all this met quite seldom.

The interior begins to squeak after 50 thousand km. After three years of operation internal coating on door handles often begins to be wiped.

Yes, the list of failures has turned out quite impressive, but the bright appearance, and the most important – the attractive price do this car demanded in the secondary market. Besides – the most part of shortcomings Megane 2 is eliminated during the guarantee period. Generally, for reasonable price it is possible to buy such, but already corrected on guarantee car.

Downloads :

Renault Megan II (user manual)

Renault Megane 2 1.4-1.9 Diesel  Repair Manual

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