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The review about Mitsubishi Outlander XL / Mitsubishi Outlander XL Manuals

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You will be able to find the review about Mitsubishi Outlander XL in this blog – we will tell about weak and strengths of technical part of this model.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL has appeared in the market of the Russian Federation in 2007. This crossover is constructed on the GS platform which was used for production of cars Peugeot 4007 and the Citroën C-Crosser later.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL prerestayling
Autlender XL was issued with petrol atmospheric motors with four and six cylinders. It is 2.0-liter motor 4B11 which gives 147 hp, 2.4-l line motor 4B12 gives 170 horses and gas distribution mechanism is equipped with chain. Six-cylinder V-6B31 has capacity in 220 forces (prerestayling), 223 forces (restyling), but is already equipped with belt on drive gear of gas distribution mechanism which it is necessary to change each 90 thousand km. These motors are quite reliable and do not bring upon owners any serious trouble. From shortcomings it is possible to note failure of sealing glands of the crankshaft, but it occurs after 120 thousand km of run that is quite acceptable. It is better not to delay replacement of sealing glands, otherwise the probability of failure of the snubber of bent shaft on which engine oil begins to get is high.

On the three-liter motors which are exhausted till 2008 could “heat” sometimes accelerator that was shown in some pause between pressing pedal and the beginning of set of speed. If on pedal to press very strongly, then the car just “jumped” forward. After release of new insertion of EBU of the power unit the problem was solved

The catalyst on the six-cylinder motor fails earlier, than on four-cylinder – approximately on 120-130 thousand km of run.

The 2.4-liter unit was completed with the mechanical five-speed transmission or variator of Jatco. manual gearbox does not cause problems, and clutch serves more than 150,000 km. By some cars with manual gearbox on run of km, close to 100 thousand, there could be extraneous noise in box at start of motion. But except small noise it did not cause other problems.

The variator can buzz at small speed at the released pedal of accelerator or “be pushed” a little at speeds of 70-80 km/h. Cases of its full exit are out of operation very rare. Sometimes the minor problems stated above in work of variator were solved by replacement of its oil. But there were also cases when especially meticulous car owners changed the buzzing or pushed box on guarantee.

The three-liter version of Outlander was completed only 6-automatic gearbox which is very reliable and has no mass problems.

Often it is necessary to change the suspended bearing of cardan for 100-120 thousand km of run.

Front barrels of the stabilizer need replacement on 50-60 thousand km, rear – on 90-100 thousand. Rear springs with pro-procession of 4-5 years sink that becomes visually noticeable. In exchange skilled owners of Autlender XL recommend to establish to regular springs springs of Lesjofors 4215628 which are more durable and give golden mean between comfort and roadability of the car.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL restyling

Front absorbers will live a little more than 100 thousand km, and here rear it is less – 70-80 thousand km. Replacement of supporting bearers is required approximately on the 100th thousand run.

Front springs on heavier three-liter Outlander sometimes can fail early enough – on 50-60-thousand run. It is supposed that the wedged supporting bearers which forced spring to be twisted were fault to it.

Bearings of front naves should be changed on 90-100 thousand km. Rear there live more than 120 thousand km of run.

Trunnion balls of front levers go 100-120 thousand km. The producer does not provide separate replacement spherical but only assembled with the lever, but in practice spherical it is possible to perepresovat separately. Steering rod ends serve 60-70 thousand km, and pull-rods – 90-100.

Factory brake plates work 60-70 thousand km at front axle, and pads – about 30 thousand.

By pressing footbrake pedal in cars with automatic transmission or variator in the provision “P” the box can click. It happens because of the solenoid coil blocking the change speed gearbox selector. Closer to 100 thousand km. run the sound can amplify.

LKP of this car is at the average level. Weak point is the cap of luggage door which at many 2-3 years later from the date of purchase of the new car, began to blossom – therefore be not surprised when choosing of the supported Autlender that at least one element of body will be colored. Also cases of emergence of cracks on windshield after warming up it in frosts have been noted.

“Crickets” who love front panel, door covering and racks begin to inhabit interior of Outlander over time. Gluing of panels materials (for example madeliny), and ideally and full noise isolation of interior since at many Japanese cars weak “noise isolation”, will help to preserve nerves and to give comfort to ears.

In electric drive gear of seats front part of pillow of chair can zalyuftit.

Under front passenger seat there is cap which can sometimes fall out that will lead to emergence of water in legs.

The oven motor to 100 thousand km of run can closer rustle. It is treated by replacement or its dismantling and lubricant of the rubbing details.

Electric part of the car is quite reliable. Rare complaints to operation of buttons of steering of the radio tape recorder on wheel were noted, but it was only by the cars which are exhausted till 2009. The ground loop was guilty.

The radio receiver can sometimes “start to malfunction” that is expressed in the distorted sound or refusal to switch radio stations.

The car has quite moderate fuel appetite. the 2.4-liter motor consumes on 100 km. ways about 13 l. gasoline in the city mode and about 11 on the highway, three-liter slightly more than 14 in the city and about 12 liters on the route.

Generally, Outlander XL quite quite good and reliable option of the crossover which will not ruin the owner and will not bring upon it trouble.

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