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Mitsubishi ASX Review

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In this blog we will tell you that we know about Mitsubishi ASX, we will describe its strong and weaknesses, widespread sores and we will prompt what to pay attention when choosing of the supported car of this model to.

Mitsubishi ASX belongs to the class of compact city crossovers. The shortened platform from the Autlender Mitsubishi car became its basis. In Japan ASH have begun to sell in 2010 (as well as in Europe), and it was called RVR. For the American market of ASX has received the name Outlander Sport. In 2012 ASH has undergone small restyling.

This car with three gasoline engines 1.6 (engine make 4A92)-117 forces, 1.8 (4B10) – 140 and 2.0-liter (4B11) – 150-silnymy units was completed. On the European versions meets diesel 1.6-liter, 1.8-liter and 2.3-liter motors. gas distribution mechanism drive gear on all engines – chain.

The basic 1.6-liter engine can sometimes have problems with start – the start of the motor can happen to the second or thirds of attempt. The problem is not mass, and its reason it is not known

Mitsubishi ASX 2010-2013
More mass should considering detonation problem on 3 thousand turns at the 1.6-liter motor. All because of high compression ratio which badly proves together with poor mixture on some modes of behavior. It is known that the detonation not in the best way affects “health” of engines. But, strangely enough, these 1.6-liter motors even to 100-thousand run show lack of serious problems which can be caused by detonation. Someone claims that the detonation at them appeared after change of gas station, some dealers suggested to reflash engine EBU, but it not always helped. And, though the producer in 2012 has changed factory insertion of ASX, some car owners all the same complain of it.

Mitsubishi ASX 2010-2013
In frosts 30-degree (below) on the same 1.6-liter motor could squeeze out oil through probe and sealing glands of the engine. To all the branch pipe of ventilation of gases of crankcase which just was fault. In 2011 Mitsubishi has recommended to dealers to change this branch pipe for another, with the large diameter which since 2012 began to be established already at the plant.

Interior of Mitsubishi ASX 2010-2013
Restyling 1.8-liter ASX also has the specific feature. On this engine other scheme of laying of belt of the generator which contains less rollers and belt of smaller length is used. And that’s it because of this scheme on the 1-1.2 thousands of turns under cowl certain tinkling sound is heard. At the appeal to specialized services most often mechanics determine by tinkling sound source protection of crankcase that is mistake. Some car owners managed to remove this problem by means of other scheme according to which the belt keeps within, but the belt at the same time should be selected already other length.

The two-liter motor does not possess any mass defects.

Mitsubishi ASX 2013 restyling
1.6-liter ASX was equipped only with the mechanical five-speed transmission. The box is quite reliable, and does not cause troubles to owners.

On all other versions only the variator from the Jatco company was established by ASH. Box unusual to our drivers therefore most of car owners very fault-finding belong to it. Someone has defined small pushes on 2 thousand turns, and at someone the box failed at all. In the first case of the complaint were unreasonable – variator quite so and has to work, the push appears at the time of blockage of the hydraulic transformer. As for the second problem, It should be noted that such cases are single, after opening of “dead” of variator in its oil metal shaving and because of what it appeared there was found, “officials” do not tell.

Mitsubishi ASX 2013 restyling
On the first ASX models rocking of rear suspension was noted that could take away the car from the set trajectory when passing turning movements at speed. The car was decently shaken on roughnesses. In 2011 the producer has recustomized running, and the problem has left.

Barrels of stabilizers of suspender Mitsubishi ASH work about 40 thousand, absorbers of front suspension can begin to flow already closer to 50 thousand km.

Interior of Mitsubishi ASX 2013 restyling
LKP not especially well transfers the hostile external environment – the body quickly becomes covered by chips and scratches. Seldom, but nevertheless complaints to the blown-up paint on side doors and rear wheel arches have been noted. The fog glasses can burst (that meets quite often) from sharp cooling. For example, you long went with the included lamps, and here water from pool has poured over glass of fog flashlight.

Crickets in cold weather “get over” in interior of the considered car. In frosts from edge of ceiling lighting water because of образовывающегося condensate can drip. It is formed under covering on internal surface of roof. It is treated by additional pasting of its surface heat insulator.

Interior of Mitsubishi ASX 2013 restyling
Time does not feel sorry for leather upholstery of wheel and the lever of gear box of ASX. The dealer does not consider these cases guarantee about what the corresponding entry in the service book is made.

The electric drive gear can zalyuftit after 10,000 km that is well felt at sharp set of speed and in braking time.

The electrician and climatic installation have proved to be only from the good party.

In general, the car quite successful, from essential shortcomings it is possible to note only fast wear of front absorbers and the underfulfilled rear suspension of the first cars that is not the defining factors upon ASX purchase.

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