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Why the lamp of airbags on meter panel lights up and how to fix it

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Airbags became the integral element of reliable protection in many modern cars long ago. However their operation shows that not all owners of motor transport are thoroughly familiar with features of their functioning in practice. So, not each motorist can explain plainly: if the badge, airbag in working order burns, or not.

What to do when the lamp security system lights up there Is opinion that at fire at the moment the safety system of the car does not work at meter panel of bulb of airbag. And if it burns not constantly, and blinks? Whether can happen so that the protective knot continues to remain in normal, running order, but its signaling has failed? It is necessary to consider all these options serially. If the indicator burns, the airbag of system has glitched. And it can belong not only directly to the pillow, but also to other components of the protective gear on board. Hint here simple: when there is no breakage, after ignition inclusion the bulb of protective system will light up and also six times will blink. If the system in the normal state, bulb itself goes out before the next launch of the engine if there is failure, the indicator it will be necessary to burn. Then the system will begin self-examination of the incident, and after will soon make the second testing. If clears up that there was airbag error, the system will erase the code of this mistake recorded earlier. Then the bulb will go out, the system will return to regular state. The exception is made by those cases when the system finds critical breakage – then its code will remain in memory long. Also the option of failure only of the indicator is almost improbable if to consider that indisputable fact that modern automotive industry turns out the quality products which are not giving accidental failures.

Why the airbag indicator on the dashboard lights up If in the car the bulb of the airbag system has lit up, the reasons of fire of the indicator can be a little, namely: it is damaged one or several elements of protective system; these elements for certain reasons have ceased to exchange signals; after replacement or repair of doors at them problems with contact pieces have begun; mechanical damage is put to the shock counter; conducting between elements of system was damaged or has closed; safety locks do not perform the functions; in the control package malfunctions are available protective system; as a result of inaccurate replacement of chairs the conducting which is in them is damaged; on one of pillows in this car has jumped up resistance; the on board network is under critically low voltage; the pillow or pyros have fulfilled the term of operation (most often, 10 years); sensors of system have become wet after washing of car; the accumulator is incorrectly replaced; tuning is incorrectly made. Because of failure of wheel One of the possible reasons why the alarm check – the wrong replacement of wheel burns. The experts who have carried out it, most likely, have forgotten that directly in steering wheel or near it there are important elements of the safety device, and have accidentally injured them. Then it is necessary to inspect all fastening of wheel attentively. There can be also other reasons of burning of airbag demanding correction of malfunctions

Debugging the Algorithm of actions for elimination of breakage is simple and logical, namely: At the first stage the system itself checks as far as it is efficient. It should understand accurately how to dump airbag error if it has been allowed, to calculate its code. After that the mechanic begins to act: he should consider error code, to define its exact reason. The safety device is checked by means of the special diagnostic equipment. Repair work is carried out. In the control package his memory is updated.

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