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Hyundai Grandeur IV Review

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The Korean Hyundai Grandeur sedan is the five-seater executive car which first generation has begun to be issued in far 1986 with future prospect to win the European market. Subsequently Grander being improved from generation to generation has come very close to eminent European automobile brands in the field of design, safety and functionality. Hyundai Grandeur IV (2006-2011) is the first Korean car which has made serious call to the more eminent competitors.

In spite of the fact that on appearance the fourth generation of Hyundai Grander 4 has quite European design that puts it in one row with leaders of business class, the highest league of automotive industry, car has the individual and recognizable traits.

The laconicism and refinement of lines of automotive body is emphasized with elegant bends of the front and rear bumpers which are perfectly combined with side moldings. Hyundai Grandeur is very perceptible the smooth line of side windows, interesting radiator enclosure and handles of doors with the chromeplated covering. The rear headlights equipped in the latests version with light-emitting diodes also adequately help to add appearance of the Korean sedan.
Outline dimensions of the Korean car impressive also make 4895х1865х1490 (mm).

The Hyundai Grander provides good smoothness of the course and quite acceptable road ability at high speeds. Such qualities are guaranteed by the considerable mass of the car and the sizes of wheelbase and also special settings of suspender. The forward control and worthy road gleam in 155 mm promise the car quite good flotation ability on bad roads.

Excellent quality of materials for Grander inner trim – powerful argument in favor of this sedan. The steering wheel, doors and the average extension housing can brag of finishing from tree and skin. At the same time the meter panel is informative and perfectly visible thanks to stylish illumination at any time. The interior is rather spacious and quite isolated from noise. Each detail is thought over.
Luggage compartment rather capacious – the volume of 523 liters.

Front seats are equipped with electro resetting with memory. There is possibility of resetting of wheel in two planes. The car is completed set of airbags – frontal, side, blinds.
Now it is possible to speak about some shortcomings of the sedan. So the climatic system which has equipped the car is not too balanced and well functions only for front row of seats – heating of the rear of part of interior quite often happens during cold weather insufficiently.

Annoying defect of designers of Grander – absence in separate versions of the handle on luggage compartment that leads to flowing of water in load box during rain. It is also impossible to hoist for the subsequent cleaning the right lead at window wiper when the cowl of the car is closed.
Upon purchase of the Hyundai Grander in the secondary market of model practically do not meet 2.2-liter turbo diesel (D4EB). It will be necessary to choose between 6 cylinder V-shaped petrol power units the volume of 2.7 l. and 3.3 l., with powers of 192 hp and 235 hp respectively.

Drivers note under capacity of 2.7-liter for massive Grander. Sure driving is possible only at average average and high turnovers. To provide to the motor 3.3 liters easier fast speedups. Dispersal up to 100 km is possible for 8.4 sec.

Unfortunately, both engines are not able to brag of good fuel efficiency.
Engines are aggregated by adaptive five-step automatic transmission and possibility of manual switching. “Automatic machine” for smoothness of switching is similar to variator, but professionals note insufficiency of one more additional drive for the movement with the high speed on the highway which has allowed to save fuel.

Engines rather reliable and trouble-free serve to three hundred thousand kilometers of run. And here the ignition system of the sedan is extremely sensitive to quality of gasoline. Therefore candles instead of the regulated 90 thousand km of run it is necessary to change each 25 – 30 thousand km.

Among often found breakages it is possible to note failure of throttle knot because of pollution by particles from the ventilation system of crankcase. Symptoms of such breakage – unstable operation of the engine and illumination on meter panel of such indicators, as “Check Engine” and “ESP OFF”. Also the symptom of disease of throttle sometimes notes engine failure to listen to the accelerator pedal, the car cannot disperse more 20km/h. Treatment – cleaning or if does not help, full replacement of knot of throttle.

Hyundai Grandeur was developed on the basis of the platform with racks Macpherson in front suspension and multilever design behind. The suspender begins to pour to 90-110 thousand km of run. Consecutive replacement of saylent-blocks, barrels, lever and trunnion balls will be required. Repair of pneumatic racks (are established on rich complete sets), which need to be changed only for original will be the most expensive. Track-rod ends most often fail to 50-60 thousand km of run.

The thought-over and qualitatively grouped Hyundai Grandeur a little than concedes to the competitors from Europe and Japan. Only, buying it at secondary car market, it is necessary to show consideration for visual inspection and check of technical condition of the car which rather strongly depends on correctness of its operation and service.

It is better to make service of the car in authoritative car services or the dealer centers. However, if there are necessary knowledge and skills, then many knots can be served also the hands.

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