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Renault Latitude Review

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Even the producer confuses segment to which this car belongs, but after all it is the D class though the car and is larger than the Toyota Camry and Skoda Superb ‘s.

Renault Latitude was created, initially, for the Korean motorists, in the market of South Korea this car under the name of Samsung SM5 and has appeared for the first time in 2010. Koreans, as well as Russians, love big cars with good complete set. But here before us the Lagoon extended on 6 mm in length which has shown very weak demand in the market of the Russian Federation. With it at Latyityud much in common: steering, law enforcement agency of body and front suspension. And here behind instead of beam already “multilever” from the Nissan Tiana J32. As at real “business class”.

Complete set

In Russia the car was offered in two options – with the two-liter petrol motor (M4R) and variator and with 2.5-liter DVS V6 (VQ25DE) working together with six-step automatic transmission.

If to tell about advantages of this car, then it, certainly, its equipment. Already in basic set the car had 6 AirBags, the air conditioner and the chip chart for opening of doors and start of the car without key. The prices of it began from 835,000 rubles.

The car with the V-shaped motor cost 1,145,000 rubles in due time. For this sum in it there will be not disconnected system of stabilization, the two-zonal climatic installation having the ionizer of air, seats will be trimmed by skin, and the massager will be built in driver’s. The Biksenonovy head optics will be with cornering lights function, and disks will be 17-inch.

If the client paid extra a little more than 70 thousand rubles, then the car received panoramic transparent roof, three-zonal “climate”, multimedia from Bose with set of loudspeakers and sub woofer. For the above-stated sum in one D or even E class such set of options are impossible.

Technical characteristics

It is possible to learn in this car the Lagoon only attentively having looked at it sideways. The Lagoon hatchback and the Latityud sedan are located on the same platform from Nissan. Differs only on 6 mm. their wheelbase, and rear suspension – at the sedan it is multilever.

The car sizes – 4897 mm length, 1832 width, 1483 height. Weight is from 1495 to 1600 kg. depending on the engine.

The basic two-liter atmospheric M4R motor – joint development of Renault and Nissan (2006), has the phase shifter on admission and 139 hp. The engine is slow, and even to a certain extent phlegmatic, spends 8-9 liters of fuel in the commixed cycle on the passport. In practice up to 10-11 liters on 100 km.

As for six-cylinder V-obraznika VQ25DE, of 2.5 liters, it has been created in far 1994, has the gear of change of gas-distributing phases, 177 hp of power and 233 Nanometers of torque. The stated dispersal to one hundred – 10.7 seconds. Fuel consumption – 13.4 liters in the city, 7.7 on the route, and 9.7 in the commixed mode.


In 2014 the car was updated. Engines and boxes have remained the same, but have slightly corrected the dashboard and have installed the seven-inch touch multimedia display that has allowed to add the rear-view camera. Have slightly changed headlights and have slightly smoothed lines of body. Restyling became more expensive than car for 54 thousand rubles in base.

Summing up the result

Why at the big size, good complete set and the affordable price the car was not in great demand at corporate clients from Russia?

The reasons can be a little. The first – the car hardly suits for driving on rear seat. Though there it is also spacious, and look the big panoramic roof pleases, but even at small problems with road carpet the excessive ruggedness of suspender is behind felt. “Heels can be beaten off” – someone has joked at one of Internet forums. And on front seats you feel much more comfortably: the suspender is soft, the rustle of tires is not heard and at dispersal there is no sound of the exhaust gases escaping from the muffler.

Further It is necessary to tell several words about dynamics of the two-liter motor which is enough only at speed up to 80 km/h. And if on the car there would be manual transmission, but not variator, then dispersal much more at least on feelings would be much more dynamic. To overtake on the route by this car it is difficult, and in certain cases even it is dangerous. Therefore for this car the place in the right row that does not suit many flit-managers of the company, it and 2.3-liter Mondeo seemed “vegetable”.

It turns out what Renault looks for the buyer to whom it is unimportant where and how to go, and just there is a wish to relax in interior, breathing fragrant fresh air, receiving at the same time massage?

Maybe then will solve problems V-shaped 2.5, having 177 hp? Yes, this engine from Nissan is more powerful, and torque at it is more, but c it the car 105 kg heavier that does difference in dynamics almost imperceptible. Though dispersal on it after 120 km/h looks more convincing, but here 6-AKPP with which this version is aggregated, “is very thoughtful” at the moments when it is necessary to be accelerated as fast as possible.

Once tribute pays – the version with V6 is better driven. On it the electrohydraulic power steering, as at option with the 2.0-liter motor is not used. Here classical GUR is established. The wheel becomes heavier when passing turning movements, it is easier to hold it directly at high speed.

Essential lists of body and deviation of the rear end from trajectory at arrival on roughness of the road spoil overall picture. Buyers wait from such car of character, harmony in image, but the car has turned out very versatile: shape of business class, control of suspender and running as at the Korean middling, and “ovoshchnost” of the budgetary car.

It is difficult to find the client on such option, it will be the person who does not know what he wants. But this car has indisputable plus – it is VERY reliable. The classical suspender, the units checked by time will give to the owner confidence in zavtrashy day. Comfortable interior, acoustic tranquility, spacious luggage compartment, not ordinary, especially for Renault, appearance – unconditional pluses. All treat minuses differently, but it should be noted the following: the mediocre dynamics which is not assured on the low-quality road suspender, fuel consumption, big for “vegetable” car. Are ready to be reconciled with such negative characteristics of car – then dare and buy!

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