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Mercedes-Benz GLK (X204) worthy crossover?

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The premiere of the compact Mercedes-Benz GLK crossover was held in 2008 – in January on showroom in Detroit Vision GLK concept has been presented, and in April on showroom in Beijing the final version of the German crossover has been presented. Such cars as Audi Q5, BMW X3, Infiniti EX and Land Rover Freelander were direct competitors.
The platform from Ts-class W204 has been taken as basis of GLK. Outline dimensions following:

The equipped weight is equal to 1830 kg., as loading it is possible to count on 670 kg. The luggage department has opportunity to contain in itself from 450 to 1550 l. freight.

In 2012 Mercedes Benz has released the restyling version of the GLK crossover. Changes in interior design were the most obvious. The body of the car became more streamline, the front and rear optics and also radiator enclosure has changed. Length of body has decreased by 3 mm., height on 6 mm.

Interiors of interior of GLK X204 dorestayling and restyling respectively

Engines of the compact Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 crossover

Petrol power plants.

2.0 l motor. (M274) with max. power of 184 hp at 5500 rpm. for GLK200 since 2012;

2.0 l motor. (M274) with max. power of 211 hp at 5500 rpm. for GLK250 since 2012;
3.0 l motor. (M272) with max. power of 231 hp at 6000 rpm. for GLK280 and GLK300;
3.5 l motor. (M272) with max. power of 272 hp at 6000 rpm. for GLK350;
3.5 l motor. (M276) with max. power of 306 hp at 6500 rpm. for GLK350 and GLK350 CGI.

MB GLK 2008

Diesel power plants.

2.1 l motor. (OM651) with max. power of 143 (136) hp at 3200 rpm. for GLK200 CDI;
2.1 l motor. (OM651) with max. power of 163 (170) hp at 3800 (3200) rpm. for GLK220 CDI;
2.1 l motor. (OM651) with max. power of 204 hp at 4200 rpm. for GLK250 CDI;
3.0 l motor. (OM642) with max. power of 224 hp at 3800 rpm. for GLK320 CDI;
3.0 l motor. (OM642) with max. power of 231 (265) hp at 3800 rpm. for GLK350 CDI.

Engines with six cylinders of M272 series volumes 3.0 and 3.5 liters do not differ in reliability. Typical problem of engines of M272 series is the wear of sprocket of the balancer shaft, as a result oil starvation and tension of chain of GRM. And it could happen on run 50-100tys. km. In more detail about versions and other typical problems of engines of M272 series it is possible to read HERE.

M276 series engines with volume of 3.5 liters less gemorroyny, than M272, but replacements of set of GRM with chain drive gear, the truth on bigger run from 80 thousand km also asks.

The restyling M274 motor with four cylinders and turbo-supercharging has problem with failure of the gear of change of phases of gas distribution mechanism on inlet shaft. This problem was general for the cars which are exhausted till March, 2014 – later engineers Mercedes have solved it and to serial release there were “correct” motors.

Diesel engines of OM651 series long time exasperated the owners, frequent refusals of fuel injection nozzles of Delphi, systematic failures of various electronic systems. Engineers of Mercedes have solved these illnesses, but only with release of the restyling version of GLK. Besides, the diesel OM651 are rather selective to fuel therefore it is very important to refuel, in order to avoid global problems, at good gas stations. gas distribution mechanism on these engines without problems departs 200-250 thousand km. Resource of operation of the water pump about 100 thousand km.

For fans on – to save on fuel, but at the same time on the road, the German producer offered the buyers V-shaped diesel engines of OM642 series with volume of 3.0 liters. Problems with spray jets and extension of chain of GRM here in large quantities were not observed, and here collapses of exhaust manifold with the subsequent breakage of the turbine business standard. Besides, engines meet run for 100 thousand km. which have oil leaks through layer pad of the heat exchanger and weather strips of the turbine. Cases of failure of servo mechanisms of gates of intake manifold because of deposit are not rare. The black filter on GLK not the most resistant – its resource 120-150tys. km. The decision – replacement, or we spit on ecology, we delete сажевик and we damp the EGR system.

GLK MB transmission

Basic versions of Mercedes-Benz GLK200 CDI and GLK200 were completed with six-step MKPP and drive gear on rear wheels. All other versions of the compact crossover went from seven-step automatic transmission 7G-Tronic and with the system of all wheel drive 4Matic. Automatic transmissions on GLK are rather reliable on condition of careful operation and systematic service. The interval of replacement of oil and the filter in 7G-Tronic needs to be maintained in 60 thousand km. run.

MB GLK 2012

To run from 150 thousand km. on replacement or to repair the Y3 speed sensor and its electronic payment can ask. Approximately on the same run can bring the hydraulic torque converter. If to speak about weak points of system of all wheel drive 4matic, then it is necessary to tell couple of words about the ill-fated suspended bearing of power shaft which is located in DVS crankcase. Why ill-fated? Yes because many owners of MB GLK have faced replacement. On HUNDRED its preventive replacement of times in 50-70tys is recommended. km. If to gape the moment of replacement, then the bearing can grab one day chock and as a result of it will turn. Result? Since the bearing is in crankcase of DVS, its pro-collar will lead to replacement of the pan. And it will be already by 20 times more expensive, than simple replacement of the bearing.

Suspender and steering of MB GLK X204

The first 100 thousand km. run should not bring to the owner of the GLK car costs of suspender. But here after the first hundred part on replacement front levers, shock struts and supporting bearers can ask. During release of the crossover there was lot of cars with marriage by high pressure line of the booster of steering. It is about cars which were issued from 06.2009 to 02.2010. On guarantee the defect was eliminated.

MB GLK 2012

If to speak about the car in general, then to purchase this model is recommended. As the supported GLK car it is better to choose restyling model with the 3.0 l diesel engine. OM642 series. It is big rarity for the CIS countries, but if you find the car with this engine, then you will precisely be satisfied. The appearance of the crossover of course not such bright as at competitors, but for people who do not pursue design and prefer practicality with opportunity as required on the road, the Mercedes Benz GLK crossover can be to the taste.

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