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Kia Cerato II Review

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Kia Cerato 2 on the South Korean homeland has begun to be on sale at the end of 2008. In the Russian Federation sales of this car started in 2009.

The car is located on slightly cut down platform Kia Cee’d. Cerato 2 was equipped with two petrol units: 1.6 and 2.0 liters. For the American option (which in the USA and in South Korea was called Forte) there was still option with the unit 2.4 liters and 1.6 GDI (a little more powerful, than Cerato 1.6) and diesel 1.6 with the turbine.

Petrol motors 1.6 and 2.0 of liter are equipped with chain drive gear of
gas distribution mechanism which at some owners after the 50-thousand run slightly taps at start on cold. We assume that this knock publishes
gas distribution mechanism chain.

On engines 1.6 liters were several cases of jump of chain. Part of these cases has ended sadly – the bucket and the valve have met.
gas distribution mechanism chain tensioner was guilty of everything. Same “mistakes” arose also on Kia Cee’d with the same engine on run between 50 and 100 thousand km.

At approach of winter frosts periodically involving starter relay begins to fail, and after 60 thousand and the starter can fail, and it will need partition. The pomp and the thermostatically controlled chamber can also demand replacement after 60 thousand km.

Rather frequent phenomenon on cars with volume of 2.0 liters – whistle of the compressor of the air conditioner. The problem is solved by replacement of the bearing of the compressor. at warming up of the engine – strong indication of the “coming to an end” spark plugs. In general two-liter engine quite reliable and stretched . But be ready to its loud work – diesel sounds at warming up – design feature of this DVS model. Chirring also design feature – characteristic sound is given by the working fuel injection nozzles.

Initially Cerato were completed with five-step manual gearbox and four-stage automatic transmission. In 2010 began to install on cars 6-
manual gearbox and 6-automatic gearbox

At the movement on the reverse gear the mechanical box publishes rumble. With increase in run this rumble will only increase, and its peak is necessary on 60 thousand km. The dealer in that case changes clutch set that solves problem. Just the same problem is present also on Kia Cee’d of the first generation.

After 60 thousand km, the squeezed-out clutch pedal leads to unclear peep. Its source is the release bearer. After replacement only of one bearing noise quite often returns through short time. We consider that the fork which should be changed when replacing release bearer is guilty of it.

With automatic transmission there are practically no problems unless the hose which is taking away oil for cooling of box can sometimes become torn. This trouble concerns only six-step “automatic machines” which were installed till spring of 2011. This failure was shown closer to 50 thousand km of run, and has been recognized as car maker as marriage.

As for Serato’s suspender, the first knocks can be heard after 20 thousand km of run. But the most widespread problem is simply ridiculous – the plastic boot on the absorber begins to walk on rod and makes sounds on roughnesses. This boot sit down on the place and fix by loose strap, and the problem is solved.

Pull-rods of the stabilizer and the barrel easily otkhazhivat 50 thousand km. Front absorbers – more than 40 thousand. Rear absorbers usually go longer than lobbies.

On many models the right half shaft can lyuftit and jingle a little on roughnesses. In the beginning after mass addresses of car owners dealers on guarantee changed all right half shaft, and then the car maker has explained that it is not the defect affecting traffic safety, and the half shaft in such cases does not need to be changed. By the way, we noted such defect and on the right half shaft of Mazda 3 of the first generation.

Closer to 100 thousand the boot of the external CV JOINT begins to collapse. Boot inexpensive, and you should not delay its replacement categorically. If in due time not to replace it, then it is already necessary to change all expensive CV JOINT.

Many car owners complain of weak rear suspension which shakes and punches on roughnesses. It should be added that at regular public conveyance and freights rear springs quickly sink.

After 40 thousand km can begin to knock something in steering. Either the crosspiece of steering kardanchik, or lath knocks. The lath can sometimes begin to flow.

The body of this car differs in nothing from others the same class – LKP very thin, and quickly becomes covered by scratches. Cars are more senior than three years seldom have maintained the chrome plated finishing of body elements in integrity. Usually for such term already: the boot lid, the rear doors, arches of rear wheels, racks of windshield and roof suffer from paint blister. Emergence of condensate in headlights is quite often noted, and glasses of headlights can become covered by the smallest cracks.

Some cars persistently “refused” to refuel at gas station. Fuel literally jumped out back. To all the stuck check valve which does not allow slopping of fuel at car swing on roughnesses was fault. But here it did not allow also fuelling.

Serato’s interior is rather creaking. Crickets usually sit in: door weather strips, plasticity near hours, in air vents, in front panel, in ceiling plafond, in airbag of the driver and near the automatic transmission lever. After 15 thousand still ugly oblazit wheel of this car.

The weather strip on glasses sometimes after washing passes water which filters on door thresholds. All the matter is that its length insufficient for full blanking of glass of door, and small crack is quite enough for water passing inside. And here in door water gets on the motor of window regulator and on it flows down through bores for drainage on threshold. Sometimes water gets under front passenger rug and to technological pocket in rear left fender. It is not always clear how it gets there. Possibly it is the accumulated condensate.

Problems and in work of electrical equipment were sometimes noted. The most typical problem inherent in all Kia and Hyundai – failure of the switch of stoplights. Start of the car because of poor contact of the imobilayzerny antenna can be in rare instances complicated. In this case it should be changed.

After 60 thousand failure of parking sensors and electric drive gears of door mirrors is possible. Lamps on passing beam can fuse already through 15 thousand km. It is for certain unknown why it occurs so quickly.

Quite often leads of janitors can stop nearly 10 cm above the place put by it. It occurs only if at the same time quickly to turn on the washer of glass and brush. If to take included in the washer more than two seconds, then it does not occur. Besides, the reason of this is unknown.

Cases of emergence of cracks on windshield around heating strip have been recorded. Most likely, this part of glass at warming up was exposed to sharp temperature difference that led to emergence of cracks.

But in the whole Kia of cerato pleases the owners with reliable engines and change speed gearbox. All other problems stated above are typical for modern budget cars and do not demand considerable financial investments in repair.

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