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Peugeot 307 Review

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The 307th Peugeot has begun to be on sale in far 2001, but, despite it has quite modern attractive design. Face lifting has endured the car in 2005. The 307th was issued till 2007 in bodies the hatchback (with three and five doors), station wagon and cabriolet. In some regions of world chart also the sedan was on sale.

Car, as well as majority of compact city cars, front-wheel. It is completed 5 or 6- Manual gearbox and also 4 and 5-automatic Gearbox.

The basic version of Peugeot 307 is equipped with two airbags, power windows, Steering booster and the on-board computer. More “advanced” versions have side pillows and blinds of safety, fog lights and the warmed-up exterior mirrors. At restyling cars of complete set richer.

The line of gasoline engines Peugeot 307 looks as follows: 1.4-liter eight-valve R4, 75 “horses” and sixteen 88, 109 and 136-140-177 valve R4 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 (for 2.0 there were several versions) forces.

As for diesels, it is 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 HDI motors, capacities 68, 90-109 and 90, 109-136 forces.

Gasoline engines 1.6 and 2.0 of liter have very well proved. The only shortcomings are the electronic gate of throttle and the block of ignition coils which early could fail. the 1.4-liter motor does not cause problems too, but after all it is rather weak for Peugeot 307 and will constantly work at limit. Such version is not recommended to purchase.

Among diesel which are not especially widespread in Russia Internal combustion engine has best of all proved the 2-liter motor. But it is necessary to be ready to replacement of expensive two-mass flywheel and the black filter.

1.6-liter the diesel HDI suffer from problem of fast failure of the turbine. And it does not depend on its service by the owner in any way. The constructive miscalculation of the lubricating system is guilty.

In diesel motors often it is necessary to change DMRV and the pressure control device of turbo-supercharging. If diesel Peugeot 307 has lost playfulness, and on the panel the mistake has jumped out, then, most likely, it is time to change fuel pressure regulator. This one more of frequent problems of diesels. Also in diesels oil through various layer pads begins to leak over time.

As for reputation of reliability of this car, it has been impaired a little by the first dorestaylingovy copies. After restyling of 2005 the majority of “sores” has been eliminated.

So, we will begin with the fact that the first versions of Peugeot 307 could ignite spontaneously. As the reason for that served conducting KZ in EUR or the pump of the anti-lock braking system. Very unpleasantly.

Further it is easier. During gas station fuel escapes of which the failed valve of ventilation of the fuel tank was guilty were noted.

The electronic BSI(BSI) module which steers all electronics of the car is weak point of Peugeot 307 too. And all because on it moisture through the left drain gets. Most often such problem appeared after replacement of windshield. Sometimes drying of the block after which everything returned to normal helped. Nonprofessional installation of the signaling, Vebasto and the speaker system can also disable the block. By the way, the block is maintainable so to change it for new at all optional. Are absolutely frequent case of leaving of antifreeze under the driver’s legs – escape happens in joints of tubes of radiator of the oven. Many solve this problem with the sealer help

In general Peugeot 307 electronics very much does not love wet weather at which the electric power steering can begin “to be buggy”, accelerator, the lock of luggage door, and on the panel at the same time various mistakes can appear.

As for suspender, it is happy is reliable, well copes with roughnesses and does not ask frequent repair. Pull-rods and barrels of the front stabilizer – the same mpg as well as on “schoolmates”. Then trunnion balls and saylent block of front levers wear out. In rear suspension it is worth watching beam, and in time to change its barrels. The steering rack can sometimes . But all spare parts of suspender – “cheap”.

Still failure in the form of exit from “dragonfly” (the underwheel switch of turning movements) meets. Besides banal replacement it is treated also by repair.

Some owners complained of greasing of the image on the display and on the strips appearing on it in hot weather. It, unfortunately, is not treated and is production defect in any way.

The MKPP lever can become loose over time, and it will complicate gear shift. In the winter cables of steering of change speed gearbox can freeze. Both of these failures are treated by replacement of kinematics. At its selection pay attention to numerous options of this knot which completed this car. Selection it needs to be carried out only on WINE.

The bad opening of luggage door caused by change of one of wires of steering of boot lid is considered one more widespread “disease” of the 307th Peugeot. And any concrete place where it in large quantities breaks, does not exist. Sometimes for search of this place it was necessary to sort even ceiling covering.

Generally, summing up the result, we will note that Peugeot 307 quite approaches as alternative Golf 4, Opel Astra or Toyota Corolla and is recommended to purchase for reasonable price. All failures stated above do not meet on concrete one copy. Well, and problems by electronic part are peculiar to all French cars. But, as for resistance of body to corrosion, this car a little equal among “schoolmates”. When choosing Peugeot 307 it is worth giving preference to petrol motors, but except for the 1.4 liters motor

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