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We learn to save on service of the car

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The car has strong entered everyday life practically of each person and has stopped being luxury goods, and has taken the place of the real companion who will help with various problems of conveyance, both the people, and freights. But it is important to note that service of the vehicle today – rather expensive action, especially against the background of difficult economic situation.

Any car owner constantly thinks of cost saving. As statistics speaks, every third Russian family owns the car. It, because of expenses, takes away up to 15% of the family budget. Agree, it is a lot of. Fault to it not only constantly growing petrol prices, but also absence at car owners of desire to save on cost of service of the car. It is important not to do it by purchase of cheap accessories and expendables. This article has brought together several advice to all to the readers interested in this question which wants to keep the thin budget of family.

Everything begins with the choice of the car. From there will be opportunity to cope independently with service of the car, repair, gas station, etc. It is possible to save on driving manner further – you should not chase powerful cars and to constantly make evolutions or overtakings. You with guarantee will meet the fellow travelers from whom you moved away, via several traffic lights.

Besides, the choice of the car needs to be commensurated with the insurance size, its cost directly depends on engine displacement and the driver’s experience. Powerful cars also “eat” money when the receipt comes to payment of transport tax. The beginning drivers also should not choose powerful vehicles – often, they, owing to inexperience, will not manage to cope with their steering. But also, you should not choose absolutely low-power automobile with engine displacement up to one liter and also copies with three-cylinder motors. Why? Everything is simple. Because of their low power it is constant to have to twist the engine, and serious fuel consumption follows from here.

It is possible to learn service of the car by own efforts further. For a start it is possible to try to replace independently bulbs, candles, oil, filters. Any has to be able to do these things even the beginning driver. In need of carrying out any complex repair it is possible to get the specialized literature telling it is illustrated about all subtleties of each process of replacement. Otherwise, many of them are duplicated on the Internet at the special forums devoted to each make of the car. Next time you will already manage to execute everything without assistance and the main thing, will save the first money.

The next moment allowing to save – washing of the car. Nobody offers full refusal of services of professionals of this sphere. It is just possible to learn what actions are supported by those, or other washing. Perhaps to buy their discount card. And autographic sink will become the best mode. For the aid to itself it is possible to get washing of high pressure. As practice of many owners of similar devices shows – expenses pay off. And, above all – you will not depend on turns in front of gate of the offices rendering this service.

Still it is possible to reconsider costs of insurance. The contract of insurance has several points for which fee is charged, but on these points very few people suspect, and because of it simply does not use them. If you the only driver – it is possible to get limited insurance with the only thing the person entered in the form. Also, it is possible to refuse point of arrival to the place of road accident of private ambulance and to choose state. Thus, support the industry, important for the country, by the choice.

The manner of driving will add many the saved rubles to your moneybox. Here councils will become the most banal. Be smoothly accelerated, smoothly you slow down. You do not hold without the reason which is completely pressed the accelerator pedal. Council of shutdown of the engine at various stops extremely disputable. The wear of the starter so very quickly comes nearer. Finally we will remind that the switched-on air conditioner not only takes away engine power, but spends considerable fuel quantity. Dose its use.

Penny-wise and pound-foolish. This principle should be used when choosing expendables, fuel and spare parts. The high-grade petrol gives better kickback of power. Reduction of expense is consequence of this fact. Do not try to save on filters and any other spare parts also. Otherwise, it can turn back more serious breakages and financial expenses.

All listed modes are the most available. Some of them are simple and can seem to skilled car owners banality. But you should not underestimate simplicity force. In the sum of the saved money, especially during the period in year the essential sum can collect. Observe traffic regulations, remain the attentive driver, improve skills of driving and read cross-sectional literature. Do not use the car on short distances, in particular, at trips behind bread to the nearest supermarket. Here you not only will save, but also receive physical activity for the organism.

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