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Subaru Forester 2015-2016 Review and downloads

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Subaru for 2016 planned to please its admirers with a novelty – the flagship off-road cross-over Forester.

Subaru always offers customers only popular cars with the best technical and design characteristics. It is enough to look at the model of Subaru Outback beloved by many motorists, which has maintained a confident position for 20 years since its release. And finally, to update the model line and increase the interest of clients, the manufacturer decided to throw “firewood into the fire,” releasing modernized generation to all the known model. Thus, on the automobile market comes a new – Subaru Forester 2016 with absolutely fresh design and a lot of technical capabilities.

The first in the eye is the high degree of pass ability of the restyling version of the car and the shape of the body changed towards more streamlined. The aluminum-made hood reduced the load on the front pair of wheels, making it much easier to drive the car and making it more graceful.

Exterior changes.
In the appearance of the 2016 model Subaru Forester there was also a lot of metamorphosis, and this only made the car elegant and practically perfect. The main feature of the novelty is brevity, because in the exterior of the car there is no single extra detail. However, such an off-road vehicle looks no weaker than its “brothers.” Powerful LED optics of large size, a wide front bumper made of shock-resistant plastic, with fog tanks built into it, surrounded by steel bypass – all this gives expression to a new car.

The rear lights were hardly changed, remaining the standard vertical shape for Subaru on the sides of the trunk. Due to the fact that the angle of inclination of the windshield has been changed, the aerodynamic performance Subaru Forester 2016 has also improved. Compared to his predecessor, the new Subaru Forester developed soft outlines, becoming more streamlined.

Interior .
Along with an attractive updated appearance, the car salon was changed, becoming more spacious, fresh and functional. In many ways, the design of the new product repeats the Subaru Legacy loved by the Subaru Forester, although there are a number of changes in January 2016. First, they are front seats equipped with quality side support, and the driver seat received ten settings parameters. Second, the instrument console was changed, which became the carrier of three screens at once. The fourth was located in the central part of the torpedo.

A powerful multimedia system includes multiple speakers and a touch screen of 6 inches. The new has a more complex safety system: now pillows are available not only for the driver and passenger of the front seat, but also for the rear row of seats. In case of collision or rollover of the car, the front curtains automatically operate.

Specifications and features.
The size of the off-road vehicle increased significantly in all directions, both length and width and height – 4595х1795х1695mm., while the wheel base remained unchanged – 2640mm.. The ground clearance is 220mm.. The volume of the bagger department is 1,577 litres.

The manufacturer supplies an updated SubaruForester 2016 with 3 different 4-cylinder engines and 4 sets. All three engines are gasoline and as always opposite – with a volume of 2.0l. With 150 horsepower (acceleration up to 100 km/h. For 11.8s.), 2.5-litre engine with a capacity of 171 “horse” (acceleration up to 100 km/h. For 9.9s) and 2.0l. Turbocharged, which outputs 241 hp (7.5s. Up to 100 km/h). All engines are paired with a reliable chain variator. In addition, the company plans to produce a diesel unit, although such a solution will be useful for certain markets.

All modifications to SubaruForester 2016 are full drive holders with a fully updated running gear. All changes are aimed at maximum convenience of the driver and passengers even in the most difficult conditions, so the domestic driver will undoubtedly have to taste such a model.

The cost of the new product from Subaru 2016, depending on the configuration, starts from 1.75 million rubles.

The design and technical characteristics of Subaru Forester will make it possible to fully understand all the advantages of a quality Japanese car.

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