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Qoros 3 City SUV (Cross) Review

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The real opening of the 2014 Guangzhoon Bus Show was the presentation of the unique child of the Chinese automobile industry brand Qoros 3 City SUV. It was 2 years and the car, having received the final appearance, reached the Russian market.

Then his still
Was not taken seriously, because it was more like a prototype. But time passed, and the car appeared to the audience in final form at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, where it was able to win the glory of the city cross-over of the new generation.

Quoros 3 is far from new for Asia ‘s market, although it ‘s a premiere for Europe ‘s motorists. The compact economy off-road vehicle is the third model of joint Chinese-Israeli production from Qoros Auto Co., Ltd. Despite the manufacturer ‘s stated name “cross-over,” when first acquainted with the car, the language does not turn to call it different from the hatchback with a slightly enlarged clearance.

Design Qoros 3 City SUV.
On the surface the car looks quite powerful not only due to the increased clearance, but also due to the wheels of the R17 (in more expensive sets of R18) and the expressive body cover made of plastic, which protects Qoros 3 City SUV (Cross) 2016 from all kinds of mechanical damage.

In the front part of the cross-over body there are stylish expressive lights operating on the basis of bixenon and LEDs. The “face” of the car is stolen by a false radiator grid and rather modest, compared to the brand crossovers of this class, bumper with classic fog lamps. The overall light of the car thanks to the next generation LEDs emits light with 3D effect, providing maximum lighting of the road.

The profile of the Chinese Kvoros opens clippings of wheel arches of quite impressive size, and under it become large doorways, a natural roof line, as well as small overhangs and the same side walls. Rear bumper with two exhaust nozzles, compact trunk door, large spoiler – all these features became the business card of the new Kvoros.

Overall dimensions:

Length (mm) 4452
Width (mm) 1854
Height (mm) 1504
Wheelbase (mm) 2694

The new has a single platform with hatchback. Qoros 3 City SUV has the following dimensions: length – 4452 mm, width – 1854 mm, height – 1504 mm, with wheel base of 2694 mm. The ground clearance in this model is 170 mm, which is the margin in the scale from the hatchback towards the cross-over.

For the domestic and European market, deliveries of Kvoros 3 City with no choice of engines are planned. Customers will be provided with only one power plant – gasoline four-cylinder turbocharged ICE with a volume of 1.6l, with a torque of 210Nm.. In the basic version it is a mechanical transmission with six gears, in the optional version – a six-band “robot-automatic” with 2 clutch disks (QorosTroniq™ 6DCT).

Disc braking mechanisms, electro mechanical steering power, rear suspension in the form of a torsion beam, front McPherson racks – with such characteristics this car can adequately compete with more expensive crossovers of famous brands.

Those familiar with the model row of Kworos will understand that the manufacturer exactly reproduced the interior of the same-name hatchback and sedan, with the only difference that for Qoros 3 City SUV finishing materials were used by an order of magnitude higher than before.

The cabin of the new Kvoros will be free to accommodate a driver with four passengers, and the location of the seats inside the car carefully provides for the landing of three adults in the rear seat. The manufacturer provided residual high ceilings of the cabin, so driving inside Qoros 3 City SUV is very convenient and completely not close. The volume of luggage compartment under condition of 5 seats is 403l, when folding the second row of seats – 1105 l.

Complete sets

The compact Qoros 3 City SUV is offered by the manufacturer in four options: active, style, styleplus and excite.

The basic Active includes a default ICCP, a central lock, electric hoists of all 4 windows, LED head lighting, light alloy disic R17, 2 front airbags, air conditioning and a minimum set of electronic safety systems. The price for the “base” starts from 1.179 million rubles.

Style itself is quite saturated, and includes cruise control, full electric package, mode of protection against sweating of external mirrors, engine start with one button – Start/Stop, on-board computer, climate control on the 2nd zone, multimedia system of TouchPad and leather cabin. Safety is provided by front and side cushions (4 pcs total), as well as ESC (stabilization system), ABS, TCS (Tracksuit control), CBS (assistance in braking in turns) systems, etc. The price depending on the choice of cars with ICPP or ACPP – 1.264 or 1.348 million rubles.

Styleplus includes hatch opened by means of electric drive, possibility of side mirrors folding in automatic mode, heating of front row of seats and possibility of their electric adjustment, cast disks of R18. Price from 1.432 million rubles.

The last step to perfection is the excite set. Here the Qoros 3 City SUV is supplemented by rain and light sensors, SmartKey function, bixenone lights of adaptive type and LED lighting of the cabin. Price from 1.516 million rubles.

Apart from the technical perfection of the proposed model, customers cannot but be pleased with the affordable price and color diversity of the new Kvoros. It is an eternal classic of grey, black, silver and white colors, as well as red – for charismatic motors. Those who choose this car are guaranteed to attract the attention of others, because Qoros 3 City SUV is a spectacular model with an unbroken brand name.

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