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Secrets for car security.

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How to protect your car using unconventional security methods?

The owner can protect his favorite machine in various ways. These are advanced electronic auto signals, immobilizers, mechanical blockers, and so-called secrets. The latter are increasingly attracting Russian car owners, and therefore we see the point of talking a little about them. The main thing that any secret is famous for is originality, individuality for each vehicle. Variations of this element are numerous, we list the brightest versions:

  1. Different buttons – invisible, hidden, as well as embedded under the skin;
  2. The versions on the hercons are objects having small magnets inside, they are brought to certain places;
  3. “Reef” – here it is necessary to touch with a finger a specific element of metal in the car salon. It could be some sort of strip, self-cutting, etc.;
  4. Dialed – are a set of some number of standard switches that need to be pressed in some sequence.

These options can be widely combined in a large number of combinations. Thanks to such “creativity,” an uninitiated man, even sitting behind a ram, will enter a perfect impasse with the problem of engine start-up. A careful and very thoughtful installation procedure is also an important feature. Saloon electric wires here should be virtuosly woven into standard “clamps” so that no one notices unnecessary wiring, under-hood interlocks should be properly sealed, and connections carefully insulated.

It is strongly recommended to supply the installed secrets with service switches located in very secret places – under the hood, first of all. It is necessary to disconnect the mechanism when the vehicle is transferred for repair. You don ‘t have to trust the secret to unfamiliar car mechanics anyway. Besides, you can theoretically forget the combination of switches yourself.

The installation of the secrets is designed to ensure that the hijacker has little time to steal the vehicle. Sitting behind the wheel, wondering what, he ‘s unlikely to be. As a rule, the engines are started by the kidnappers with the help of spiders – so called wiring with its own processor. Its attacker connects to the main sensors and actuators. However, in the case of secrets, the motor will not start anyway. Afraid to attract attention with his sweats, the thief will surely leave the car, having gone not salt bread.

If secrets are properly established using an elaborate combination, there will be practically no chance of taking possession of other vehicles from criminals.

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