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Active and passive vehicle safety

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In this article we will tell you about types of active and passive safety.

The passive safety devices of the vehicle include elements that perform their functions directly during an emergency. The purpose of such systems is to minimize the probability of injury to passengers, as well as to save their lives in case of a serious accident. Judging by the definition of “passive safety,” it becomes clear that devices of this kind are unable to prevent an emergency, although they are constantly waiting.

Passive car safety systems include:

  • Folding steering column;
  • Front panel soft parts;
  • safety cushions;
  • Safe pedal unit, which provides for separation of pedals in case of accident;
  • Energy absorbing parts of the front and rear parts of the vehicle;
  • seat belts;
    Head restraints preventing neck injury in the case of rear impact;
  • Safety arcs and reinforced front struts;
  • Triplexed and crippled safety glasses, which upon impact turn into non-sharp fragments;
  • Transverse bars of car doors.

Devices and assemblies that are designed to minimize an emergency situation belong to the active safety devices of the vehicle. Treat them:

  • Driving safety systems: rigidity and balance of suspension, stability of its operation at turns. In addition, the reliability and convenience of the steering system, the characteristics of the braking system in terms of its reliability and efficiency are also included;
  • Driver protection systems, to which the devices for reducing the impact on the driver of seat and body fluctuations, engine sound and running gear noise, as well as the devices for improving the microclimate inside the car cabin belong;
  • Systems of external perception, to which the road lighting and qualitative view with a minimum “dead zone” belong;
  • Vehicle control safety systems, which include a logical convenient arrangement of switches and control units, which makes it easier for the driver to access each of these elements.

In addition, a number of special devices belong to external and internal active security systems, such as ABS, DSTC, DTC, BAS Brake Assist, EBD, EBV, DSC, ESP, Lane Assist, PSM, MASC, PRE-SAFE, VSC Camera, VSA, VSC,

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