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Chevrolet updated the information system of its Tahoe off-road vehicle

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The American corporation Chevrolet has started the implementation of the updated model Tahoe on the automobile market in the Russian Federation. Representatives of the company offer their customers cars in several sets: LE, LT and LTZ. The price policy for these cars starts with two million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand rubles, the next class of cars costs three million eight hundred sixty-five thousand and for the most expensive car will have to pay four million one hundred eighty thousand rubles. The main focus for reystaling was the Apple CarPlay multimedia system, which allows access to the iPhone. The person driving can call, switch music channels, be in the subject of all the incidents on the road, using just his voice.

The updated off-road vehicle now includes a large color screen, a state-of-the-art information system and many new high-end features. Under the hood, Tahoe has a 6.2-litre gasoline motor. Under the hood, such a monster has four hundred and nine horses. The engine operates in pair with a mechanical transmission. Also, the off-road vehicle is now equipped with modified headlights and another radiator grid, and the interior is made of very high-quality materials.

For the Russian market Chevrolet Tahoe is manufactured at the plant “UNISON,” which is located in the Republic of Belarus.

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