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Importance of the exhaust system

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It is no secret that the correct operation of the exhaust system is one of the most important conditions for the use of the car as a whole.

Let us say that if the car cracks the windshield from a small stone from under the wheels of the opposite car or remembers the bumper a little as a result of a light accident, it will not interfere with the management of the car, but will only ruin its appearance, the restoration of which will require minor financial costs. But if the motor is shut down or waste gases enter the cabin of the vehicle, as a result of failures in the exhaust system, it is not possible to leave far on such a car. Especially, it concerns the latter, because exhaust gas poisoning can significantly harm human health and life! So, let us pay attention to this issue and further reveal the following topics.

Varieties of car exhaust systems.

Car exhaust systems come in several kinds. After reading this material, you will understand whether you should change your exhaust system.

Any models are provided for collecting crankcase gases, fuel vapours, but not all have a catalytic converter. This is an advantage of more modern systems that reduce the harmful impact of exhaust on the environment. Exhaust systems (in the people – silencers) can be conditionally divided into three categories:

  • sports (direct-flow). For installation in racing-type cars;
  • standard. For operation in cars of passenger type.

Let us note that for the best work of your transport, it is better to give the preference of choosing a “silencer” to “your” species. Often, motors wishing to give their lightweight car a more sports appearance, install the system of the appropriate type. This significantly impairs the operation of the car as a whole. In addition, the owner of such a transformed car may have problems with traffic police or neighbors due to excessive noise. But if your car has a large engine volume and is turbocharged (that is, if it is sporty), the straight-flow exhaust system will have to be like never before, by the way.

Device of the exhaust system. Differences between sports and standard systems.

We have already dealt with the fact that exhaust systems are of two kinds. Now, in order to justify the installation recommendations, we will draw attention to the basic principles of installation and the key differences between exhaust gas systems.

Direct-flow system model device. This model includes:

  • collector;
  • resonator;
  • flame arrester;
  • Direct-flow exhaust device.

The direct-flow silencer contains a special sound-absorbing material for high-frequency sound (usually basalt wool). So only low-frequency sound can be heard when the system starts. Basalt wool or other material is placed between pipe and body, at that wool is separated with fine mesh so that its particles do not fall out. This is the key difference between the model and the standard variant.

A standard model device including an autocatalytic neutralizer will be described according to the following scheme:

  • Exhaust valve regulating exhaust cycling;
  • final pipeline;
  • Silencing pipe receiving exhaust;
  • Resonator (acts as an additional silencer);
  • basic muffler;
  • connecting collar;

Lambda probe (also referred to as oxygen cumulation sensor);

A catalytic converter which is a catalyst;

  • Ceramic base of neutralizer.

In conclusion, you want to add by choosing the exhaust system, focus on more modern models that can reduce the harmful impact on the environment, keep it healthy and breathe easier!

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